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Rolling a wormhole creates a capital engagement

There’s activity on scan as I log in. I’m alone in the alliance channel, yet an Ares and combat probes light my directional scan. Interesting.  There’s an inbound C5 a few hours old, so I kick the warp drive into gear and head over to check it out. I’m met with a fight.


Two other alliances are currently engaged in combat. In my home! The cheeky gits. It looks like Sleeper Social Club are engaging another force of ships belonging to The Laughing Men. Unable to intervene in any meaningful way, I sit and watch for a few minutes. I do not know the source of either fleet, but my playtime is limited and I am content to watch them fight. I see just one ship (of Laughing Men) die during my time here before a larger SSC force jumps through and they all warp off. A few SSC ships return to loot the wrecks and drones before departing, leaving my home as quiet as before.  I choose this moment to safe up and log out.


Some hours later, Silent Terror and Firefly log in. Upon seeing the inbound, they decide to be done with it. I’m told Firefly asked “ST, help me roll this wormhole”.

A quick scout revealed nothing unusual, and they began the rolling process, dropping a Thanatos to close the wormhole for good, leading to a nice quiet system.

Or so we thought.

As our Thanatos jumped home, a new contact appeared on d-scan. A Vigilant had just landed on grid with our Carrier. ST promptly found himself pointed. As it turns out, we had missed an inbound. This mistake could cost us dearly.

As ST begins maneuvering and applying ECM drones, multiple hostile ships land on grid. It’s The Laughing Men, and they fully intend to do away with their prey. A trio of Guardians with various Tech 3 and Recon support lands and completes the ambush. The battle is on.

Not content to watch his friend die, Firefly commits a Loki and a Tengu into the fight, using the Carrier’s remote repairs to try to pressure the opposition away from the Carrier. Meanwhile, ST is busy gathering our forces. I get a message. It has two words. “PvP. Now”

Dropping the PS3 controller (Battlefield 3, yo) I log in alongside Mick, Splut, Lykwidian and Barrak. Our initial plan involves ECM. Lots of ECM. We’re going to jam out the hostile tackle and extract the carrier – we have no eyes or scan of the enemy wormhole and their fleet is increasing by a ship a minute, so we’d like to avoid losing it. We launch 4 Falcons into warp and await a good opportunity to strike. Unfortunately, a Mistake Was Made and 2 of the Falcons miswarped, decloaking early. One Falcon goes down whilst the others bail off field. Plan A is marked as a failure.

Fortunately, we have a plan B – we commit a second Thanatos onto the field and hit them with armour dps, using a Scorpion as an ECM platform to try and break the Guardian chain. Lacking my Absolution (I lost another one) I grab an old Myrmidon for myself. We gear up and send in the second Thanatos first, with our fleet not far behind.

Landing onto the battlefield

I am aware my overview is a clusterfuck. I like it like that.

First up? The Curse. We landed about 14km away and promptly blow it up before his repairs land. The pod escapes, likely to reship, and we choose a Guardian as the next primary. Our own Scorpion is primaried and explodes before we can repair it. The Guardian dips into low armour before repairs catch on. Dammit. Our two Carriers are keeping ourselves up nicely now, but the enemy have made no move to disengage. They must have an ace up their sleeve. Disregarding the first Guardian, we swap targets to the Oneiros only to get it to 75% structure before the reps land. Moving quick, we swap all DPS to the original Guardian. The swap catches them off guard (hah) and the first Guardian explodes. We burn down the second Guardian and take it down too. The third Guardian warps off as the Oneiros meets his end.

We begin chewing into a Legion as a Bhaalgorn lands and starts neuting out one of our carriers. Firefly gets a point as we continue on the Legion, finally finishing it off. The Vigilant follows,

A silence falls over Mumble as we move towards the next target. A new hostile has landed. “Dreadnaught on grid”. A Phoenix has just landed and began his Siege cycle. This is their ace.

As we start plinking at the Tempest Fleet Issue, a lone Guardian also lands on grid. D-Scan reveals three more. We burn our guns to finish the Tempest and the Loki as the Guardians land. 2 of them burn to range but 2 remain close and we pull the same trick as before, alternating targets to catch one out. We succeed in killing the first. As we start on the second new Guardian, the other remaining two warp, as does the Bhaalgorn – some ECM drones successfully allowing it to evade.

Yes, the drone flight is sub-optimal. In my defence, I grabbed this in a hurry.

Yes, the drone flight is sub-optimal. In my defence, I grabbed this in a hurry.

The last Guardian dies and we start clearing up the remaining subcaps. Our first Thanatos is now dipping into structure, but the remaining enemy subcaps no longer have it pointed, so it simply warps away. Op success?

Only a few enemy ships remain and the Phoenix is firmly in Siege, so we eliminate the remaining Proteus and Onyx. Our remaining Carrier is starting to buckle and the tank is failing, so we warp it out too.

Finally, only the Phoenix remains. He exits Siege and tries to warp but is pointed, so he re-sieges. Confident he is not going anywhere, we warp a few people out to prepare some new ships. I grab my Proteus and start scanning for that possible inbound as we ready *our* ace in the hole. Our ace is 4 of our own Dreadnaughts.


Image courtesy of our Rev pilot

Image courtesy of our Rev pilot

The last of the hostile ships explodes, taking his pod with it. We offer “gf”‘s to any of them still in local and proceed to clean up the field.

The EVE-Kill Battle Report is here but does not include our original Falcons, nor 2 of the hostile Guardians we killed (because they were the same pilots). You can check our alliance kills and losses for a better picture.

All in all, a really fun fight. I’ve never been prouder of our alliance. I honestly thought we were going to end the night down a Carrier. Props to The Laughing Men as well for having the balls to commit such a fleet into an enemy-controlled system.


Jumping a Rorqual

The static Class 4 wormhole is half mass. It appears my corp were sieging a POS whilst I was at work. Gits. Regardless, I best get scouting.

C4a leads to a C2 with a lot of connections – a High, C2b and C4b connect to it. On jumping back from the C2b, I am greeted with a surprise – there’s 14 Sister’s Core Probes on my scans. A new inbound?

I launch my own probes to confirm and find an inbound C5z. I jump in to see a Proteus awaiting on the wormhole. I pulse my MWD away from the wormhole and cloak just in time to see two Legions jump in behind me. Guess I found their scanners.

I set up a 200km watch point and sit them out. Josh logs on and watches their camp for me. They don’t move, so I setup an off-scan safe and log out. They jump home and warp away minutes later, so I log back in and jump to safety. Crisis averted.

We roll the C4a and log out for some Planetside.

That is until Silent Terror appears in our Mumble channel. During our furious defence of the Crown against the TR airforce, Silent has scanned 8 jumps down the chain and found us something to shoot.

“3 Hulks mining in a Grav” he reports. “12 cans out and a Rorqual in their POS”

3 Hulks are a good kill alone and a smart Rorqual never leaves a POS. Silent is in a Class 2 that is 7 jumps down from our Home, so we log on a few cloaky T3s and start heading down the chain one by one. As we do, Silent reports some movement.

“Rorqual is moving”

We log on an emergency neuting Battleship and start jumping it down the chain. Myself and Firefly are 2 jumps out when comms lights up.

“Rorqual warped to Grav”

Acting quick, Silent scans the Grav on his first try and warps to it as we scramble over. Silent manages to kill a Hulk before the other 2 warp away and has the Rorqual locked down. Fire lands just before me and we establish secondary tackles.


A Hulk swaps for a Chimera in the POS but never so much as twitches back to save his Corpmate. A shame. We land the rest of our cloakies and proceed to tear the Rorqual a new one.



Unsurprisingly he does not take our local offer and promptly explodes. His fit is terrible. Seriously. But oh well. His pod was also over a Billion. First w-space Rorqual kill!

Mad props to Silent Terror for finding and catching this thing. Makes a nice change!


Teaming up with Penny and saving a Tower

“There’s something up with our Mumble server” says ST as I log in. A quick check confirms it – our voice server is down. Bugger.

Not to worry though, there’s not much going on. ST has just scanned our static so there’s nowhere else to scout anyway. That is, of course, until Penny pipes up in our chat channel.

Penny Ibramovic > I’ve got a c3 with potential action, and entrance wh in dodixie

Action? Potential? Got? In? Words! Penny has found a C3 with a static Highsec to a major market hub. In this C3, Penny has found a tower with a fleet in it – 8 Battleships and 2 Basilisks, as well as a weak tower belonging to another corp. It looks like a siege.

A siege we can break.

As Penny keeps watch, we scan down the chain with ST finding a Lowsec 9 jumps from Dodixie. What luck! As myself, ST and Mick scramble over to fit ships Penny reports the hostile fleet warping to the weaker POS. They start chewing through the 10 or so guns that guard it.


