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Ganked 44 and goodbye to Nashh

6pm Sunday night and madness is due to begin. Ganked 44; Gunpower, Treason and Plot is about to head out in Missile ships, cruiser and under. The 120 man fleet we have should be a laugh, as always.

This time, however, there’s something for us to shoot.

Nashh Kadavr, long time EVE blogger, has recently announced his departure from the realm of internet spaceships. To go out with a bang, Nashh was organising a “party” in the low-security system of Goinard. He’d be undocking a 4 Billion ISK Iteron, followed by a Carrier with a silly-high bounty of a Billion (or was it 10?) on his Pod.

This was, sadly, almost 30 jumps away through Lowsec from our starting System. We have a bit of a trek ahead.

Fortunately, the nearby lowsec locals have accidentally given us entertainment. A scout has reported a RR Domi gang going GCC in the Lowsec next to our Highsec rally. They’re attacking a Navy Scorp. SOUND THE CHARGE MEN.


The Domis melt fast. One lucky potato warps away, whilst three jump into Highsec. With GCC. CONCORD met them, finishing them off.  Battle Report. A good start to the night!

So began the long trip to Goinard. 30 jumps of not-a-lot. Sigh.

An hour later, we rocked into Goinard. We doubled local to 208 with our arrival, proceeded to fill local and then warped to Nashh’s station to say hi!


We bomb round on gates and shoot flashies whilst we wait for the event to start. A small E-Uni gang is about as well as a whole host of neutral pilots. Nashh asked us, politely, to move off the station to let him out, so we did. An old corpmate of mine, Wrathhammer, has brought 6 Sniggwaffe Carriers full of frigates to a station and he and his buddies join our comms and fleet, giving us a small boost in numbers.

Five minutes later, Nashhcalls in local. “PLANET THREE”

We all warp to P3 to find a lot of neutrals buzzing about. The plan is to avoid GCC’ing our fleet because we want to reship at some point when we explode, so we hold off engaging the other non-flashies for now.

Suddenly, Nashh lands at 100km in an Iteron Mk 4 – Quafe Ultra Edition.


He doesn’t last long, a good 2 bill dropping in the wreckage. Which somebody shoots. Hah.

Whilst we debate over “who shot it”, Shadow Cartel jump us with a mixed subcap fleet.

Flashies everywhere!

They are no match for the swarm of neutrals here though, and are quickly batted off field. So far so good. We start looting the field, as is customary, when a large red blob passes through our grid to a nearby spot. We saw Archons in there.

“POCO” someone yells on comms. “They’re at the Custom’s Office”. The battlefield has been chosen and so we will ride to glory. Brackets turned off. Graphics turned down. It’s go time. We fleet warp to the POCO at 30km.

Well bloody hell

Nashh is in the center of this inpregnable fortress of death. They’ve placed Tier 3 snipers behind them and while we avoided the Smartbombing capitals, we’re right in their range. Mangala pulls us away whilst our probers and scouts move round to get us on top.

We drop scouts on outlying BCs, bringing our missiles to bear on the ones we catch. The other neutrals are clogging the main field with their wrecks, buying us valuable time.


SonnenLegion are fielding a whole bunch of BCs, so they bear the brunt of our warheads. The Shadow Cartel gang is comfortably tanking with their carriers, though a few ships still get caught out. Tidi is starting to rise.

Snuff Box land with a mixed Absolution/Guardian fleet (14 Guardians, I believe) and start engaging Shadow.


Several corps have brought their own fleets. I see Balkan Express flying mixed T3/Cruisers. Uni pilots are back in noobships.  The battle rages between the factions, when another force joins.

Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly have dropped Navy Apocs and Vindicators. Landing pretty much at 0, they’re shooting away before we realise their arrival. I think we’re starting to be rather outmatched. Not a lot of the big ships are dying, though plenty of explosions are being had!

Top damage guy right here.

Lost Obsession arrive, bringing their own Archons and Navy Apocs to the field. Holy crap. A 5-6 way brawl is now underway. 50 way if you count the random pilots on field.

The Shadow Archons are holding firm, oblivious to the maelstrom around them. One by one, however, the other major fleets start to focus fire on Shadow. I later learnt that a temporary truce was declared against Shadow to kill Nashh. Truly a cause worth of such a fight. Whilst they desperately tried to break the Archons, we had found a juicier target. The grid had split between the POCO and the planetary warpin, and a Tier 3 gang were bouncing between the grids to evade fire. Cheeky bastards. We were not having any of that.

Probes dropped, scouts sent, tackle applied, fleet warped.

Hello gents

Whilst we battled here, someone had dropped a smattering of Dreadnoughts on field to attack Nashh. His tank was dipping downwards. Surely the end was nigh!

The Snigg pilots left our comms. Their reasoning became clear. A Pandemic Legion Archon had arrived on the POCO. He brought friends.

A flash of light and twenty, maybe thirty PL Carriers land on grid. Dubbed “Slowcats” by the feline-loving nullsec players, they dropped a mass of Sentry drones and began annihilating all they came across. The non-Shadow capitals begin to retreat as we re-enter field and take advantage of the renewed chaos to cause havoc to logi-chains by shooting everyone precisely once. Once again, we start using probes and bounces to get ourselves onto outliers – the PL swarm too deadly too approach. The DnD dreadnoughts and Shadow Archons are holding firm however, their tank unbreaking. Perhaps PL are struggling? Tidi is jumping between 50% and a soul-crushing 5%. SLOOOOW MOOOO.

Keep fighting you cowards!

The fight continues for another 15 minutes untill PL decide “fuck this noise” and do what we knew they would. 20 SuperCarriers hit the field.

The fight ended pretty quickly after that, Nashh succumbing to the Supercap swarm.

Ourselves? We fought a mixed Shadow subcap fleet a few minutes later.

We won, but not without sacrificing my Osprey Navy. Dammit.

Here’s some links:

We were not done yet. Goinard might be lost to us, but Ganked still has a roam to do.

We reshipped and took our 70 remaining ships into Providence. We swiftly encountered a small CVA gang consisting of 5 Guardians and 5 Faction Battleships – smartbomb fit of course. Gotta keep that 1 logi to 1 combat ratio, guys.

We ignore them and move along, only to find they have jumped in front of us! TREACHERY.

The CVA gang jumps a lone BS into us. Baity bait is bait. We engage and the rest of them jump, but a Guardian decloaks early. PILE ON. The early destruction prevents their Guardians forming their capchain early and another falls.  Most of the Faction ships jump out but the original bait, a Geddon Navy, dies. Their hero bubbler also dies to our fleet. Battle Report.

Rather happy at our killing of a fleet designed to kill us, we burned for HED-GP – currently owned by TEST. We knew they’d give us a fight.

We jump in, the TEST fleet meets us in mixed BC/frigs. So my system doesn’t load and I crash out. Fuck. I re-log back in to see the TEST fleet falling fast. I make use of my time by grabbing 5 podkills before they flee the bubbles.

TEST are not happy at their loss, however, and drop insta-Canes and Drakes on us. We die pretty much straight away. Not a single guy makes it to the Highsec – TEST have it 100-bubble camped with insta-canes.

Battle Report.

What a night.

Note: If anyone needs to correct my fleet compositions of the Goinard fight, please tell me!


Ganked 39 – ECM goes jamming up North

Ganked 39 has rolled around at last. Today sees a fleet of ECM Jamming ships heading out. Our destination is UMI-KK – the CFC have been having a brawl there to honour Vile Rat and we intend to be the latecomers who stagger in, drunk, at 1am.

So it was that 130 ECM ships left high-security space and plowed towards null-sec.

Spot the odd name out on my directional scanner!

The night starts out promising – we score a Proteus right off the bat. Your cloak cannot save you from the Jams, sir. A Harbinger meets the swarm, as does a Drake. Getting bored with the entry system, we proceed on our roundabout route to UMI-KK, expecting a couple of fights in the interim, as is standard.

All we meet, however, is bombers. One Ah Ah Ah. Two Ah Ah Ah. Three Ah Ah Ah. Four. Five.

Forwards through nullsec we go, stopping to shoot some Battleship rats for that all-important security status. A Nulli Secunda Cynabal gang is scouted ahead, but quickly vanishes the other way.

Those are ECM jam effects, by the way. That dirty NPC shall NEVER lock us!

Not far from UMI-KK, a Red Federation member drops from fleet, never rejoins, and smacks in local. So we shot him.

[22:42:31] J’mee Leggs > Shot blues -> tell Vile rat

Finally we approach UMI-KK. Our end is in sight. Surely the CFC will play along, and meet us in something that is not a RR-Fuelled nightmare?

They do. An Artillery Thrasher gang awaits us, courtesy of RAZOR Alliance. Let us dance.

We jump in and gleefully engage. The Thrashers kite away, but are still well within jam range.

We pursue and open fire, Thrashers melting along with our untanked Blackbirds. The Thrashers loop round, dropping on our FC (by accident), exploding him. Oh dear. After a good number of losses on both sides, the Thrasher gang warps off.

As the enemy regroup, we don’t bother

Finally, Combat Mink takes over, ordering a regroup at his spot some 180km above us. He’s only 147km from me, so I start burning to be able to warp. Right as the Thrasher gang lands 20km from me.


Our fleet moves back down to engage, however, starting the fight anew.

