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Ambushing a null-sec Tengu


Are what today’s wormhole chain most certainly does not provide. A whole bunch of wormholes sends us to Highsec, Lowsec and even Null security space. A few Tengus in a C3 leg it to highsec as soon as we poke our T3s through the connection, leaving us rather bored. So bored, in fact, I bump a few miners in a Highsec ice belt. There were plenty to choose from.

You are looking at a screenshot of miners, on the internet. Are you happy with your place in life?

Not content with merely bumping things, I decide to go scout the null security. My experiences in Nullsec go like this;

1. See ship on scan in new system

2. Watch ship go to POS and not move. Ever.

3. Curse local.

4. Repeat 30 minutes later.

Today though, the Null system is empty of other pilots. A quick scan of the map, however, shows some player activity next door. Away I go!

Jumping into the system has  a Chimera, Drake, Tengu and Mackinaw on my scans. A quick check puts the Chimera, Drake and Mackinaw at a tower, but the Tengu? Not so much. A system scan reveals over 15 anomalies. Directional scan helps me narrow it down. The Tengu is still at an anomaly. Score! I warp at 100km twice over, establishing a 200km overwatch. The Tengu is in the site indeed. The NPCs are already wrecks, but the Tengu is not moving.

Camouflaged among the wrecks, surely

I wait for at least one backup ship, because I lack DPS to actually kill a Active Tengu, and warp in. One of the Tengu’s corpmates is talking to me in local, but I DO NOT SPEAK RUSSIAN COMRADE

Point, web, alt-tab to google translate

The Tengu, seemingly AFK but still Shield boosting, is easily tanking my meagre 250 DPS tengu. But that’s OK, I have a fleet!

This fleet, to be precise

We hold the Tengu in low shields whilst we wait for Sanzo “Which wormhole, again?” Fengi to catch us up. We then make the 1.7 bill ISK Tengu explode. 

The pod is swiftly caught as well.


Squish. +1 Corpse for my collection.

I leave my generous Russian hosts (I think they told me to fuck off) with a parting message.

tgl3 > Kill: byratino derev9Innii (Tengu)  Kill: byratino derev9Innii (Capsule) gfgfgfgfgfgf

They don’t reply. 😦

Getting a wormhole behind the enemy

We have a rather large chain today, and it plays host to a fair few ships moving about. Mick and ST have already scanned ahead, so I’m able to just jump around looking for targets.

Wormholes. Wormholes everywhere.

Our scouting gives us some possible targets. C6a has a Bhaalgorn and Nidhogger carrier piloted at a tower, whilst C2a has a Tengu sat on the Highsec. We’ve held off scanning the C2a further, primarily because we might shoot the Tengu in there. We also have no eyes in the highsec, and the Tengu pilot is not exactly trying to hide. This means he must have friends. Or so we are preparing for.

We get a bunch of cloakies and a token Oneiros and start assembling in C4c. Except we don’t, because now there’s a Nemesis on scan in  C5a, which we just jumped into. We bounce our Oneiros about whilst we hunt for the new ships. An Orca appears on scan briefly before disappearing, along with a Carrier. Looks like they’re rolling an inbound to C5a that we missed. Good.

The extra time has cost us however; the Tengu is still in C2a but not at a known signature or celestial. A wormhole we can’t afford to scan without revealing our scouts.

Unsatisfied with the current chain, we return home and roll the C4 static.

The new C4a has a C2 static. Mick is scouting, to determine if we should re-roll. When jumping into the new C2a, he engages a Tengu sat on the wormhole. It’s the same corp as the Tengu from earlier!

We check our bookmarks. It’s the same damn wormhole.

Red is the old connection, Green is the new

Worried they might have reinforcements, we scramble a PvP fleet into C4a and sit on the C2a wormhole. Mick is toe-to-toe with the hostile Tengu, but he’s slowly winning. We’re waiting for the guy to jump.

As it turns out, the new C4a is their home – the unmanned tower here seems to belong to them. This explains the new Loki on scan – evidently running to help his corpmate. Except, you know, we’re kind of on the wormhole.


