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Ganked 88 – Gotta Go Fast

Saturday night led me to making a bad decision. Again. I decided to lead another Ganked roam.


The theme for the night was interceptors and fast frigates (before the awesome Rubicon patch hits next month). Some 140 suicidal decided that I was worth following and into low we went. Our first kill of the night is a Stabber Fleet issue trying to run ahead of us in lowsec. For some reason, we were faster. Who’d have thunk it?

We are the swarm

We are the swarm

Into Nullsec we went., our speed allowing us to traverse systems extremely quickly. It’s a good thing we could because Great Wildlands was devoid of any wildlife. Not a soul came out to play so we bounced into Curse. We  lost a few ships to bombers so made a bee-line for the market system of Hemin.

However in our haste, The Initiative had decided that Speed was Bad and had come to put a stop to our MWD’ing ways by launching a Zealot & Guardian fleet at us. Hiding on the other side of a stargate, they set up camp. We had no choice but to engage like men.

So we fly straight into the Zealot gang, guns blazing. We quickly realise we cannot break the Zealots so melt the Guardians. All 5 of them. At which point the Zealots run away faster than I thought cruisers could move. Go figure. Regardless, we lose a few frigates and a Cynabal in exchange for wiping their logi. A good fight! Battle Report.

We proceed to Hemin, dancing around bombers and jumping to side systems to try to grab ratters. As we reach Hemin, a large gang flares the stargate behind us. A logi-supported Eagle gang belonging to Tactical Narcotics have jumped in and engaging our stragglers. We bounce everyone back on grid and quickly take their bubblers off field. We try for their Scimitars and Eagles but their reps are too much so we engage their T1 logi instead, followed by all their Recons. With those down, we start to slowly break the Scimitars but local just spiked.  A Vexor gang of an alliance friendly to Tactical have warped in! Whilst we lost about a dozen frigs against the Eagle gang, w won’t survive against Vexors at close range for long so we bail out within seconds. Battle Report.

Next up we moved to the other end of Curse and managed to run into the same Vexor gang. A standoff ensued across a system before we came in to engage, only for the Vexors to run as we burned towards them. We did catch a few, however!

More bomb dodging ensued as we moved to HED-GP to find a whole lot of nothing. Many people chose to leave here due to the late hour, so we proceeded into Providence with 60 pilots remaining. Provi residents were quick to  forum up a logi supported gang to counter us. Knowing this was our final fight we launched into it with everything we had. We managed to kill 2 of their Basilisks before we had to bail and/or die.

So overall? A really good roam! Roll on Rubicon and this theme will be insane!

Mike Shaw did a video of the roam, so here is that;

Prizes are a mix of names I remembered and various killboard warriors;

Spots: Dramiel – House2twist, Green Gambit, Lodavier, Feuerm0nd, Joe Grayne, mikeshaw91 inkura

Distinction: Cynabal – Miura Bull, Shibby San
Excellence: Machariel – Ravingone

Ganked 78 – In which I lead us to battle against PIZZA, Brave Newbies and VoC

Last night played host to Ganked 78 – Cherry Poppin’. The theme? Artillery Battlecruisers and down. The FC? Why, it was me. Yes, I had finally decided to lead my first Ganked roam.

We gathered up 140 brave pilots in Rens, with a bizzare mixture of ships. Tornados, Thrashers and Hurricans were expected. The Panther, Vargur and Vulture were… not. But oh well.


The majestic Ganked fleet

Whilst waiting in Rens, a suspect Cyclone decided to try and bait on the undock. This is normally a good idea, unless there’s a 100 man arty fleet right next to you. His Cyclone was pretty standard. His pod was a crystal set. Whoops.

So at 2000 we departed Rens. Our initial destination was Providence. Whilst the war had ended 36 hours beforehand, I was not about to let that discourage us. So to Providence we went. Guess what we found in Provi?

Nothing. A whole lot of nothing. No bombers. No ratters. No scouts. Nothing.

So we ignored Provi. We went forward to HED-GP. Nothing.

So we made our way towards Querious by way of Catch, at which point we received word of a Verge of Collapse gang some distance behind us. We burn back a couple jumps where a scout reports their gang – Tengus, Basilisks and a bunch of Recons. Their scout jumps past us, so they know where we are. We know where they are. They know what we have. We know what they have. So VoC did something extraordinary, just to get a fight. They jumped their 30-40 man gang into us.

The resulting fight can be found on SirSqueeble’s twitch stream here at 1:27:40.  Likewise, here’s a screenshot from another video;

Courtesy of Charles  Burger

Courtesy of Charles Burger

We tore through the enemy Basilisks, at which point the Tengus warped off with a couple of losses in their ranks too thanks to some superb tackling by the likes of Green Gambit and Melkor Valor. VoC’s pricey fits meant we had just destroyed over 14 Billion ISK in the span of about 4 minutes. We’ll take that. Battle Report is here. Massive props to VoC for coming into a fight they knew they could not win. You guys rock.

Following this, we diverted to Curse to drop off some loot and kill some random nullseccers in a belt. Zealot included. Not bad.

Onwards we went towards Delve. Our new destination? NOL-M9. TEST are leaving and we plan to throw them a party with projectile rounds.

2 jumps from NOL, a scout has called a cyno in a side system. It’s a Rapier on station, so the scout engages whilst the rest of the fleet heads over. The Rapier is dying, as expected, but then a Thanatos undocks from the station. No big deal, he’s probably going to rep the Rapier. The Carrier pilot has other ideas. Since there’s only a couple of destroyers, he’ll blap them with his drones! Right as 100 ships jump into system. Oh.

Hello good sir. May I interest you in the words of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ?

Hello good sir. May I interest you in the words of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ?