Well, most of them warped down and engaged

A Chimera-class Carrier warps to the gate, but there’s precisely nothing we can do about it. Bombers are starting to hit us too, causing myself to wake up in New Caldari. Curses. That’s me out for the night. The rest of the fleet keeps fighting till they die. Die they do.

Here is the Battle Report, but it’s mixed in with the CFC’s own clusterfuck a few hours prior so it’ skewed to hell. Our kills (not losses) can be found on the RvBGanked killboard here.

Ganked 14 – AFs and EAFs vs Rorquals and TEST

It’s Assault Frigate night, with some EAFs thrown in for good measure. Heading out earlier than usual, therefore confusing a lot of people, we left Rens in high spirits and with a good turnout.

Vagawolf is a go

We set out, only to find our first nullsec system in the process of a sov takeover. A CVA fleet is about, as well as a DarksideDOT fleet. We warp around a few times, the Darkside fleet following us a couple of times, till we warp to a gate and land in a bubble with the Darkside fleet at optimals.


We lose about a third of the fleet to only a Sabre kill, the hostile reps too much. We retreat, reship and strike out somewhere else in nullsec.

We progress along, achieving a few kills but nothing major, till one of our scouts ahead of us reports a cyno in space, and warps to it.

It’s a Rorqual. At a Customs office.

This scout doesn’t have a point (!) so we leeroy the whole fleet in in a desperate attempt to grab it. Fortunately…

Your ship name needs to be changed bro :/

The Rorqual melts within a minute to our guns, the pod escaping. GOOD FIGHT BRO.

Ganked is now a success. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

A daredevil tries to escape us but is snagged after a jump, and we head to a nearby lowsec entrance for a quick break, with most the fleet holding in an already-bubbled system next door. A Tornado and Vagabond both run into the second bubble set after evading our initial camo and both die as a result.

Next up, we find us a TEST system and say hi to the few locals there, killing a Drake on the gate too.

A cyno is reported ahead, with a Rorqual and Falcon on scan. Sadly, the Rorqual is in a POS 190km away, but we warp the fleet onto the Falcon, despite POS guns, and kill it and run away.

A small gang is ahead, and our scouts hero tackle as our fleet jumps in, and we catch an Astarte, Tornado and Ishkur.

Finally, we hit a TEST owned system and there’s quite a lot of them in local. The lowsec gate here is bubbled to hell, and there’s quite a few TEST around it. We land and engage everything.


TEST are engaging and/or landing in the bubbles, so we obtain kill after kill, with our faster frigs (<3 my Keres) burning and snagging ships that land in the far sides of the bubbles.

Eventually, no more TEST decide to warp in, and so the smacking in local begins.

We get bored before long, and it’s been a long night, so Mangala warps us to the TEST station where TEST have brought out 2 carriers and a host of other ships. WELP.

We engage, but I explode to an Oracle (wut) within minutes, only to hear that a lot more TEST have warped in/undocked. It’s a hopeless fight, but they gave us a good brawl!

It isn’t long before we’re all in the bubble camp slowboating our pods. It was a slaughter.


I slowboat 45km, only to be popped 5km from the gate. Nooooo 😦

TEST fight Battle Report

Good fight TEST, we know where to go if we want a decent brawl after a Ganked roam.

Video of the night:

Ganked 12 – Rifters – Ganked vs Agony

It’s time for Ganked 12! Rifters are a go! Well, Rifter hulls. This means Wolfs, Jaguars and Frekis (lol) are a go as well!

We’re forming up in Stacmon – we plan to hit Syndicate tonight, but there’s an Agony Unleashed frigate class also departing from here. We’re planning to engage them and see what happens.

I have decided upon a VagaWolf as my ship of choice, with a Rifter as a backup ship for when I die. Tonights naming scheme for the fleet is, oddly enough, “tgl3’s rifter”

The irony is my own ship is actually called "HMS TurretStorm"

The fleet, as usual, is forming up over an hour before the Ganked roam actually starts, resulting in general asshat-ness on comms. Which is fine.

Rifters, with a side order of Rifters.

The Agony fleet had already set out but returned after about an hour roaming. Hopefully they’ll head out again as we do.

Eventually 2100 rolls round and we’re off to the nearby lowsec!

A trio of Battleships are waiting for us in a lowsec system off gate, and as we burn to them they, shockingly, engage smartbombs. We’re wise to that though, and hold at range. However, they’ve all fit full warp core stabilsiers and all warp off, without a kill to either side.

Jumping into the Nullsec system of MHC-R3 reveals the Agony gang in system, but also a random Tempest off gate. Our lone interceptor burns for him and the rest of us warp up. Boom. Didn’t kill a soul.

We’re waiting on stragglers before we run at Agony, who have told us they’re at the Sun. Whilst we’re all fielding Rifter hulls and are planning to order targets alphabetically, Mangala informs us that Agony like to call targets separately for each squad. We seem to have numbers, but Agony are also fielding frigates with ewar and drones.

