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Ganked 44 and goodbye to Nashh

6pm Sunday night and madness is due to begin. Ganked 44; Gunpower, Treason and Plot is about to head out in Missile ships, cruiser and under. The 120 man fleet we have should be a laugh, as always.

This time, however, there’s something for us to shoot.

Nashh Kadavr, long time EVE blogger, has recently announced his departure from the realm of internet spaceships. To go out with a bang, Nashh was organising a “party” in the low-security system of Goinard. He’d be undocking a 4 Billion ISK Iteron, followed by a Carrier with a silly-high bounty of a Billion (or was it 10?) on his Pod.

This was, sadly, almost 30 jumps away through Lowsec from our starting System. We have a bit of a trek ahead.

Fortunately, the nearby lowsec locals have accidentally given us entertainment. A scout has reported a RR Domi gang going GCC in the Lowsec next to our Highsec rally. They’re attacking a Navy Scorp. SOUND THE CHARGE MEN.


The Domis melt fast. One lucky potato warps away, whilst three jump into Highsec. With GCC. CONCORD met them, finishing them off.  Battle Report. A good start to the night!

So began the long trip to Goinard. 30 jumps of not-a-lot. Sigh.

An hour later, we rocked into Goinard. We doubled local to 208 with our arrival, proceeded to fill local and then warped to Nashh’s station to say hi!


We bomb round on gates and shoot flashies whilst we wait for the event to start. A small E-Uni gang is about as well as a whole host of neutral pilots. Nashh asked us, politely, to move off the station to let him out, so we did. An old corpmate of mine, Wrathhammer, has brought 6 Sniggwaffe Carriers full of frigates to a station and he and his buddies join our comms and fleet, giving us a small boost in numbers.

Five minutes later, Nashhcalls in local. “PLANET THREE”

We all warp to P3 to find a lot of neutrals buzzing about. The plan is to avoid GCC’ing our fleet because we want to reship at some point when we explode, so we hold off engaging the other non-flashies for now.

Suddenly, Nashh lands at 100km in an Iteron Mk 4 – Quafe Ultra Edition.


He doesn’t last long, a good 2 bill dropping in the wreckage. Which somebody shoots. Hah.

Whilst we debate over “who shot it”, Shadow Cartel jump us with a mixed subcap fleet.

Flashies everywhere!

They are no match for the swarm of neutrals here though, and are quickly batted off field. So far so good. We start looting the field, as is customary, when a large red blob passes through our grid to a nearby spot. We saw Archons in there.

“POCO” someone yells on comms. “They’re at the Custom’s Office”. The battlefield has been chosen and so we will ride to glory. Brackets turned off. Graphics turned down. It’s go time. We fleet warp to the POCO at 30km.

Well bloody hell

Nashh is in the center of this inpregnable fortress of death. They’ve placed Tier 3 snipers behind them and while we avoided the Smartbombing capitals, we’re right in their range. Mangala pulls us away whilst our probers and scouts move round to get us on top.

We drop scouts on outlying BCs, bringing our missiles to bear on the ones we catch. The other neutrals are clogging the main field with their wrecks, buying us valuable time.


SonnenLegion are fielding a whole bunch of BCs, so they bear the brunt of our warheads. The Shadow Cartel gang is comfortably tanking with their carriers, though a few ships still get caught out. Tidi is starting to rise.

Snuff Box land with a mixed Absolution/Guardian fleet (14 Guardians, I believe) and start engaging Shadow.


Several corps have brought their own fleets. I see Balkan Express flying mixed T3/Cruisers. Uni pilots are back in noobships.  The battle rages between the factions, when another force joins.

Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly have dropped Navy Apocs and Vindicators. Landing pretty much at 0, they’re shooting away before we realise their arrival. I think we’re starting to be rather outmatched. Not a lot of the big ships are dying, though plenty of explosions are being had!

Top damage guy right here.

Lost Obsession arrive, bringing their own Archons and Navy Apocs to the field. Holy crap. A 5-6 way brawl is now underway. 50 way if you count the random pilots on field.

The Shadow Archons are holding firm, oblivious to the maelstrom around them. One by one, however, the other major fleets start to focus fire on Shadow. I later learnt that a temporary truce was declared against Shadow to kill Nashh. Truly a cause worth of such a fight. Whilst they desperately tried to break the Archons, we had found a juicier target. The grid had split between the POCO and the planetary warpin, and a Tier 3 gang were bouncing between the grids to evade fire. Cheeky bastards. We were not having any of that.

