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Fighting 50 Russian T3s and killing Twitch streamers

So this will be fun.

There’s 40-50 hostile Tech 3’s with support in warp to our position. Our fleet? A dozen sentry neuting Geddons and a mix of Guardians, a few Command Ships and some scattered misc. Total numbers for us? 40.

The wormhole is not ours. The tower we’re attacking is alien to us. The fleet we’re in? It’s full of people we’ve never flown with. Our target callers? ST and myself. What’s at stake? A good fight. The primary aim is to bait out the hostile fleet to judge a response on a secondary fleet for the next day to finish the tower. We’ve done that. Objective achieved.

The next objective is to survive.

But perhaps I start us in a bit late, for much has occurred prior. Let’s step back and take a deep breath.

The day begins well. Mick found a Proteus uncloaked in our C4a static and… shot it. It never shot back. This is followed by a small fleet materializing, so we form a counter fleet. After some scanning and probing, their fleet warps out the safespot we located – meaning we merely nail a Prophecy.

A few minutes later, myself and Mick get an EVE-Mail.

It’s from an NPC character and links to a Twitch TV stream of… the fleet we just tried to kill. It’s a feed of their buzzard from inside our home wormhole. They have all of us watchlisted and handily available on their screen. I test the delay on the stream by logging my alt back in and, lo and behold, their stream has no delay. Awesome.

We put it to the side for now, for something IMPORTANT has arisen. Our public channel is flaring and it’s Elroy Skimms looking for a chat. More specifically, he’s looking for assistance. His alliance is seiging a C2 Russian corp and the locals have batphoned in every Russian within 100 jumps. 40 Tech 3s have been confirmed entering the wormhole. The tower exits reinforced in an hour.

“We don’t plan to win” Elroy says, “we plan to get them to show their full force before we bring in our own allies tomorrows and are looking for volunteers to die with us”. Way to rally the troops, Elroy, but WHEN shall assist you.

Myself, Mick and ST grab our ships and make haste through high-sec to their location. On the way we acquire some extra pilots; House2Twist, Xenos and some mixed RvB pilots heed our call. Whilst 6 of the 10 or so RvB are in frigates, any help beats no help.

The Volunteer fleet assembles in k-space

The Volunteer fleet assembles in k-space

The alliance we’re assisting is Ocularis Inferno. They have about 20-25 pilots in the wormhole with various Armageddons and Guardians and are awaiting our fleet. A comms mishap means the primary mumble server is out and we swap to Teamspeak with no further issues.

The volunteer fleet is assembled in kspace and the Ocularis fleet in wspace, time to link up. We fleetwarp to the wormhole, jump in, and warp to the staging tower. ST is assigned as primary target caller, with myself as secondary.

The fleet, ready for action.

The fleet, ready for action.

The enemy have a couple of Logi out repping the tower but not much else. No time for a drink or a nap, it’s time to start. Leaving the safety of the forcefield behind, it’s out into hell we go. “To those about to die, we salute you” is the only comment in teamspeak as we enter warp.

Landing on an Osprey nails us a single kill but the remaining ships are back into their shields with no issues. The Battleships drop sentries and start shooting the tower.

A minute passes. Two.

“Watchlist spike” — “Multiple T3s incoming via wormhole. Ten. Twenty. Guardians. Falcons. Incoming” — “Estimate 50 ships”

The Russians have arrived. Sentry drones are recalled. Heavies and mediums are deployed in their stead. Capchain is ready. Comms are quiet, for once. The fleet awaits with bated breath.

My overview lights up as a dozen or so targets land 10km off our side, lead by a Loki, We engage the Loki as the overview continues to fill, taking it out quickly.

A clash of fleets. A game of moons.

A clash of fleets. A game of moons.

Enemy logi lands, as does a mass of T3s. Neuts and damps go onto the enemy logi, but jams and ecm drones go onto ours. The fight spirals into chaos as our battleships buckle under the enemy DPS, our 4 Logi thrown into disarray by the jams. Not to be deterred, our dps combines onto a Legion. I train my lasers on two hostile Falcons, but both warp in low structure. A third evades my fire and disrupts our Guardian chain yet again, losing us a couple more battleships. In retaliation, an Ishtar goes down next. Take that.