The Loki lands at 0 on the wormhole. We prep to jump. He doesn’t jump – he tries to burn away.

That ended precisely as you’d expect. He melts in about 3 volleys. Pod too.

The Tengu has just jumped through, but he cloaks inside the bubble. I notice he wasn’t aligning for a Celestial, so I burn straight where I saw him go. He gets decloaked.

He explodes. We even hold the pod to let Mick get in on it!

What is up my pod friend?


We move the non-cloakies home and keep watch in our scout ships. Nothing else comes along, and it’s a bit late, so we head home for the night.

So ends a week of odd wormholes.

P.S. I love you, CCP, for fixing Cosmic Beacons decloaking ships. ❤


Odd wormholes, ratting Battleships and killing a Hulk

After Tuesday’s kills, we have a lot to live up to as we start our scouting on Wednesday. Anything we do now will surely be a downer. It wasn’t. I present to you a summary of the week!

Wednesday 1st August

Our first wormhole does not bode well – an empty Class 4 greets us, with a whole lot of signatures to scan. Scan we do, however, revealing a Class 3 wormhole. Jumping in sees… wrecks. A Megathron and Apocalypse also populate my Directional scan, indicating targets. Rather than launch probes, I hit my on-board scanner and use it in combination with my d-scan to pin the two Battleships to an Anomaly. I get Barrak into system with me and we both set up shop at a spot 200km from the ships.

In ur sites, watching u rat

We get a small fleet assembled in the C4 next door and jump them in as soon as myself and Barrak enter warp down to the unsuspecting Battleships. Cloaks are dropped, weapons are primed. We drop out of warp, pointing a Battleship each as our fleet initiates warp.

Guess who’s not going anywhere?

I come under fire, but take minimal damage as the rest of the fleet lands.

Ogre I Vs. Tengu. ROUND ONE. FIGHT.

Rather unsurprisingly, both ships explode, taking two pods with them. The kills signify the end to the rather short night for myself, so I log out till the next day.

Thursday 2nd August

There’s even more nothing in today’s C4 static. By that I mean there’s not many Signatures. There is, however, a Class 2 with a fair few ships in the tower.

Well that Corm is a bit tough, but I think I can take the rest

Before we can probe the system one of the Tengu’s warps off to an unknown area. We eventually resolve this to a wormhole, but not before the Tengu is long gone. Meanwhile, an Iteron Mk V is on scan, yet not at the tower with the other ships. Something to hunt! Probes are launched and he’s quickly found to be at a Gas site.

Having missed a Tengu kill, we decide to drop our full fleet on the poor Iteron. After a corpmate bumps him 20km by accident, of course.


Despite an epic brawl previously unseen in the EVE universe, the Iteron explodes, pod with it. Having exhausted any hunting zones, I log for the night again.

Friday 3rd August

Friday gives me the oddest wormhole combination I have yet to see. We have 2 Null-security wormholes in our home system. The kicker? They lead to the same system.

Click to embiggen!

We spend all day running round the area chasing Ratters and other Ratters, before eventually heading home to scan our new static. The new chain is also devoid of life, but the new Inbound to our home is not.

Adhocracy Incorporated have just scanned their way into our C5, as evidenced by a Legion hanging around on scan for a suspiciously long amount of time. Our suspicions are confirmed when we resolve the wormhole and the Legion disappears. Our first scout, Wrathhammer, jumps into the wormhole and is immediately trapped by a Devotor which decloaks and bubbles up in our home, ruling out our chances of insta-collapsing the wormhole too.

We had several people cloaked here. We stayed cloaked for a reason.

Wrathhammer tries to jump home, but ends up too close to the wormhole to re-cloak safely. He managed to re-jump before the Tengu, Sleipner and some other ships decloak and catch him. Some 5 minutes later, he tries again and manages to escape safely. Phew.


At this point one of our newer guys has warped his Drake to another POS but has bounced of the shields without noticing. The cloaked ADHOC guys have noticed, because their pilots have just re-shipped into a bomber fleet which just warped to one of our towers. Fortunately, our guy notices right as the Bombers decloak and manages to warp away. Just.

