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Choosing a target

Today sees me logging in first, again. As I start probing, however, a friendly face logs on. Aii is stuck out in highsec, so I need to find a route in!

There’s no inbounds in our home system today, a C5 inbound that appeared during last night’s capital escalations dead by now. Our previous C4 static is also dead, so I wipe corp bookmarks and start anew. It doesn’t take me long to find it, but C4a today is empty with a C4 static itself. Fortunately, C4 statics are pretty easy to scan down, having a unique signature size. I sweep for inbounds, finding none, before scanning and jumping into C4b.

Ah, now we’re getting interesting. A lone Scorpion and POS light my D-Scan up, but warping to the tower reveals the Scorpion empty. Curses. C4b also has a C4 static, so I scan it and jump in, revealing an empty C4c. This one has a C3 static, which usually lead to k-space, so I keep scanning. No inbounds are found, so into C3a I go!

C3a greets me with a Gallente Battleship wreck on scan, along with 4 Ogre IIs and a couple of towers that appear to be offline. The system boasts a Lowsec static and a Black Hole wormhole effect in place.

Warping to one of the towers quickly reveals its reason for being offline. A host of Cruise Missile Batteries and Torpedo Missile Batteries surround the abandoned tower – the defences effectively useless in a Black Hole system, which boosts ship velocities and reduces missile velocities in kind. I start scanning for the seemingly abandoned Ogre IIs, hoping they lead me to the BS wreck. Since the Ogre IIs are unclaimed, I assume that the killers of the Gallente Battleship had to leave in a hurry. Resolving the signature hit, I warp to the drones to see an unspoilt wreck waiting for me!

A check on the owner of the wreck reveals no PvP losses in this system, leading me to believe he lost the Battleship to Sleepers. How embarrassing. The wreck contains a fairly cheap Faction armour repair as well as a Shadow Serpentis energized adaptive nano module, but the rest is standard T2 loot. Not worth a lot, all told, but ISK is ISK!

I scan the low, finding myself in Old Man Star and drop bookmarks for Aii, who promptly comes home. A C3 is scanned in OMS, but it holds nothing of interest. With nothing going on, I log out till the evening.

Constellation as I logged out

Logging back on some hours later has Mick also online. I decide to sit at C4b’s tower, but an online Dominix there simply logs off. Mick goes scouting into C4c, where he notes probes on scan. He scouts further into the system, revealing an Anathema, Nighthawk, 3 Drakes and a lot of wrecks.


The Drakes and Nighthawk are at an anomaly, and the Anathema has cloaked. I swap my Scangu for a Manticore bomber, preferring the “insta-lock-on-decloak” of this ship and head over to join Mick, who is now sitting cloaked 160km off the ratting ships.

Shhh... be very very quiet...

Another alliance member, Rihanna, moves to join us but lacks a suitable cloaky vessel – opting for a PvP fit Loki and sitting in C4b, ready to jump in and help if we engage something.

There’s no chance we can hit the 4 ratting ships, so we decide to wait for their Noctis. Mick deploys probes and resolves a new inbound – presumably the source of these ships. However, a Retriever and Covetor are now on scan, and it isn’t long before Mining Drones are on scan too. Intriguing.

The ratters finish their site, warping towards another. One Drake  warps elsewhere and soon disappears from scan – presumably gone back to their Wormhole. It isn’t long before a Noctis shows up on scan, along with an Imicus frigate.

The Noctis appears to be in an anom we haven’t located, and the Imicus is replaced by  a second Covetor which appears in the same direction as the other 2 mining barges. An Iteron V appears, and locates itself with the miners.

At this point, we have to pick a target.

  • 2 Drakes + Nighthawk at an Anomaly
  • Retriever, 2x Covetors + Iteron Mk V at  a Grav site
  • Noctis at the Anomaly we have bookmarked.
  • Try and snag one of their scouts on a wormhole.

Whichever we pick loses the others, and we have no idea what reinforcements they could have. We have to make it quick. So we obviously pick the Noctis.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the Noctis appears in the Anomaly we’re sitting at cloaked. He’s 160km away, and appears to be unmoving – allowing his Tractor Beams to do the work for him.