The battle in full swing, but our Batteship backbone is crumbling

The battle in full swing, but our Batteship backbone is crumbling

With our Geddons falling fast, our pressure on the hostile Guardians is greatly reduced and enemy repairs are getting hard to counter. ST does a great job swapping targets as he can, but our DPS is too little for the fleet we face. Nevertheless, a Proteus goes down followed by a Hurricane.

Unfortunately, we’re now in a heap of trouble.

Exhibit A: We cannot break the armour ECM tengu. Nor anything else.

Exhibit A: We cannot break the armour ECM tengu. Nor anything else.

Our dying act is to kill another Ishtar before we bail what we can, the fleet’s wrecks scattered across space. I, of course, die among them.

The battlereport is not pretty. We suffered a complete fleet wipe. However, I am happy to report that the tower was still killed off a few hours ago. So yay!

We say thanks to our hosts and the other volunteers and limp back to our home wormhole chain.

Back in the chain, Firefly is trying to kill the Twitch streamer. The guy is still broadcasting. We know he’s in a cloaked buzzard 75km from our wormhle, but all our orbiting doesn’t decloak him. He’s also still active, manually evading us. Surely he’s figured out we’re watching his public stream?

We finally grab a pair of Interceptors and go for him. As we orbit the wormhole and play a game of “hot-cold”, he finally makes a fatal error. He warps to a bookmark called “c4”. There’s only one C4 wormhole, so we follow. We miss the distance, but I land 30km away according to his stream. Finally, he realises his folly and disables his stream.

Not before warping to the Sun at 100km. I land and decloak him easily.

First kill via stream-sniping, I guess?

First kill via stream-sniping, I guess?

A 89-million Buzzard and 50-million Pod are our reward. Sweet.

Finally, a Fleet Hurricane appears on scan whilst we scout the chain some 30 minutes later. It’s the same guys as the Prophecy/Proteus/buzzard we’ve killed today.

He’s at the same goddamn safespot.

An easy kill to end the night.

A massive thanks to those in Ocularis Inferno and the other volunteers who joined us. As always, my corpmates did extremely well and a thanks to them for the various kills throughout the night. I am also sad to report the Twitch stream now needs a password to access…

I’m also glad to report our recruitment drive is a success with several new recruits and many more trying to get in. We need a new recruit tower….

RvB vs E-Uni – University POS goes down

There’s a bit of a lull in w-space today, but I’ve found something to entertain me.

Red Federation and Blue Republic have declared a joint war on EVE University. The 3 biggest corps in High-Security space are now in all out war. I should indicate that since I have many friends in RvB who pass me intel and killmails, most of this reporting will be from he RvB viewpoint. Not a lot I can do about that! If any Uni pilots want me to add their Point of View or screenshots, let me know!

The reason for the war? As far as I know, RvB did it for the explosions. That’s literally it. The war was declared on Valentine’s Day and came into effect on Friday afternoon.

Day 1

RvB had started the war by moving vast quantities of ships into the Uni HQ system of Aldrat. Several thousand have been moved up for RvB contracts and reimbursement. Thus as soon as the war went live on Friday RvB were already in a rather large Purple horde – some 100 pilots in fleet. Small skirmishes occurred throughout the late afternoon, but both sides were yet to wake up as it quickly entered EVE primetime.

RvB then took it upon themselves to engage the Uni’s POS tower in Aldrat. This tower has some infamy inside RvB – twice they had attacked it in previous wars, only to be beaten back at the last moment. EVE Uni had already removed the valuable items and placed it into full defence mode – lots of hardeners with a good mix of ECM and defensive guns. So RvB dropped a 130 man fleet on it. Uni responded in kind by meeting RvB head-on with a large fleet of their own. This initial clash resulted in the predicted explosion of over 100 vessels with the field going to RvB by the time the smoke cleared. No direct killboard link due to battle reports being warped by the nature of the fights.


The siege in progress

Not to be defeated so easily, Uni decided hit and run tactics would work better and launched raid after raid, primarily with Destroyer fleets, inflicting multiple casualties on RvB in the process. Tier 3 gangs also managed several kills before being driven away. Uni then quietened down for an hour before launching a second large assault. Despite putting up a good fight, the RvB forces were too well entrenched and Uni found themselves driven away.  Not too long after, the inevitable happened.

POS goes into Reinforced

POS goes into Reinforced

The EVE-Uni POS hit 25% shields and entered reinforce mode. It’d exit in 22 hours – right in Saturday Night primetime. This seemed to spur the Uni fleet into action as their largest fleet yet – multiple Battleships, Battlecruisers, 4-5 Basilisks and a swarm of Ospreys as Logistics support – and launched it into the RvB fleet in a fight above Planet 1.

Uni engage RvB over Aldrat I

Uni engage RvB over Aldrat I

Yes, I was in the RvB fleet. How else would I know where to go for screenshots? There is no battle report again, because the BR’s merely show the whole night. However, this RvB loss and this Uni loss give good indicators of fleets involved.

RvB managed to hold the field against E-Uni and that saw the end of the major action in the EU timezone for the day. Smaller skirmishes occured throughout the night, but nothing on the scale of the last fight. There was a 30-minute brawl of constant reships on the Uni’s station too

HERE is the overall kill report of the first day. Professor Clio of RvB did a writeup of day 1 here too.

Day 2

The Uni POS comes out of reinforcement shortly and RvB are gathering a fleet rarely seen in highsec. 240 people are in the fleet 20 minutes before the reinforcement timer ends – over 60 of them Battleships. As the RvB fleet grows in number, so too does the Uni fleet. Most of them appear docked, but a good 100+ are sat in their POS waiting. Local is over 750 – unheard of outside the market hubs. Tension is rising across Aldrat.

15 minutes.

The RvB fleet is full at 255 members. An overflow fleet is created and it’s this one I find myself listening to comms with, awaiting the perfect moment to try actually figure out who will win. As the timer ticks down, more Uni pilots warp into their POS.

5 minutes.

The RvB fleet warps to the edge of the POS shields. Any outlying Uni ships are quick to retreat as even more arrive from their Station. 250 pilots on each side stare each other down (the RvB Overflow fleet was elsewhere)


The POS becomes vulnerable as RvB opens fire onto the shields.

Faceoff in Aldrat

Faceoff in Aldrat

The seconds tick by. The neutrals on site hold their breath, waiting for Uni to make their move.

They do.

The Uni fleet mass warps to the Sun – behind the RvB fleet. They’re going to drop in behind them – a simple, yet effective, tactic – it allows the Uni fleet to position their Logistics ships away from the dangerous RvB Battlecruisers.

The Uni fleet land and all hell breaks loose.

The fleets engage

The fleets engage

The Uni Logistics, landing some 30km behind their main fleet, are quickly landed on by the RvB Overflow fleet and are quickly taken out the fight. Tidi kicks in as over 500 pilots enter one of, if not the biggest, fight in High Security space in EVE’s history.

Blue are RvB. Orange are Uni. Most are drones anyway

Blue are RvB. Orange are Uni. Most are drones anyway

The RvB Logistics team kicks into high gear

The RvB Logistics team kicks into high gear

The fight rages for almost 20 minutes as Tidi swings as low as 25% in places. Finally, the remaining Uni ships disengage and retreat into warp or into the POS shields. The result?

E-Uni got hammered. RVB suffered very few losses and the Uni Logistics ships were decimated early on in the brawl. TEST alliance then dropped 6-7 smartbombing battleships onto the RvB fleet but were promptly CONCORDOKKENED


Once again, Professor Clio of RvB did a writeup on Day 2 here. There’s an E-Uni Logi Member’s thoughts here too!

The final result of Day 2?


Will the war continue? Possibly. I’m looking forward to seeing the next fight.

As usual, if you want me to add anything (or correct a mistake) let me know in a comment or in-game at tgl3.

Teaming up with Penny and saving a Tower

“There’s something up with our Mumble server” says ST as I log in. A quick check confirms it – our voice server is down. Bugger.

Not to worry though, there’s not much going on. ST has just scanned our static so there’s nowhere else to scout anyway. That is, of course, until Penny pipes up in our chat channel.

