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Ganked 14 – AFs and EAFs vs Rorquals and TEST

It’s Assault Frigate night, with some EAFs thrown in for good measure. Heading out earlier than usual, therefore confusing a lot of people, we left Rens in high spirits and with a good turnout.

Vagawolf is a go

We set out, only to find our first nullsec system in the process of a sov takeover. A CVA fleet is about, as well as a DarksideDOT fleet. We warp around a few times, the Darkside fleet following us a couple of times, till we warp to a gate and land in a bubble with the Darkside fleet at optimals.


We lose about a third of the fleet to only a Sabre kill, the hostile reps too much. We retreat, reship and strike out somewhere else in nullsec.

We progress along, achieving a few kills but nothing major, till one of our scouts ahead of us reports a cyno in space, and warps to it.

It’s a Rorqual. At a Customs office.

This scout doesn’t have a point (!) so we leeroy the whole fleet in in a desperate attempt to grab it. Fortunately…

Your ship name needs to be changed bro :/

The Rorqual melts within a minute to our guns, the pod escaping. GOOD FIGHT BRO.

Ganked is now a success. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

A daredevil tries to escape us but is snagged after a jump, and we head to a nearby lowsec entrance for a quick break, with most the fleet holding in an already-bubbled system next door. A Tornado and Vagabond both run into the second bubble set after evading our initial camo and both die as a result.

Next up, we find us a TEST system and say hi to the few locals there, killing a Drake on the gate too.

A cyno is reported ahead, with a Rorqual and Falcon on scan. Sadly, the Rorqual is in a POS 190km away, but we warp the fleet onto the Falcon, despite POS guns, and kill it and run away.

A small gang is ahead, and our scouts hero tackle as our fleet jumps in, and we catch an Astarte, Tornado and Ishkur.

Finally, we hit a TEST owned system and there’s quite a lot of them in local. The lowsec gate here is bubbled to hell, and there’s quite a few TEST around it. We land and engage everything.


TEST are engaging and/or landing in the bubbles, so we obtain kill after kill, with our faster frigs (<3 my Keres) burning and snagging ships that land in the far sides of the bubbles.

Eventually, no more TEST decide to warp in, and so the smacking in local begins.

We get bored before long, and it’s been a long night, so Mangala warps us to the TEST station where TEST have brought out 2 carriers and a host of other ships. WELP.

We engage, but I explode to an Oracle (wut) within minutes, only to hear that a lot more TEST have warped in/undocked. It’s a hopeless fight, but they gave us a good brawl!

It isn’t long before we’re all in the bubble camp slowboating our pods. It was a slaughter.


I slowboat 45km, only to be popped 5km from the gate. Nooooo 😦

TEST fight Battle Report

Good fight TEST, we know where to go if we want a decent brawl after a Ganked roam.

Video of the night: