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The Trading game

So I started an alt. God help me.

He’s to be general cloaky/scouty work, but also shall “experiment” on the side. How? Trading. Specifically Station Trading.

Knowing nothing about Trading other than “buy low, sell high”, I dumped my new alt into a trade hub (NOT Jita) and threw 5 million ISK at him. I set up a few orders, then went to bed.

I changed a few orders in the morning and went to work. Upon returning, I setup some more orders whilst scouting a wormhole chain on TGL3. Proceeded to rage a lot at .01 ISKers and countered them for half an hour or so.

So, 24 hours with 5 mill? How am I doing?



For 24 hours and no idea what I am doing, I’ll take that as a win. Will I get bored soon? Likely. The Alt needs some time to train skills though, so might as well use him for something!

TG’s EVE Terminology

Whilst writing this blog, I use a *lot* of EVE terminology. Whilst most players will be familiar with the terms, some are specific to some areas of space. For simplicity, I’m creating a list of the ones I use to help people keep up.

I will be updating this whenever I can. Feel free to ask for me to put a specific term in.

This is just a starter list!

Alpha – Refers to a single burst volley from a gun. To be “alpha’d” is to be killed extremely quickly.

Barge – Refers to Mining Barges.

Bubble – A Warp Disruption field created by a HIC or a Mobile Generator – prevents warping within a sphere of variable ranges. Fuck Bubbles.

C1/2/3 – Stands for Class 1/2/3 wormholes. Classes affect the difficulty of NPC Sites as well as the strength of any wormhole effects. 1 is the lowest, 6 is the highest. See here for more.

Cap – Capacitor – the ships’ energy supply

Caps – Capital Ships

Cap Chain – The term used to refer to Logistic Ships transferring capacitor to each other. The bonuses on the ships result in extra capacitor being generated out of thin air, fueling their repairs.

Chain – The current constellation of scanned wormholes

Cyno – Cynosural  field – a Beacon for Capital Ships to jump to. See here for more.

DPS – Damage Per Second

D-Scan – Directional Scanner – a tool on your ship that can be used to locate objects in space. See here for more.

EWAR – Electronic Warfare – refers to a multitude of modules including Target Painters, Stasis Webifiers and Tracking Disruptors.

FF – Forcefield. Alternatively Friendly Fire.

Flare – When a pilot jumps through a wormhole, the wormhole pulses a white light and makes an audible sound, known as a Flare.

Flashy – Refers to either:

  1. A pilot who has committed a crime and is now classes as a Suspect or Criminal.
  2. A pilot with less than -5.0 Security Status, making him shootable by all

FW – Faction Warfare

Gank – A gank is the act of jumping a single ship or fleet with a far superior force – often seen with Suicide Ganks – the act of sacrificing multiple ships in High Security space to kill a valuable target.

Geddon – An Armageddon Battleship. See here for more.

GCC – Global Criminal Countdown – a mechanic used to show when a player has attacked unlawfully in Highsec or Lowsec. Now not in game, being replaced by Suspect and Criminal mechanics

HIC – Heavy Interdictor – a Tech 2 Cruiser capable of using a Warp Disruption Field Generator – this creates a “bubble” in which ships cannot warp

Jam – To break a target’s locking systems using either ECM drones or an ECM module.

K162 – A wormhole that has been opened from the other side – this is a generic wormhole name.

K-Space – slang for “Known Space”, referring to non-wormhole space. See also “W-Space”.

Lag – The Slayer of All.

LP – Loyalty Points – a type of currency awarded by missions for a particular NPC corp. These can be spent in “Loyalty Stores” for unique items.

Logi – Logistics – the name given to ships capable of effectively repairing other vessels

Neutral – A Pilot with neither Bad Standings or Good Standings set

Nullified <Ship Name> – A Tech 3 Cruiser with the Nullifcation Subsystem – allows the ship to ignore the effects of bubbles

PI – Planetary Interaction – the act of using planetary installations to produce goods which can then be picked up at a Customs Office. See here for more.

POCO – A Player Owned Customs Office. See here for more.

Point – To activate a Warp Disruptor on the target. Longer range that a Warp Scramble, but does not shut down a Micro Warp Drive.

POS – A Player Owned Structure – a Control Tower, usually surrounded by Modules and a Force Field

Potato – A Dominix Battleship. See here for more.

Prop – Propulsion – Refers to an Afterburner or Micro Warp Drive module.

Reps – Repairs – Can mean either self-repair or remote repair

Rolling – To Roll a wormhole. The act of putting suffecient mass through a wormhole connection to collapse it

RR – Remote Repair – the usage of Remote Repair modules to repair other ships. Primarily seen on Logisitics ships

RvB – Red vs Blue – A pair of Highsec corps (Red Federation & Blue Republic) embroiled in a constant war.

Tower – See POS

Scram – To activate a Warp Scrambler on a target – shuts down Micro Warp Drives, but has shorter range than Warp Disruptors.

Sebo – Sensor Booster – A module that increases your Scan Resolution (Locking speed) or Targeting Range

Sec Status – Security Status – A number that ranges from -10 to 5 – Raised by completing missions and killing NPC ships – Lowered by engaging players unlawfully. Players under -5 can be shot by all players anywhere in space.