Probes dropped, scouts sent, tackle applied, fleet warped.

Hello gents

Whilst we battled here, someone had dropped a smattering of Dreadnoughts on field to attack Nashh. His tank was dipping downwards. Surely the end was nigh!

The Snigg pilots left our comms. Their reasoning became clear. A Pandemic Legion Archon had arrived on the POCO. He brought friends.

A flash of light and twenty, maybe thirty PL Carriers land on grid. Dubbed “Slowcats” by the feline-loving nullsec players, they dropped a mass of Sentry drones and began annihilating all they came across. The non-Shadow capitals begin to retreat as we re-enter field and take advantage of the renewed chaos to cause havoc to logi-chains by shooting everyone precisely once. Once again, we start using probes and bounces to get ourselves onto outliers – the PL swarm too deadly too approach. The DnD dreadnoughts and Shadow Archons are holding firm however, their tank unbreaking. Perhaps PL are struggling? Tidi is jumping between 50% and a soul-crushing 5%. SLOOOOW MOOOO.

Keep fighting you cowards!

The fight continues for another 15 minutes untill PL decide “fuck this noise” and do what we knew they would. 20 SuperCarriers hit the field.

The fight ended pretty quickly after that, Nashh succumbing to the Supercap swarm.

Ourselves? We fought a mixed Shadow subcap fleet a few minutes later.

We won, but not without sacrificing my Osprey Navy. Dammit.

Here’s some links:

We were not done yet. Goinard might be lost to us, but Ganked still has a roam to do.

We reshipped and took our 70 remaining ships into Providence. We swiftly encountered a small CVA gang consisting of 5 Guardians and 5 Faction Battleships – smartbomb fit of course. Gotta keep that 1 logi to 1 combat ratio, guys.

We ignore them and move along, only to find they have jumped in front of us! TREACHERY.

The CVA gang jumps a lone BS into us. Baity bait is bait. We engage and the rest of them jump, but a Guardian decloaks early. PILE ON. The early destruction prevents their Guardians forming their capchain early and another falls.  Most of the Faction ships jump out but the original bait, a Geddon Navy, dies. Their hero bubbler also dies to our fleet. Battle Report.

Rather happy at our killing of a fleet designed to kill us, we burned for HED-GP – currently owned by TEST. We knew they’d give us a fight.

We jump in, the TEST fleet meets us in mixed BC/frigs. So my system doesn’t load and I crash out. Fuck. I re-log back in to see the TEST fleet falling fast. I make use of my time by grabbing 5 podkills before they flee the bubbles.

TEST are not happy at their loss, however, and drop insta-Canes and Drakes on us. We die pretty much straight away. Not a single guy makes it to the Highsec – TEST have it 100-bubble camped with insta-canes.

Battle Report.

What a night.

Note: If anyone needs to correct my fleet compositions of the Goinard fight, please tell me!

Sindel’s Angel Project

I actually managed to find the time to log on this weekend. There was much rejoicing.

In the tweetfleet in-game channel, Sindel is chatting about her project, which had evaded me up to this point. The project is called “Sindel’s Angel Project“. It’s rather cool.

Basically, outside of larger EVE entities (Goons, TEST, RvB, EVE University) there’s little to no help for those capsuleers that are struggling – particularly new players.

So good old Sindel (singer of Titan and Makalu Cries) has set up this project to, basically, donate to those in need. She is taking all donations, as far as I know, and passes it on to people who need it. It’s worth checking out, and totally worth donating a few ISK if you have it.

Here’s the website. Join the tweetfleet channel in-game to catch up with Sindel there too!

RvB – EVE is Real

So in the wake of CCP’s new marketing campaign (and new trailer!), I thought a RvB tale would work soundly for  a story.

I started RedvsBlue after a month of being stuck at a crossroads in EVE. Unsure where to go, I turned to the #tweetfleet for help. RvB was suggested, and so I took them up on the offer and signed myself up for Red Federation. My first night was spent under the command of Melkor Valor. We shot some Blues, nothing major. The second night, I started a fleet and began my first ever Fleet command. I had 8 people in my fleet.

That was then. I was there.

Last couple weeks, we had some RvB drama. Upships, station camping and the like. I’ve already discussed this previously in another blog post. Then last night, 7 Blues swapped to Reds. Suddenly, things went well.