Meanwhile we’ve just been told the wormhole is a Pulsar which throws our armour fleet out the window. A buff to shields and a nerf to our armour resistances is deadly. Our Bhaalgorn/Guardian setup is scrapped, so we ponder our next move. We’re heavily outclassed, so we get Firefly online as well as recruiting a friend of mine from the Spooning channel.

We decide upon 3 Tengus, 2 Basilisks and 2 Battleships – a Maelstrom and Apoc Navy. Penny will provide a HIC and go in first. Our scouting has revealed the hostile fleet to be a mix of both long and short range guns, but are likely fit for shield buffer with max DPS. Our Tengus could dodge them easily, but our two battleships are in trouble. We fit Siuil’s Tengu with ECM to help negate the enemy logi, preparing to attack.

ST establish’s contact with the POS owners who can field a single Sabre – he is currently cloaked near their fleet. Perfect. He sets us as blue so any remaining guns do not blow us out of space. Aii logs on in Penny’s wormhole and goes for his HIC, freeing Penny up as a third Basilisk.

We “acquire” a room on the RvB Ganked Mumble channel (whilst they were roaming, in fact) but both Aii and Penny cannot do voice comms. Neither can the Sabre. Tricky to organise then.

The Cavalry assembles

The plan is simple – The HIC will jump in and warp to the cloaked Sabre. He will decloak and drop a bubble before burning inside the shields. We will then warp in and engage as our HIC establishes the main bubble. Simple, right?

Wrong. The enemy fleet destroys the last gun and warps away. Damn damn damn damn damn.

Penny Ibramovic > maybe it’s a pee break before hitting the tower

Penny is, as always, right on the money. The enemy fleet warps back to the POS not 5 minutes later! There is a slight difference – they have swapped their Basilisks for other ships. They’ve left a boosting Claymore in their tower, though.

We still have Logi and we now have the ability to beat them without needing it. However we can not be arsed waiting on reships and prepare to pile in. ST calls for the op to start.

Aii jumps in and warps. We warp to the wormhole. The Sabre decloaks and bubbles. We warp in as Aii lands and bubbles.

Suddenly, WHEN.

The Tornado scatters instantly as we lock up and begin firing. Aii is buckling under the enemy DPS, with us unable to repair her due to the Warp Disruption Generator. Fortunately the enemy fleet do not realise this and swap targets. Teehee. Their tanks are also fairly meagre and are falling quick.

Someone put a chat window in my way!

Our Sabre friend is still outside the shield, so the enemy kill him. Oops. They briefly split DPS, achieving nothing, then focus on various ships. They can’t break a thing. They are also splitting directions, preventing us from bubbling them all! The Tengus spread points but we only have 3 of them to do so.

Maybe if I put it up here?

3 battleships which broke off another way shake their points and warp, leaving the rest to die. Damage is being done to us but nothing is significant. Penny lands in her Basilisk, preventing any chance of victory for the enemy. Got to move quick, though – that Highsec wormhole can spit anything at us.

There we go! Also, good luck with Garde IIs vs a Baslisk at close range.

We sweep the rest off field within seconds. A victory!

Seeing nothing on scan but pods and the escapee ships we thank Penny for the opportunity and thank Aii and Suil for their time before beginning the trek home. The POS Owner sounds happy, but he still “didn’t want that POS anyway”. It’s a good thing, too, because we’re not coming back a second time!

Battle Report.

It turns out that the attackers had just bought the wormhole from someone else too. Guess we interrupted them. Whoops.

I look forward to Penny’s writeup in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it!

Ganked 44 and goodbye to Nashh

6pm Sunday night and madness is due to begin. Ganked 44; Gunpower, Treason and Plot is about to head out in Missile ships, cruiser and under. The 120 man fleet we have should be a laugh, as always.

This time, however, there’s something for us to shoot.

Nashh Kadavr, long time EVE blogger, has recently announced his departure from the realm of internet spaceships. To go out with a bang, Nashh was organising a “party” in the low-security system of Goinard. He’d be undocking a 4 Billion ISK Iteron, followed by a Carrier with a silly-high bounty of a Billion (or was it 10?) on his Pod.

This was, sadly, almost 30 jumps away through Lowsec from our starting System. We have a bit of a trek ahead.

Fortunately, the nearby lowsec locals have accidentally given us entertainment. A scout has reported a RR Domi gang going GCC in the Lowsec next to our Highsec rally. They’re attacking a Navy Scorp. SOUND THE CHARGE MEN.


The Domis melt fast. One lucky potato warps away, whilst three jump into Highsec. With GCC. CONCORD met them, finishing them off.  Battle Report. A good start to the night!