Static – The name given to the wormhole in a wormhole system which has a guaranteed type of exit (always a Class 2, for example)

Smartie – Smartbomb

T2 – Can refer to Tier, Tech or the Warzone Control of Faction Warfare. T(ech)3 Cruisers, T(ier)3 Battlecruisers, T4 Caldari Control are some examples.

Tackle – the act of locking down a target with Warp Scramblers, Warp Disruptors or Stasis Webifiers, preventing it’s escape.

TD – Tracking Disruptor – an electronic warfare module that hinders the range or speed of the target’s turrets.

TiDi – Time Dilation – “Bullet Time” to prevent lag. Slows down game speed for a solar system to allow the servers time to process requests. Used in high-lag fights and action.

Web – Stasis Webifier – a module that reduces the target’s speed.

W-Space – slang for “Wormhole Space”, referring to wormhole systems. See also “K-Space”

Odd wormholes, ratting Battleships and killing a Hulk

After Tuesday’s kills, we have a lot to live up to as we start our scouting on Wednesday. Anything we do now will surely be a downer. It wasn’t. I present to you a summary of the week!

Wednesday 1st August

Our first wormhole does not bode well – an empty Class 4 greets us, with a whole lot of signatures to scan. Scan we do, however, revealing a Class 3 wormhole. Jumping in sees… wrecks. A Megathron and Apocalypse also populate my Directional scan, indicating targets. Rather than launch probes, I hit my on-board scanner and use it in combination with my d-scan to pin the two Battleships to an Anomaly. I get Barrak into system with me and we both set up shop at a spot 200km from the ships.

In ur sites, watching u rat

We get a small fleet assembled in the C4 next door and jump them in as soon as myself and Barrak enter warp down to the unsuspecting Battleships. Cloaks are dropped, weapons are primed. We drop out of warp, pointing a Battleship each as our fleet initiates warp.

Guess who’s not going anywhere?

I come under fire, but take minimal damage as the rest of the fleet lands.

Ogre I Vs. Tengu. ROUND ONE. FIGHT.

Rather unsurprisingly, both ships explode, taking two pods with them. The kills signify the end to the rather short night for myself, so I log out till the next day.

Thursday 2nd August

There’s even more nothing in today’s C4 static. By that I mean there’s not many Signatures. There is, however, a Class 2 with a fair few ships in the tower.

Well that Corm is a bit tough, but I think I can take the rest

Before we can probe the system one of the Tengu’s warps off to an unknown area. We eventually resolve this to a wormhole, but not before the Tengu is long gone. Meanwhile, an Iteron Mk V is on scan, yet not at the tower with the other ships. Something to hunt! Probes are launched and he’s quickly found to be at a Gas site.

Having missed a Tengu kill, we decide to drop our full fleet on the poor Iteron. After a corpmate bumps him 20km by accident, of course.


Despite an epic brawl previously unseen in the EVE universe, the Iteron explodes, pod with it. Having exhausted any hunting zones, I log for the night again.

Friday 3rd August

Friday gives me the oddest wormhole combination I have yet to see. We have 2 Null-security wormholes in our home system. The kicker? They lead to the same system.

Click to embiggen!

We spend all day running round the area chasing Ratters and other Ratters, before eventually heading home to scan our new static. The new chain is also devoid of life, but the new Inbound to our home is not.

Adhocracy Incorporated have just scanned their way into our C5, as evidenced by a Legion hanging around on scan for a suspiciously long amount of time. Our suspicions are confirmed when we resolve the wormhole and the Legion disappears. Our first scout, Wrathhammer, jumps into the wormhole and is immediately trapped by a Devotor which decloaks and bubbles up in our home, ruling out our chances of insta-collapsing the wormhole too.

We had several people cloaked here. We stayed cloaked for a reason.

Wrathhammer tries to jump home, but ends up too close to the wormhole to re-cloak safely. He managed to re-jump before the Tengu, Sleipner and some other ships decloak and catch him. Some 5 minutes later, he tries again and manages to escape safely. Phew.


At this point one of our newer guys has warped his Drake to another POS but has bounced of the shields without noticing. The cloaked ADHOC guys have noticed, because their pilots have just re-shipped into a bomber fleet which just warped to one of our towers. Fortunately, our guy notices right as the Bombers decloak and manages to warp away. Just.

We chat with the ADHOC guys in local for 10 minutes (they’re good guys!), before they finally drop a Capital and close their wormhole. End of the night for us.

Saturday 4th August

The odd wormholes continue. Our static today leads to our sister Class 4 wormhole – Penny of lives here, though is offline by the time I log on. She’s spooked the neighbours though, by killing a Noctis already.

A Class 3 down the chain has a Viator warping from a wormhole to a tower, so we’re suspecting a miner out there. Why you would mine in a nullsec rather than the Grav site in your home C3 is beyond me, but OK.

We jump a HIC into the nullsec. He bubbles a Hulk, who jumps. He jumps back to the null when he sees our fleet. He’s now polarised. He dies. Nom nom shiny Shield Booster.