Tonight, I led a fleet of  (average) 25 Reds into one of the best nights of EVE I’ve ever had. 3 epic fights over 2 hours, over 160 ships destroyed, 60 in one fight (reship reship reship!).

The day started off slow, with precisely nilch all going on, so I logged out for a few hours.

Logging in at 5:30pm found no fleet, so I set one up and we milled about chatting on comms for about 40 minutes. Then we got word of a Blue fleet assembling. Right, time to get to business.

The call went out in corp for pilots, and comms quickly fell silent to be replaced with fleet information and scout intel. 10 pilots joined, bringing our fleet to about 16. Tech 1 frigates were assembled and we moved to a safe spot in Halle to group.

Scouts were sent forth once again, and we had the enemy fleet placed next door in Arnatele. At a planet. I warped the fleet to the Arnatele gate.

“Jump, align to Planet 1”

15 seconds later, and the whole fleet is in warp to Planet 1. We land on an eager Blue fleet, wanting our shiny Killmails.

I’m calling targets before we even drop out of warp and within seconds autocannons and rockets are pounding my eyes and ears as round after round of ammunition is thudding into the primary. Within seconds, the unlucky Rifter explodes and the fleet begins attacking the new target. I’m barely shooting as I keep scanning for the next ideal target, factoring in the enemy pilot (Does he have slaves? Is he a new guy?) the enemy ship (Punishers are tank 85% of the time, Rifters die easy!), their velocity (is he burning away?) and the ship relation to the fleet (Is he close to me but miles from the fleet? Can our AB guys reach him still?) and I have to act fast because this is as quick and brutal as it gets. I have mere seconds to call a new target once one goes down, and a couple of times my fleet overtakes my target calling. I’m keeping one eye on my watchlist as I see our Punisher group start taking heavy losses, which signifies the enemy are now whittling us down to the point where Punishers are all that’s left. I come under fire and overload all my guns, hoping to take the current primary down with me. Within short order I explode, take stock of the remaining field and call a retreat for the remaining ships;

“All remaining ships, burn and warp. Burn and warp. Get out. Get out. Get out.”

This one, we’d lost, but I was there.

Battle Report:

I pointed my pod back towards Red HQ and we reshipped to fight again. This time, we’d moved up to a good 28 people in the fleet. Easily one of the biggest fleets in recent weeks. All at my command.

In 2 months, I’d moved from being a PvP newbie, to a leader of Fleets. Reds main Euro Timezone Fleet Commander and Loser of Rifters. This was my Fleet. Time to show the Blues what we could do.

We assembled our brave little Frigates and promptly moved into Bereye, where we warped to a planet and waited. Waited for the Blues.

And then….

Found them

I called our initial targets as the enemy warped in. Rifters first, since they *hurt*. Bang, bang, bang, the first 3 targets went down.

Then my overview went funky for a few seconds.

In these few seconds, I called on comms for our secondary caller who calmly took over from my targets as if nothing had happened. Targets were switched practically every 5 seconds as the caller adjusted to suit the fleets current status, much as I had done in the previous fight. Bang, bang, bang. Target after target falls. I call on comms for reships upon going down, and an allied Orca in system supplements 3 of our pilots, who are able to reship within seconds.

During the fight, I’m able to actually concentrate on my own ship for once, courtesy of me not target calling. It was a whole different experience. I was able to actively monitor my own speed and mods, rather than worry about fleet member locations. It was a whole other experience.

7 Minutes into the fight, the enemy Navy Slicer burns in close to one of our pilots, who successfully nabs it. I spot him some 15km off, desperately trying to hold it down. I overheat my prop and burn over as fast as I can and land a secondary scram and web on the Slicer. It dies quick and I use my last round of ammo taking it down.

Fortunately, I still had spare ammo from looting a previous fight and loaded it up into my autocannons. By this point however, the enemy were few and were proceeding to flee the field. We moved to hold down as many as we could and within seconds, the field was ours.

Victory, and I was there.

Battle Report:

VIDEO! (Bit crappy, but hey)

Good fights are exchanged, and I offer my gratitude to Ghost Nightmare, who was our secondary target caller. The fight was fantastic and he did a great job.

We group up for a third fight, to find the Blues have lost about half their fleet and as a result, were bringing Cruisers. We had a 30 strong fleet. What could go wrong?

