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Retribution Changelist

The latest expansion – EVE Online: Retribution – is due to land on our computers on December 4th, bringing new ships, revised bounty mechanics and new UI elements. Below is a list of all the known changes with links to the full details.

The Official PATCH NOTES are out – find them HERE.

Last updated 14/10/2012 – added “Cannot eject or change ships” to the notes on the Weapons flag.

Everything in this post is subject to change.


New ships & existing ship rebalances

Crimewatch 2.0

A much needed overhaul of the overly complicated Crimewatch system is coming this Winter. The gist of it is as follows: There are 3 “flags” – Weapons, Suspect and Criminal.

A Weapons flag is activated whenever you use an offensive module and lasts 1 minute from last activation. This prevents docking and jumping. You also cannot eject or swap ships with this in effect.

A Suspect flag is created either by Killrights (more below), stealing from a wreck or can and engaging a ship in Lowsec. This allows ANY player to attack you, but there is no CONCORD intervention.

A Criminal flag is created by unlawful aggression in Highsec or killing a Capsule in Lowsec. This generates a Killright (more below) and allows CONCORD to engage you in highsec, as well as other players like the Suspect flag.

Assisting anyone with a flag (like using Remote Repair) also causes you to share the “target’s” flags – meaning if I repair a Hurricane with 30 seconds left to dock, I also cannot dock for 30 seconds. If I assist a suspect, I also get the suspect flag. If I assist a Criminal, I explode in Highsec.

In addition, being aggressed by an NPC gives you an “NPC” flag which causes your ship to stay in space for 15 minutes after log-off – much like today’s normal aggression flag.

The full dev blog is here.

Bounty Hunting changes

Retribution will introduce a new bounty system, allowing players to place bounties on Characters, Corporations and Alliances. A percentage of the total bounty is then awarded for any ship or pod kill of the target, with the payout proportional to the amount of ISK destroyed. The Dev Blog is here. This ties in with…

Killright changes

In the Bounty change devblog, Killrights are having an overhaul. Killrights are now awarded for any criminal action; Suicide gank in highsec (failed or not), and podding in lowsec. Killrights can be “activated” to give the target a 15 minute “Suspect” flag during which time anyone can shoot at them.

These killrights can also be sold to other players – a player flying near a player with a killright for sale has the option to buy and activate the killright, allowing anyone to attack that player for 15 minutes. This is included in the dev blog for the bounty changes here.

New User Interface

CCP are working (this is very much still design phase) on a new User Interface – namely based around the targeting panes. Dev blog here.

Faction Warfare rebalancing

Faction Warfare right now is kind of very broken. As a result, CCP are pushing out changes to Tier levels and introducing some new features, such as the ability to place Cyno Jammers in Tier 5 systems. Dev post here.

This also includes a change to the FW NPC  and Complex mechanics – see here.

NPC Rebalance

NPCs in all areas of space will now switch targets. This is affected by both ship size (NPC frigates are more likely to shoot player frigates) and threat levels (ECM and RR give higher threat). Dev blog here.

Market changes

CCP are adding new items to market – allowing the listing of items such as faction Drones, Outpost construction eggs and more. See here for the full list.

Rumored upcoming changes

We’re still a way out from the expansion, so expect this list to get a lot longer. There’s rumors floating round of some of the other changes, currently including:

  • EWAR rebalancing
  • Contract Changes

As always, check back here for updates and let me know if you see anything I missed.

This is shaping up to be a great expansion.


Inferno 1.2 Changes

CCP are deploying Inferno 1.2 on August 8th.

I cannot actually access Singularity at the moment (tgl3 is still unsubbed on there) so this post will lack screenshots and precise stats. If you have either, let me know so I can update the post.

Without further ado, here’s what I know of:

  • Attack Frigate Changes – A change to the Executioner, Condor, Atron and Slasher to make them more viable for combat. New stats here, with a small update here.
  • Mining Barge ChangesA change to barges & exhumers. The main change is a move from Cargo Holds to a new dedicated Ore Bay, but also changes around the roles. CCP have not announced the exact details, but there’s a pastebin here of the changes mined from the test server or something. This also include a couple of new rigs for mining ships. Have fun!
  • New Alchemy reactions –  CCP are introducing new Alchemy things in 1.2. Their Devblog is here. There’s also an update to the reactions, found here.
  • Rookie Ship buff – CCP are giving all the Rookie Ships a fixed role bonus, and generally improving their stats. This should make Rookie Ships a viable combat ships for very low SP pilots, since the bonuses include EWAR. Stats here.
  • V3 Angel Ships – The V3 changes are continuing with the Angel Ships being updated. Check out the CCP video here!
  • UPDATE: Self destruct changes – SD’ing will now give loot and a killmail
  • UPDATE: Incursion Changes – A buff to OTA sites in Vanguard Incursion systems. Changes here.
  • UPDATE: Tooltips on hovering over weapons!

  • T2 armor plates – Tech 2 Armor plates have had their HP buffed, now giving more Armor than the Meta 4 varient (Rolled Tungsten)
  • New NPE – An improved New Player Experience is en route.
  • Fittings now save cargo/rigs – Some awesome Dev (CCP Punkturis) has added the ability to fit your cargo and rigs when fitting from the fitting browser.
  • Changes to Missile Names (again) – CCP have made a couple of changes to the naming of Heavy Assault Missiles and FoF missiles. Dev blog here.
  • Changes to Implant descriptions and market sorting – In the same Dev blog as above, the description of implant bonuses have been made a bit more consistent, and their market orders have been improved so they actually make sense.
  • Improved Unified Inventory usability – You can now drag out windows from the main Inventory window. Probably other stuff too.
  • Green Screen in Character Creation – You can now select a “green screen” option in character re-customization.
  • Improved Market Search – The Market search function has been improved, splitting results into subsections (ships, propulsion etc) for easier location of what you want

That’s everything I could find for now, but there’s some other stuff to look out for:

If I missed anything, please let me know. Since I can’t access Singularity, it’s really hard to check for the new stuff!