We chat with the ADHOC guys in local for 10 minutes (they’re good guys!), before they finally drop a Capital and close their wormhole. End of the night for us.

Saturday 4th August

The odd wormholes continue. Our static today leads to our sister Class 4 wormhole – Penny of lives here, though is offline by the time I log on. She’s spooked the neighbours though, by killing a Noctis already.

A Class 3 down the chain has a Viator warping from a wormhole to a tower, so we’re suspecting a miner out there. Why you would mine in a nullsec rather than the Grav site in your home C3 is beyond me, but OK.

We jump a HIC into the nullsec. He bubbles a Hulk, who jumps. He jumps back to the null when he sees our fleet. He’s now polarised. He dies. Nom nom shiny Shield Booster.

The night continues, as we try to goad the paranoid residents of the chain into our guns. Will be succeed? Probably not.


Silent Terror managed to decloak a Rokh on the C3a wormhole, but it appears it was Warp Core Stablized and escaped. That’s OK though, because we’ve waited for him to return, and return he did. Into our Fleet, of course.


What an intriguing fit.

Dancing round a hostile fleet that outguns us somewhat, we’ve scouted a Tengu site-running in a nearby C2. So we launch a pure cloaky fleet and kill that too.

21:29:38 Notify El Oculto has initiated self-destruct of their Tengu, it will explode in 120 seconds.

Well that fit is absolutely terrible.

We head home to find the aforementioned hostile fleet trying to collapse our C5->C4a wormhole. Their Falcon cover prevents us from engaging their Orca, but they bail on it anyway. This actually wouldn’t effect us, since we also own the C4a!

Regardless, the Wormhole is now halved, so we finish the job and collapse it. Time for a new chain!

Surprising Tengus

There’s a Null inbound to our home, it appears. These are normally hilariously boring, since everyone and their mother runs to a POS whenever neutrals enter local. There’s a reason why they do that, which we prove shortly.

Jumping in first finds a lone Thanatos on scan with wrecks and no tower. Before I can pinpoint him, he’s gone. Boo. Further scouting puts him at a POS with another Thanatos.

There’s some other people in system, along with a station. The Tengu on scan, however, is not at this POS and appears to be moving. I drop probes, and scan him to a… belt?

I warp at 100 to have a quick scout, and he’s sat at 0 ratting.


One of our newer members is about and prepares a bomber as Mick prepares a Typhoon Battleship – the neuts being a key factor in ambushing this Tengu.

I rewarp, land at 0 and engage as Mick and Ren jump through and initiate their own warps.

"That's a funny shaped rat"

The Tengu’s active tank shrugs off my meagre DPS, but that’s ok, because then Mick and Ren land.

"Didn't want that tank anyway"

I deactivate my point for the pod as the Tengu explodes, zapping some subsystem skillpoints, but the pilot instawarps his pod away and logs off. Nothing shiny, unfortunately.

We return home and begin scouting our constellation, finding nothing. Before we roll, I poke my Tengu back out into the nullsec to see the Thanatos ratting again! I scan him to an anom before he warps, bookmarking it and returning to set our trap.

The plan is thus: myself and an Arazu will warp in in about 20 minutes once the Thanatos resumes ratting (we hope) to establish tackle and then an shield-fit neuting apoc and 2 Basilisks will land as I reship for a curse and the Arazu for a Moros Dreadnought. Simple.

We roll the static while waiting and re-assemble on the wormhole to the Null, when a Helios jumps into us from the same corp. Foiled.

We decide he’s not going to rat now they have scouted us, so we jump our own caps through the nullsec to close the wormhole.

Onto our static, our scout reports 5 Tengus, wrecks and no towers. Further investigation reveales that they are Remote Repair fit Tengus.

This time we assemble a Falcon, Curse, Geddon and Onyx with a Proteus as initial tackle. However, the Tengus warp off as we land. Leaving a Noctis, which we promtply kersplode, the pod warping before the Onyx even lands. A nice 220 million ISK kill there, with a decent drop. A bomber decloaks after a while, bombing our remaining Falcon as he waits cloaked, but doing insignificant damage.