Back in full command, I ordered the fleet onto a gate where we sit and wait.

5 minutes later, the Blue fleet drops out of warp onto us. Frigates come first, followed by 2 Vexors at 30km and a Thorax and Maller at 0. Here we go.

Frigates are my primary, and they die as soon as we call them. Our fleet tearing through what tanks frigates could hold. Once the DPS dealers are down, I switch the fleet onto the Thorax which also dies fast. The enemy are mostly at range now, a problem for our short range frigates. The two enemy Vexors are flying together 30km away, their drones ripping through our frigates on the gate. I call one as primary, and burn for the other. As I watch the called vexor go down, I desperately hold tackle on the other as it attempts to burn off. He attacks me with neuts and AutoCannons. I’m the FC, but I know I have capable guys to fall back on if I go down. The first Vexor falls and the first fleetmate arrives on the second vexor as I explode in a ball of fire. The rest of the fleet burns over as I warp off to reship.

Something goes wrong. Noone is calling targets. I yell a bit and a couple of people take it up, but it’s too late. The enemy now outnumber us, and someone on field calls a retreat.

We lost, but I was there.

Battle Report:

Video (Began 2 minutes in…)

I thank my fleet as well as the Blues and log out for the night.

CCP’s new marketing campaign is “EVE is Real”. Is EVE real?

I took 30 player from around the world and pitted them against 30 other players around the world, in a battle that will never be duplicated, in a universe that is ever changing, using pilots who will never be the same again, flying ships that will never be flown in the exact same way ever again.

So yes, EVE is real, and I was there.

Through Newb Eyes: Goals, plans and endgame.

I got asked a question today. It got me thinking.

“How do you win EVE?” – a friend.

In order to effectively answer this question, I first had to consider what the end of EVE was. I couldn’t. Due to EVE’s wonderful (if harsh) sandbox nature, there is no end that would apply to all players. Most MMOs don’t have a final battle or level that the single-player games all share. EVE is even more distinct by featuring such an open ended experience. Many MMOs (World Of Warcraft, Guild Wars etc) feature some sort of End to the main experience. Most of these involve hitting the level cap.

So what about EVE? Is 0.0 the endgame? What about having the most ISK? Wormholes? Flying a titan? Owning a fleet of faction-fit uberships? Running a successful corporation? Owning the market?

So I came to the obvious conclusion. To me, the end-game of EVE is exactly what you make it to be.

So how do you win EVE?

I thought long and hard and replied thusly:

“It’s not about reaching the end, it’s what you do to get there”

But then how do you get there? Hell, is there even an end? I know a lot of players have a set goal, be it long or short term. Some examples from the #tweetfleet:

“A sustained existence in nullsec – that’s my goal. Participation in one large newsworthy battle, that too :)”

“learn how to wormhole.”

“a Nyx supercap”

“getting to be a senior FC in my new alliance. Long-term, starting my own corp successfully.”

“My goal is to reach BitterVet status…”

So how do they achieve those goals? What is their journey to reach them?  Some plan, some improvise. There are those who have a strict skill plan courtesy of something like EVEMon, and those who think “Yeah, that’ll do to train next”. They know their plan, and will achieve it however they want. The journey matters as much as the end.

Then there are those with no goals. Those who play with the sandbox however the hell they want to, whenever the hell they want to. To these people, there is rarely any endgame. There is no journey to enjoy, because that implies a destination. These are the people who tend to improvise on a daily basis. They rarely plan, and enjoy themselves however they want to on that day.

Then there are those who do both. Plan for a new shiny, then do whatever the hell once the plan is achieved. Maybe a new plan will arise later, such as when the shiny is being sucked into a salvager. There probably isn’t a final endgame, but lots of smaller goals. Most EVE players fall into this category.

But this blog is called “Through Newb Eyes”,  so how do I view goals, plans and endgames?

For me, EVE is not necessarily serious business. RL comes first and due to this, I have no big goals. I have no “end-game”. I couldn’t care less for building up mountains of ISK or for commanding a massive nul-sec fleet. I just log in, train whatever I think would be useful and go find something to do that I enjoy.

But I have extreme respect for those who have the big plans, the big goals. Not everyone in EVE has a goal, a plan or an end to work towards. That’s fine. Me neither. But those who build their end-game and work towards it every day? Good on you.

How do you win EVE? However the hell you want to.