So began the long trip to Goinard. 30 jumps of not-a-lot. Sigh.

An hour later, we rocked into Goinard. We doubled local to 208 with our arrival, proceeded to fill local and then warped to Nashh’s station to say hi!


We bomb round on gates and shoot flashies whilst we wait for the event to start. A small E-Uni gang is about as well as a whole host of neutral pilots. Nashh asked us, politely, to move off the station to let him out, so we did. An old corpmate of mine, Wrathhammer, has brought 6 Sniggwaffe Carriers full of frigates to a station and he and his buddies join our comms and fleet, giving us a small boost in numbers.

Five minutes later, Nashhcalls in local. “PLANET THREE”

We all warp to P3 to find a lot of neutrals buzzing about. The plan is to avoid GCC’ing our fleet because we want to reship at some point when we explode, so we hold off engaging the other non-flashies for now.

Suddenly, Nashh lands at 100km in an Iteron Mk 4 – Quafe Ultra Edition.


He doesn’t last long, a good 2 bill dropping in the wreckage. Which somebody shoots. Hah.

Whilst we debate over “who shot it”, Shadow Cartel jump us with a mixed subcap fleet.

Flashies everywhere!

They are no match for the swarm of neutrals here though, and are quickly batted off field. So far so good. We start looting the field, as is customary, when a large red blob passes through our grid to a nearby spot. We saw Archons in there.

“POCO” someone yells on comms. “They’re at the Custom’s Office”. The battlefield has been chosen and so we will ride to glory. Brackets turned off. Graphics turned down. It’s go time. We fleet warp to the POCO at 30km.

Well bloody hell

Nashh is in the center of this inpregnable fortress of death. They’ve placed Tier 3 snipers behind them and while we avoided the Smartbombing capitals, we’re right in their range. Mangala pulls us away whilst our probers and scouts move round to get us on top.

We drop scouts on outlying BCs, bringing our missiles to bear on the ones we catch. The other neutrals are clogging the main field with their wrecks, buying us valuable time.


SonnenLegion are fielding a whole bunch of BCs, so they bear the brunt of our warheads. The Shadow Cartel gang is comfortably tanking with their carriers, though a few ships still get caught out. Tidi is starting to rise.

Snuff Box land with a mixed Absolution/Guardian fleet (14 Guardians, I believe) and start engaging Shadow.


Several corps have brought their own fleets. I see Balkan Express flying mixed T3/Cruisers. Uni pilots are back in noobships.  The battle rages between the factions, when another force joins.

Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly have dropped Navy Apocs and Vindicators. Landing pretty much at 0, they’re shooting away before we realise their arrival. I think we’re starting to be rather outmatched. Not a lot of the big ships are dying, though plenty of explosions are being had!

Top damage guy right here.

Lost Obsession arrive, bringing their own Archons and Navy Apocs to the field. Holy crap. A 5-6 way brawl is now underway. 50 way if you count the random pilots on field.

The Shadow Archons are holding firm, oblivious to the maelstrom around them. One by one, however, the other major fleets start to focus fire on Shadow. I later learnt that a temporary truce was declared against Shadow to kill Nashh. Truly a cause worth of such a fight. Whilst they desperately tried to break the Archons, we had found a juicier target. The grid had split between the POCO and the planetary warpin, and a Tier 3 gang were bouncing between the grids to evade fire. Cheeky bastards. We were not having any of that.

Probes dropped, scouts sent, tackle applied, fleet warped.

Hello gents

Whilst we battled here, someone had dropped a smattering of Dreadnoughts on field to attack Nashh. His tank was dipping downwards. Surely the end was nigh!

The Snigg pilots left our comms. Their reasoning became clear. A Pandemic Legion Archon had arrived on the POCO. He brought friends.

A flash of light and twenty, maybe thirty PL Carriers land on grid. Dubbed “Slowcats” by the feline-loving nullsec players, they dropped a mass of Sentry drones and began annihilating all they came across. The non-Shadow capitals begin to retreat as we re-enter field and take advantage of the renewed chaos to cause havoc to logi-chains by shooting everyone precisely once. Once again, we start using probes and bounces to get ourselves onto outliers – the PL swarm too deadly too approach. The DnD dreadnoughts and Shadow Archons are holding firm however, their tank unbreaking. Perhaps PL are struggling? Tidi is jumping between 50% and a soul-crushing 5%. SLOOOOW MOOOO.

Keep fighting you cowards!

The fight continues for another 15 minutes untill PL decide “fuck this noise” and do what we knew they would. 20 SuperCarriers hit the field.

