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Battle over Caldari Prime


Last night saw one of the biggest EVE Live Events in history. I was actually at work and missed most of the event, but I’ve collected as much information as I could find.

For a bit of backstory – according to the EVE lore, the Gallente and Caldari both started in the same home system of Luminaire. Some time before Capsuleers came into play, the Caldari were pushed out of Luminaire in a brutal war with the Gallente. Flash forward to 2008 and the Empyrean Age expansion – The Caldari launch a massive assault on Luminaire (whilst CONCORD were being killed in Yulai). This resulted in a Caldari NPC Leviathan-class Titan above Caldari Prime for the next few years. Millions of Gallente citizens were trapped on the surface of the planet. You can actually get a detailed account of these events in the Empyrean Age book.

Anyway. With the rise of the immortal ground troops (AKA Dust 514) the Gallente forces still on the surface have begun fighting back. In order to quell the fighting, the Titan “Shiigeru” has moved into low orbit over Caldari Prime to provide orbital support. Tensions between Caldari and Gallente, already high, came to a crux in orbit last night.

Caldari Prime, 24 hours before the battle

Caldari Prime, 24 hours before the battle

CONCORD released warnings over entering Luminaire as the ground situation erupted into full-scale hostilies (as the DUST forces battled for both sides). The NPC Titan in Luminaire was replaced by a CCP Actor over Downtime and moved into the low-orbit position. 4 Wyvern-class Supercarriers of the Caldari State also moved into defensive positions around the Titan. Multiple Carriers and Dreadnaughts also reinforced the fleet.


As Luminaire was still a High Security system (1.0), the Capsuleers in orbit could merely swarm round the field as the ships moved closer to the surface. CCP had announced the event start time at 1700, but the system was already capped at one thousand people by 1400. At about 1545, a CONCORD vessel approached the planet surface in an attempt to survey the scale of the ground offensive.

The Caldari Navy blew it up.

At 16:45, the Gallente navy (all piloted by NPC actors) launched a full-scaled capital offensive against the Caldari forces. A massive fleet of Carriers, Dreadnaughts and a handful of Nyx Supercarriers began the attack.

At 1700, CONCORD declared Luminaire a warzone and made every player ship in Luminaire Suspect. Meaning anyone could shoot anyone. In High-Security Space. What followed was a massive battle lasting hours.

Time Dilation hit 10% almost instantly. The system cap was raised to almost 1800 players, but the slowdown wasinsane. Hundreds of players, unable to get in, sat on the entry stargates – killing every suspect ship who tried to escape the system. Algogille, next door to Luminaire, hit 1000 people alone – nearly all of which on the stargate. Over 700 ships were destroyed even there.

Meanwhile, in Luminaire, the battle was fiercely underway. These images are courtesy of other players.


As the Federation Navy ships engage the Caldari State, Capsuleers of neither faction engage anyone they see fit

A Federation Navy Moros fires a barrage at a Caldari Navy Chimera

A Federation Navy Moros fires a barrage at a Caldari Navy Chimera

The wreck of a Wyvern sites near the besieged Shiigeru

The wreck of a Wyvern sits near the besieged Shiigeru

As the battle raged for an hour, organised Capsuleer forces entered the system. Alliances such as Goonswarm and TEST made their presence known with organised fleets of Maelstroms and Rokhs, but this was nothing compared to the general carnage of the battlefield. At 1800, the Shiigeru was destroyed. The battle continued to rage for a further hour. The Caldari Navy fleet was almost completely annihalated, with the Federation Navy fleet taking heavy losses in return.

It was at this point I managed to enter the field. I found carnage.

Caldari Prime at 1855

Caldari Prime at 1855

My Taranis was no match for the larger ships on grid, so I tried to steer my ship through the lag and slowdown and pick off some easier enemies.





Sadly, overheating was rather non-responsive

At about 2000 it was all over, unless you were fighting on the planet directly. The Titan had broken up in orbit, and a large section had decided to impact one of the battlefields.


All in all, the event was fun as hell for myself. I can’t comment on the main section (the Titan) because I missed the lot of it. Most of the Capitals destroyed (including the Titan) did not provide a killmail, but here’s the Battle Report of some of the kills.