Mangala warps us to the sun, where I manage to fraps the fight.

We win! Battle Report –

Wrecks everywhere!

We give them a “gf” and head back to low to repair, rearm and reship.

Eventually we get underway again, when the Agony Class reports a couple of carriers about!

We wait nearby while the Agony group try to bait the Carriers into attacking, but an hour (!) of waiting gives us nothing so we continue on.

At this point, I’m feeling quite ill, so I have no choice but to log out for the night and try to sleep. Apparently, not a lot happened afterwards (the Ganked gang leeroy’d into a Razer gang and died, it seems)

Next Saturday is Missile night! Drakedrakedrakedrakes. Show up!

Flight of a Thousand Rifters and RvB Ganked 9

Saturday evening saw the usual Ganked event, along with a player run event called “Flight of a Thousand Rifters”

Flight of a Thousand Rifters

FoaTR essentially involved shooting a Moros in lowsec, and winning prizes for a number of criteria, which can be found on the forum post linked above.

I arrived in the designated lowsec system in a Blaster fit Catalyst a good hour before the event was due to start. During this time, I made a few tacticals on the station and made some tea, and then shot a few flashy destroyers with the help of a Red Federation pilot. None of them shot back. 😦

Local began rising within the half hour leading to the event, with the Moros pilot and event organiser, Marlona Sky, already docked and ready.

Finally, after an hour of waiting, Marlona undocked.


The Moros entered seige and we opened fire. A number of flashies warp in and get shot by pretty much everyone, but most manage to get onto the Moros mail, it seems!

Gotta love blasters

Local is rising higher by the minute, EVE-Radio’s coverage of the event probably helping.

Marlona is starting to tank hard, and is shrugging off nearly all the DPS being thrown at her. Turns out, she’s overloaded her reps.

But then forgot to turn off the overheat.

Wham. The reps break, and the tank plummets like a stone. It’s a  mere few minutes before she’s in structure.

dat Damage Control

Finally, the Moros EXPLODES everywhere, and Marlona’s flashy pod is spewed into space.

Of course, I miss it. Silly blaster range and all that!

Moments later, a Rooks and Kings sniping Tier 3 BC fleet shows up at range. OH GOD.

[ 2011.12.17 19:20:57 ] (combat) >Shiptype: Oracle
Pilotname: Agent Xer0
Shipname:  10 Miles High

Alliance:   [HARK]

barely scratches you, causing 1167.0 damage.



[ 2011.12.17 19:21:00 ] (notify) Your docking request has been accepted. Your ship will be towed into station.


I thank Marlona in r-v-b, and move over to Rens for Ganked Night.

RvB Ganked 9 – Firetails

Mangala is too rich. He’s been giving out Firetail hulls to everyone for this event. How does he do that.

The fleet started forming up even earlier than usual, sitting at almost 20 people by the time I’m in Rens, an hour before the event. Mumble is already full of idiots JOVIAL PEOPLE when I log on and it’s not long before there’s a tonne of Firetails outside.

Moar firetails!

Finally, with the fleet at 87, we began to head out.

A quick stop in lowsec, and we’re in Great Wildlands. A local camp runs away at the site of 70 firetails, so off we go into nulsec, once again completely clueless.

We find precisely nothing, which is a shame, so we head back towards the entrance and manage to snag a poor Stilletto, followed by an Oracle, followed by a Wolf.

Some more roaming follows, and we get word of a small Brick Squad gang just ahead of us. We swarm the gate and they jump in.


The Falcon melts, as does a Cane but the rest burn to gate and jump away.

We continue onwards, engine trails swinging, when a tempest lands off our gate at 50km.

“Orbit at range”, someone calls. “Smartbombs hurt”.

71 Firetails burn the distance and establish points, and the Tempest lights up the sky with smartbombs. Fortunately, of our 71 man swarm, noone is within 5km.

The Tempest explodes without a kill. Onwards we go.

Our scout has tackled an Abaddon ahead off a gate, so once again we burn in. He’s too close to the gate for smartbombs though, and also dies.

Round and round we roam, till we land in a system with another fleet in it. NC. have a large gang here – directional is lit up with BCs and more. An Avatar is on scan as well.

We warp to a gate off of d-scan from the NC. gang and hold.

Directional lights up. Mangala asks the fleet.

“Shall we die?”

The answer is a yes.

The NC. gang lands and we open fire, the first sabre jumping out and a Scimitar melting before they can establish their logistics chain.

A Claymore is primaried next, but it’s an uphill struggle.


It’s slow, but the Claymore is dying to the Firetails! Fleet members are also dying left and right – Firetails are not the tankiest of frigates.

Finally, the Claymore explodes.

And then the rest of us burned. GF.

Battle Report