Penny Ibramovic > I’ve got a c3 with potential action, and entrance wh in dodixie

Action? Potential? Got? In? Words! Penny has found a C3 with a static Highsec to a major market hub. In this C3, Penny has found a tower with a fleet in it – 8 Battleships and 2 Basilisks, as well as a weak tower belonging to another corp. It looks like a siege.

A siege we can break.

As Penny keeps watch, we scan down the chain with ST finding a Lowsec 9 jumps from Dodixie. What luck! As myself, ST and Mick scramble over to fit ships Penny reports the hostile fleet warping to the weaker POS. They start chewing through the 10 or so guns that guard it.


Meanwhile we’ve just been told the wormhole is a Pulsar which throws our armour fleet out the window. A buff to shields and a nerf to our armour resistances is deadly. Our Bhaalgorn/Guardian setup is scrapped, so we ponder our next move. We’re heavily outclassed, so we get Firefly online as well as recruiting a friend of mine from the Spooning channel.

We decide upon 3 Tengus, 2 Basilisks and 2 Battleships – a Maelstrom and Apoc Navy. Penny will provide a HIC and go in first. Our scouting has revealed the hostile fleet to be a mix of both long and short range guns, but are likely fit for shield buffer with max DPS. Our Tengus could dodge them easily, but our two battleships are in trouble. We fit Siuil’s Tengu with ECM to help negate the enemy logi, preparing to attack.

ST establish’s contact with the POS owners who can field a single Sabre – he is currently cloaked near their fleet. Perfect. He sets us as blue so any remaining guns do not blow us out of space. Aii logs on in Penny’s wormhole and goes for his HIC, freeing Penny up as a third Basilisk.

We “acquire” a room on the RvB Ganked Mumble channel (whilst they were roaming, in fact) but both Aii and Penny cannot do voice comms. Neither can the Sabre. Tricky to organise then.

The Cavalry assembles

The plan is simple – The HIC will jump in and warp to the cloaked Sabre. He will decloak and drop a bubble before burning inside the shields. We will then warp in and engage as our HIC establishes the main bubble. Simple, right?

Wrong. The enemy fleet destroys the last gun and warps away. Damn damn damn damn damn.

Penny Ibramovic > maybe it’s a pee break before hitting the tower

Penny is, as always, right on the money. The enemy fleet warps back to the POS not 5 minutes later! There is a slight difference – they have swapped their Basilisks for other ships. They’ve left a boosting Claymore in their tower, though.

We still have Logi and we now have the ability to beat them without needing it. However we can not be arsed waiting on reships and prepare to pile in. ST calls for the op to start.

Aii jumps in and warps. We warp to the wormhole. The Sabre decloaks and bubbles. We warp in as Aii lands and bubbles.

Suddenly, WHEN.

The Tornado scatters instantly as we lock up and begin firing. Aii is buckling under the enemy DPS, with us unable to repair her due to the Warp Disruption Generator. Fortunately the enemy fleet do not realise this and swap targets. Teehee. Their tanks are also fairly meagre and are falling quick.

Someone put a chat window in my way!

Our Sabre friend is still outside the shield, so the enemy kill him. Oops. They briefly split DPS, achieving nothing, then focus on various ships. They can’t break a thing. They are also splitting directions, preventing us from bubbling them all! The Tengus spread points but we only have 3 of them to do so.

Maybe if I put it up here?

3 battleships which broke off another way shake their points and warp, leaving the rest to die. Damage is being done to us but nothing is significant. Penny lands in her Basilisk, preventing any chance of victory for the enemy. Got to move quick, though – that Highsec wormhole can spit anything at us.

There we go! Also, good luck with Garde IIs vs a Baslisk at close range.

We sweep the rest off field within seconds. A victory!

Seeing nothing on scan but pods and the escapee ships we thank Penny for the opportunity and thank Aii and Suil for their time before beginning the trek home. The POS Owner sounds happy, but he still “didn’t want that POS anyway”. It’s a good thing, too, because we’re not coming back a second time!

Battle Report.