The fight ended pretty quickly after that, Nashh succumbing to the Supercap swarm.

Ourselves? We fought a mixed Shadow subcap fleet a few minutes later.

We won, but not without sacrificing my Osprey Navy. Dammit.

Here’s some links:

We were not done yet. Goinard might be lost to us, but Ganked still has a roam to do.

We reshipped and took our 70 remaining ships into Providence. We swiftly encountered a small CVA gang consisting of 5 Guardians and 5 Faction Battleships – smartbomb fit of course. Gotta keep that 1 logi to 1 combat ratio, guys.

We ignore them and move along, only to find they have jumped in front of us! TREACHERY.

The CVA gang jumps a lone BS into us. Baity bait is bait. We engage and the rest of them jump, but a Guardian decloaks early. PILE ON. The early destruction prevents their Guardians forming their capchain early and another falls.  Most of the Faction ships jump out but the original bait, a Geddon Navy, dies. Their hero bubbler also dies to our fleet. Battle Report.

Rather happy at our killing of a fleet designed to kill us, we burned for HED-GP – currently owned by TEST. We knew they’d give us a fight.

We jump in, the TEST fleet meets us in mixed BC/frigs. So my system doesn’t load and I crash out. Fuck. I re-log back in to see the TEST fleet falling fast. I make use of my time by grabbing 5 podkills before they flee the bubbles.

TEST are not happy at their loss, however, and drop insta-Canes and Drakes on us. We die pretty much straight away. Not a single guy makes it to the Highsec – TEST have it 100-bubble camped with insta-canes.

Battle Report.

What a night.

Note: If anyone needs to correct my fleet compositions of the Goinard fight, please tell me!

A cloaky Drake is not a safe Drake

“Hey TG, we have new wormholes!” says noone, as I log into an empty system awaiting a scan.

One of the signatures resolves into our usual static C4, but another is a new Null-security connection – an outbound one.

Jumping in puts me in Perrigen Falls, property of Solar Fleet. A quick check of the map shows a ratting system nearby, so I make the 2 jumps to check it out. I’m greeted by 3 in local, as well as 50 bubbles.

Fortunately, my Nullifier subsystem allows me to shrug them off (though my framerate does not bode so well), and I have a quick scan about. A Carrier is on scan with some wrecks, but he’s already at a POS. Nothing else to be found here, so I head home.

A couple of hours pass and I decide to try my luck again. I jump in to see a Drake ratting on the gate.

So… been here long?

I decide to engage, hoping the bubbles stop him escaping. I decloak, launch drones and… he jumps. Oh yeah, NPCs do not give aggression. Whoops. In my haste to follow, I abandon my Hobgoblins – double whoops!

I decloak first on the other side and wait. The Drake appears 17km away, so I hit approach, light my scram and… he disappears. Cloaked.


I burn towards where I think he was, coming up short. I cloak close to where I estimated his position to be. Not 10 seconds later, he appears 3,500m away and initiates a warp to a planet. I follow, holding cloak whilst doing so.

Landing at the planet puts him 5km from me, where he cloaks. He also links “Proteus” in local – that’s not your intel channel, bud. I decloak and burn straight at him. Suddenly, a Drake appears.

Boo, motherfucker

He starts aligning out, but I’ve got him snared now. He’s not even locking me back as I slowly plink away at his buffer.

One shot at a time, the enemy crumbles

It’s taking a while, but his shields are most certainly dropping. He’s probably lighting up his local intel channels, and I’m starting to get wary. Finally, he uses his Afterburner, Web and starts shooting back.

Now the fight is on!

The web is negating my ability to keep up, so I have to cycle my Microwarpdrive, allowing him to hit me harder. As his shields drop, my own shields also drop and I start bleeding armour. Fortunately my repairs are keeping up, but the strain on my cap means I’m now cycling my cap booster. Whoops. Worried about possible reinforcements, I overheat my guns to try and kill him quick.

Lookit dat heat damage

The pilot ejects from his Drake as it hits structure, allowing me to finish it off. Nice to see his warp core stabilizer helping him out there.

His pod is long gone, so I jump back and scoop my drones from before. Re-jumping sees the pilot disappear from local, but his pod remains on my scan. He just logged out with aggression for another 10 minutes.

Probes deployed and narrowed on his position. Got to work fast.

Scan scan scaaaan

I get 100% with the seconds ticking away, and land right on top of a pod, as expected.


One volley later, that pilot is down a 300mil pod. My bad. Never log out in space with aggression, guys.