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Custom ship display information

There’s a nice little (legal) extra that is on my EVE client that has appeared in a fair few screenshots and my Ganked video last week. People keep asking about it, so this is just a quick blog post to let you know what it is.

I call it “that box thing”

The box things

There’s actually 2 parts to this. The first appears when you mouse over a target (as seen on the top right of that screenshot) and the second is a change to the damage notifications, as seen in the center of the screenshot.

This is achieved through using the “Import overview settings” option, and is a change to the global overview settings on your EVE client.

I managed to acquire these settings to import through a third party website which offered several customisation options (colours, type of information to display). Sadly, the website appears to have disappeared. I’m trying to figure out a way to upload my own settings for re-download, but I’ve customised all sorts since (standings colours, for example) and it probably wouldn’t sit too well with most people.

I’ll let you know if I get a “clean” version to download!

EDIT: I have my version uploaded here. It’s not clean and I have no idea if it works. Try importing it anyway. Let me know.

EDIT: It seems Kirith Kodachi has done a similar post, but includes information on how to create the set-up yourself. Check it out here!