I log whilst others scout the constellation, returning some hours later to a load of bookmarks and noone around.

There’s a lowsec near high a couple of jumps through the wormholes, and I need a chance to move a couple of my expensive ships out for when I leave, so I move my Sleeper Tengu and Basilisk out, the 2 wormhole systems of C4a and C2a empty of ships.

However, on my return a Tengu is now on scan in the C2 with the tower. My shuttle is a bit useless at scouting, and as I return home for the Scangu Mick logs on. We both head to the C2, now helpfully close to the end of its’ life, and I jump in first. My d-scan greets me with a Tengu and 4 wrecks now on scan.

Mick reships for his Typhoon as I d-scan the Tengu to an anomaly and establish a 250km bookmark whilst I wait on Mick.

Eventually Mick is on the C2, so I warp down to a wreck and engage the Tengu.

Cloaky TG strikes again!

Again, the Tengu laughs at my missiles. It doesn’t laugh so hard at my reinforcements.

A little backup can go far

This Tengu too explodes in a fireball, knocking off some skillpoints. The pod instawarps away, the pilot logging at his tower soon after.

Mick returns home as I head out to highsec. Ganked is tomorrow, and I have a really interesting fit that Captain Hurrdurr has sent me.

It’s this.

You may swoon now

Details here as usual. I hear EVE Radio is covering it. Might be fun to show 😉

Ganked 13 – Missiles versus RP’ers

It’s missile night, and that means Drakes. Lots of Drakes. The turnout is good. As Mang puts it – all the mission runners have missile skills, so now they all show up 😉 Our destination tonight is Providence. We’re off to the land of the RP alliance, and this time we intend to actually get there. 127 of us are in fleet – almost a Ganked record! Some Snigg bombers are behind us. Friendly or hostile, we have no idea. So we shoot them anyway, managing to catch 2 of them as they all jump in behind us. Pop. Pop. Next up, a scout has located an Abaddon running a mission. He establishes tackle and away we go, piling into the system. Our glee is increased when a Megathron lands at the mission the same time as 90 drunk pilots. The Abaddon explodes, followed by the Mega.


Next up, we have a few ships hiding in a fairly undefended POS. So we attack it.

Die POS die

Sadly, because luck isn’t with us all the time, the POS smacks into reinforced. The locals seem pretty mad. We’re getting in the way of their ratting, after all.

[ 2012.01.21 22:37:32 ] entroncas > just because u gather 115 man fleet doens’t mean ur ally still pathetic as it is

[ 2012.01.21 22:37:38 ] tgl3 > umadbro

Rolling onwards, someone reports a fleet behind us!

“Hey guys, there’s a big fleet behind us” ”

What ships?”

“Fuck if I know they’re all red and shit”

We do have the best intel.

More scouts tells us it’s a CVA + friends gang. Mostly Abaddons, with 8 Guardians and other assorted ships.

We camp the gate, waiting and hoping. Their scout jumps in and explodes in his interceptor, which means their gang won’t be far behind. We’ve lost eyes on them though, so we ball up and re-approach the gate when the other side is suddenly reported as hostile and LOCAL SPIKE.

We align towards the Sun as the CVA gang decloaks.

Our FC is primaried in his Tengu, as are the two other Tengus we had. Sadface. Fortunately, some guys step up to the target calling plate and the battle is ON.

We hit the CVA guardians first, our missile barrages tearing through them, killing 5 and forcing the rest off field or back through the gate. They have a lot of BS, but without logi we should score some good kills.


The battle rages back and forth with ships falling on both sides – most of our kills being shinies, but more CVA guardians have jumped in. I rewarp to our interceptors a couple of times to break target locks, but as we fight on it’s clear we’re losing but we’re giving them a damn good fight for it.

I'll start overheating when they let me shift-click to do it...

Finally, my own Drake explodes in a horrible fire, and I run away with my pod to join the rest!


The battle is over, but some random bombers bomb the CVA gang for us, killing off a few pods. Thanks gents! The battle report is all kinds of broken, but here it is anyway. Good fight CVA and co. I’m too tired for a second roam, so It’s off to bed for me.