It turns out that the attackers had just bought the wormhole from someone else too. Guess we interrupted them. Whoops.

I look forward to Penny’s writeup in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it!

New faces and a broken POS

We finally have some new faces in the wormhole – a new corp has joined the alliance! They moved in overnight, setting up their POS and getting to grips with wormhole space.

The POS is setup. The modules online. The guys have moved in. Then downtime comes along and the POS Tower jumps 100km away from the modules. No, really.

I knew CCP were planning jumpable POS but I thought that was in the design phase?

The tower has abandoned its modules, obviously they were making it look fat. However, we’re now left in a bug-filled predicament.

We cannot offline the tower, since it has modules anchored. However the modules themselves, whilst they appear online, are actually offline and we cannot access them. We also cannot unanchor them, since they are too far from the POS.

Petitions have been sent to CCP. Hopefully it’s resolved by tonight.

Downing a Carrier

A new static greets me today. Barrak has been kind enough to scan it down for me but has to go AFK, so I start scouting. Or would, if a couple of bluescreens on my laptop prevented me from doing so. Bloody graphics drivers.

Eventually, I manage to log back in and start scanning. Josh is online as well, but remains in Home whilst I plod away. The empty C4a leads to an equally empty C4b. How predictable. Next up is a C5 which is likely to be empty and dull and boring.

Except there’s ships on scan. There’s also a tower, which is also predictable. However, a quick directional scan shows a Thanato, 2 Tengus and a Vindicator out of said tower. They seem to be at an anomaly!

I say “at an anomaly”. What I mean is “400km from it”

A little unsure, I wait for one of the Sleeper Battleships to die before warping to the wreck to investigate further. The Thanatos is triage, and is repping all of the other 3 ships. As I chat with Josh about how we could proceed (bomb their salvager) the enemy fleet finishes the first wave, the Vindicator swaps for a Moros and the next wave starts.

Josh and I are unable to summon anyone for assistance and these guys are taking ages with their site. Sad at a missed opportunity, I log to do other things.

Until a few hours later, when Josh pings me on Gtalk. Silent Terror is on, bringing his Bhaalgorn, and the hostile fleet is ratting again. MUST LOG ON.

Mick has joined us, and as we assemble so does the rest of Greater Realms. Riyu, our glorious CEO, tries to make an appearance but his connection kicks him back out. Valon logs on, as do Barrak and Firefly.

The enemy are fielding 2 Moros, a Thanatos, 3 Tengus and a Vindicator. We assemble 5 Guardians, a Bhaalgorn, a Hic and mixed DPS to counter, with yours truly flying a Guardian.

Our form-up is a little too slow, however, as our scout reports the enemy fleet has cleared the anomaly and warped to their Tower. CURSES. Fortunately, they still need to salvage, so none of us are surprised when their Noctis warps to the anomaly. We are, however, surprised by a Thanatos joining him.

“Fuck it”, says us all, “Let’s go for him”. Go for him we do.

We jump. We warp. We land on both.

The bubble goes up, the Noctis is primaried. ECM and Neuts go onto the Thanatos. The Noctis is being repaired, of course, and takes a fair bit of firepower to down.

The Carrier is jammed by the droneswarm, allowing us to pop the 300m Noctis, spewing a pod into the empty void. With his +5 implants.

Now it’s a battle of attrition. Can we break the Carrier’s repairs before his friends arrive? IF they arrive, of course.

Of course, the Thanatos pilot tries to take the easy way out and initiates a Self Destruct.

As we wear him down, he suddenly remembers that Self Destructs still generate killmails.

Then our brave foe remembers he has Triage Mode, promptly repairing himself back up.

Fortunately, our Bhaalgorn is on the case. The occasional repair cycle meets our DPS head on and for a while his Armour fluctuates back and forth. Still no sign of his corpmates.

Then we breath a sigh of relief, structure bleed.

My chat window has hidden in fear of the targets

The Carrier explodes right as a Proteus has a quick spy on us at range, before running away again.

The Carrier is down, the pod with it.

We even hold the field for a good 20 minutes to get a hauler and salvager in to steal everything, netting us an extra few hundred million for the corp.

Not bad for a Friday Night.