There's always someone watching

We let him salvage some wrecks, but he still doesn’t move. This works to our advantage – a moving Noctis is harder to hit than a stationary one.

We bookmark a wreck he tractors to him, and both warp in and engage.

The Noctis is in armour by the time we even notify Rihanna on comms, but it’s dying too fast for her to warp and engage too, so she holds out of system.

A good thing too. The Noctis pops easily, but the pod escapes even my sensor boosted Manticore. I hit the “Loot All” button on the wreck, but my Manticore’s cargo is already bomb laden and I only grab a handful. Mick grabs some more, but he shoots the wreck to deny the rest. As Mick does so, the Nighthawk and Drakes land, but we both easily cloak and warp back off to the tactical. Gone as soon as we appeared.

The Drakes and their mining barges warp back to their Wormhole, which I scout as a C2, whilst the Nighthawk remains in the site. It’s a tempting target, but if it’s running C4s it’ll likely be brick tanked and we simply don’t have the DPS to kill one before its’ allies arrive.

The Drakes return, and one of them starts salvaging, albeit slowly. They’ve probably refit for PvP, but are desperate for some ISK return since we kind of blew it all up.

There’s not a lot else myself and Mick can do at this point, so we head home for the night.


What to do in a Wormhole

You’ve done it! You’re in a Wormhole with a corp or alliance (be it big or small) and finally ready to do something. Except… well… what do you do?

Well, there’s the obvious choice:


The prelude to anything in a wormhole. Scanning is the foundation upon which all other Wormhole activities lie. If there’s nothing else to do, there is always something to scan. That last scan signature could be a new inbound Wormhole, leading to anything at all.

It’s very very easy to get bored of scanning, but if there is nothing else to do then scanning is your bet.

But let’s say you’re done scanning. The only possible route now is a lowsec/highsec connection. Well then I guess you could…

Run anomalies

This step depends entirely on the class of Wormhole you live in/have scouted, as well as the number of pilots you have online. Most Anoms in lower class wormhole (C1/C2, maybe C3) can be run solo by a careful pilot, but anything more requires more people. A good source of ISK due to salvage/loot, this choice obviously comes with its own inherent risks – anomalies are easy to scan down (not requiring probes) and this means a pilot can be easily jumped.

But what if you havn’t got the ships/people for Anomalies? Well…

Run Signatures

Ladars, Gravs, Mags and Radars are also a good source of ISK. Ladars and Gravs can be cleared very easily by a solo Drake up to and including Class 4 Wormholes (I have no experience with the highers) and the loot/salvage alone can net you a bit of ISK. Radars and Mags can be a bit tougher, particularly Radars. Even if you’re not planning to mine the gas or rocks, killing and salvaging the Sleepers can give your wallet that lovely little boost.

Mining the Gas or Asteroids in these sites can take some time, especially solo, so you need to make sure you’re on the ball with your d-scan and ready to run away. Don’t AFK mine these.

But you’re bored of this? Well there’s always the solid third choice.


You are by no means the only other pilot about. Unless you’re in your home Wormhole with the static unopened and no inbound Wormholes (and you’re scanning constantly to make sure) a new pilot to chase can appear from anywhere at any time. The inactive C3 you were just in can have a whole slew of pilots log in and start mining a Grav the moment you jump out. There’s nearly always something to try to kill if you search hard enough.

Patience is the key in hunting in a wormhole. Due to their nature, you never know what else might be about. Watch for people reshipping to something cloaky at a POS (always bookmark observation points on a POS for this reason), use D-scan to judge what site people are at and always check for probes. One day you can get lucky and find a solo Orca and the next day another solo Orca turns out to be bait, and you might just get away. Or not. That’s life.

Bait hurts...

But what if, for whatever reason, you can’t do ANY of the things above?

Log out and do something else for an hour

Do you really need an explanation for this one? It’s the big X at the top right of your EVE window.

Bonus activity – write a blog post about what to do when there’s nothing to do