The night continues, as we try to goad the paranoid residents of the chain into our guns. Will be succeed? Probably not.


Silent Terror managed to decloak a Rokh on the C3a wormhole, but it appears it was Warp Core Stablized and escaped. That’s OK though, because we’ve waited for him to return, and return he did. Into our Fleet, of course.


What an intriguing fit.

Dancing round a hostile fleet that outguns us somewhat, we’ve scouted a Tengu site-running in a nearby C2. So we launch a pure cloaky fleet and kill that too.

21:29:38 Notify El Oculto has initiated self-destruct of their Tengu, it will explode in 120 seconds.

Well that fit is absolutely terrible.

We head home to find the aforementioned hostile fleet trying to collapse our C5->C4a wormhole. Their Falcon cover prevents us from engaging their Orca, but they bail on it anyway. This actually wouldn’t effect us, since we also own the C4a!

Regardless, the Wormhole is now halved, so we finish the job and collapse it. Time for a new chain!

The First Week

It’s been a long week since my return to the land of spaceships and ponies, and I have been bravely dying, repeatedly, in lowsec whilst attempting to become not terrible.

It isn’t working.

I started off last week figuring out what do to. With a majority of my ships (read: my recons) in the Wormhole (still!), I decided to get back up to speed by rejoining RvB for a couple of weeks. This resulted in me being kicked, due to still being on a ban list. This has now been sorted out, but I’m too busy to rejoin now!

Following a swift exit from RvB (again), I joined up with the EBIL LOWSEC PIWATES Black Rebel Rifter Club, and have proceeded to die, repeatedly, in Comets. Twice.

But it’s OK, since we killed a carrier (which actually self destructed in 50% structure)


We also killed Cynabals who were breaking the law and had to be arrested by force. All three of them. Along with a really dumb Tornado who seems to want to kill frigs in a BC designed to attack Battleships. A less dumb Talos got unlucky with a disconnect and allowed us to grab him too. Sorry Sulei!

As a result of my nefarious actions, my sec status has also dropped from 3.0 to 1.5, which isn’t too bad when you consider I haven’t attacked any pods and a large number of my kills were flashy.

So what next? I think I’ll kick back with the Rebels for a couple more weeks, then consider either Faction Warfare, RvB or just jump straight back to W-Space.

The future awaits, and it bears autocannons.

Stirring the hornets nest with my first wormhole kill

The day starts out as usual; an empty alliance meets me (I’m the earliest EU player) so I get down to business, finding our new C4 in short time.

A short can shows two towers in the system, both belonging to the same corp. There’s also 2 Orcas and a Harbinger battlecruiser on scan. Warping to one of the POS’ reveals the two Orcas, one of which is piloted, and the Harbinger off scan elsewhere but not at a celestial!

Hatching a plan, I move out of d-scan range of the POS and drop combats, moving them waaay off system, before returning to try to fix a direction for the Harby. 5 minutes of d-scan puts him within 4 and 5 au downwards from me, so I bring the probes to the spot and scan.

I get him with the first hit, bookmark it and hastily recall my probes. No movement from the tower indicates I may have just gotten away with it. I rush back to our C5, swapping my Helios for my trusty Manticore. I jump into the C4 once again and warp to the spot at 20km.

A lone cargo container meets me. Shit.

I move back to the POS to see a new Pilgrim and the Harby pilot (whom I identified from the can ownership) now in a Bestower, along with the Orcas from earlier. I wait a few moments – it appears they may have caught my probes earlier. However, my overview shows the Bestower picking up speeds and I align to the previous bookmark.

He warps there.

I warp in at 20km, decloak and open fire, establishing point and within mere seconds he’s gone, marking my first ever Wormhole kill.

I’m pretty damn sure the Pilgrim pilot will be on my arse and he disappears from d-scan indicating a possible cloak. I recloak and burn away from the wreck for now, keeping a steady visual. Nothing further develops aside from the Pilgrim returning to swap for a Zealot so I return home and idle while playing Battlefield.

Half an hour later I return to find quite the welcoming party. It would appear these guys may want me dead.

Hi gents.

Moments later, the pod boards a Broadsword. As I continue to watch, the Broadsword picks up speed. Alarm bells go off and I initiate warp back to my home C5. My insticts pay off as whilst the POS and other ships disappear off d-scan as I warp, the Broadsword does not.

It’s also going to the Wormhole.

I land on the wormhole and jump as the broadsword lands, promptly burning off and cloaking on the far side. The Broadsword follows but doesn’t warp off, instead jumping back to his C4, presumably giving up the chase. Phew!

My alliance mates are starting to log in so we crit the wormhole’s mass (which was already low, for some reason) and I run my first anom with my Tengu, its speed and shields easily brushing off the DPS of 2 sleeper Battleships. Meanwhile an alliance mate in another Wormhole, Penny, manages to nab a very expensive Iteron kill. 750m worth of… something. Nice!

It getting late, I decide to log from EVE and shoot some guys on Battlefield again, since some of my RvB friends have it too.