Now unable to dock, the Thanatos takes a full broadside from our fleet.


Sir, have you given consideration to our queries?

So it was, on the 10th of August, did Ganked down a Goonswarm Carrier on a station, in less than 60 seconds. Killmail.

We quickly snapped back to our original route and found ourselves one jump away from NOL  in PR. Our Panther pilot is running ahead, and tells us to warp to the gate. So we warp. Turns out he meant he had something tackled, and ignored the stop bubble that was away from the gate.

What followed was devastation, as over 15 PIZZA bombers decloaked above us. Our efforts to survive were brave – we knocked out about 10 of them. But the remainder struck true. The bombs completely annihilated about 80% of the fleet. Vargur and all. All hope seemed lost, but there was a shining beacon of hope. Very few of us had been podded and this was NPC nullsec.

We docked up by the dozens within system and bought anything we could. Hastily fit Thrashers, frigates and whatever else we could purchase. PIZZA had reshipped to Talwars and were sat outside, with the undock bubbles and camped. A cyno had been lit on the NOL gate and Armour HACS and Guardians were pouring in, belonging to PIZZA’s allies. So we fit everything we could. The brave 70 who would fight. We would make it to NOL or die to the last man.

With a yell in local, we undocked in our charge. We broke through the camp and forced them to scatter.


We chased and brawled for a few minutes before we received word the AHAC fleet had left the NOL gate and were en route to us. So we went to the NOL gate were they had left their Cyno. A 900 million ISK Loki? Yes please. Renegades did not take kindly to this and came back onto the gate, so we ran next door into 1DH.

With courage in our hearts and ammo in our guns, we re-approached the gate and prepared to fight to the very last man. PIZZA came through first with their talwars, so we fought.


We fought and we fought. So we won. Huh.

Not having any of this malarky, the AHAC fleet gave chase as we fell back again into A-E. This time, we fought and we died.

Back to Rens we went, by way of the medbay. We decided Brave Newbies would be worth a fight, and relocated to Stacmon to go out. 35 Frigates and Destroyers were all that remained of us.

On our way through lowsec we ran into some Pandemic Legion Vexors. Turns out Brave Newbies were chasing them with a 100 man Battleship + down gang, so we lost a bunch of ships. Whoops.

Our final roam was with 23. We fit up Destroyers and set out for the Brave Newbies HQ system again, where we met their 100 man frigate gang at a planet.

23 vs 100. It was glorious.

We came in at 50 and kited away from their gang, forcing them to close the distance. Our Algos and Talwars kited above and ahead to draw them further in, whilst our Catalysts and Thrashers held the front line, tackling and killing anything that tried to break through,

Here we stand. Here we fight.

Here we stand. Here we fight.

The Brave Newbies needed no such tactics. They charged en masse. Frigate after frigate burned towards us, and our destroyers met them in kind. The BNI forces had fit their frigates haphazardly on purpose, so we tore through them. We downed frigate after frigate, but they merely reshipped. Cruisers started appearing within their fleet and we knew it was over, but we kept fighting regardless.


Our Destroyers were now dropping off fast and we eventually ended the fight. 23 vs 100. 61 Kills onthe Ganked killboard, but many more on ZKillboard here.


So thank you to Brave Newbies for actually trying to give us a much more fun fight (which you managed!). Thanks to VoC for having the balls to jump into our fleet earlier. Thanks to PIZZA who, despite bombing us, gave us an actual fight with Talwars. No thanks to Renegades Council, because no.

We killed 173 ships for a total of 23 billion ISK across 5 hours on my first FC’d roam. Even better, someone frapsed all our major fights. So watch it;

BONUS: Here’s my notes from during the roam.


Ganked 77 – Attack of the Gnosis

Ganked has finally turned 2 years old, and what better way to celebrate than to launch a fleet of limited edition ships? So here’s a real short writeup.

Following RvB’s first Alliance Tournament match (which they won), Mangala joined up with 150 of us to venture deep into Nullsec with a Gnosis fleet.  Shield fits with a mix of weapons, our ships were terrifying to behold!


With almost 160 in fleet, we set out in high spirits. Rahadalon – the HQ of Brave Newbies was our first target. We promptly lept on a small gang in an asteroid belt, tearing it asunder;


Thanks to, er, having a hundred guys, we easily wiped out the BNI gang. First fight success.

Onwards into nullsec!



Sadly, the tale gets dull here. Nothing of note engaged us until we hit a CVA battleship gang in T-RPFU.

It was glorious.

They cyno’d off a gate and warped to 0 on it, so we warped in to engage. Their logi was first to go.

2013. enemy repairs could not hold against 100+ Gnosii and were systematically obliterated. The few Ganked logi were keeping their own fleet up fair well, which meant the dps on our side was not dropping. We started on the battleships, dropping them extremely fast.

Gnobody saw the Gnosis coming.

Gnobody saw the Gnosis coming.

Since the battle was being fought at point blank range, our limited weapons were easily finding their mark. Finally, the last of the enemy ships exploded but not before taking me with it. Turns out our logi had agreed to not rep me. 😦

Battle Report!


Ganked turns 2

RvB Ganked, the RvB Public roam that runs once a week(ish), is turning 2 years old. This small roam that started in July of 2011 has turned from a 51 man Rifter roam to a 200 man swarm that roams through low and null in whatever the week’s theme is. From micro-jump-drive battleships to Ventures, no ship is safe from being abused in every way by an increasingly incoherent  FC – Mangala Solaris. CSM8 madman and the hoster of the Ganked events.

Roll back the clock 730 days, to the first Ganked. I wrote about it here. 40 RvB pilots with a smattering of others bravely roamed into nullsec in the only frigate that mattered. We roamed a lot, died a lot and talked shit a lot. Alcohol was also involved in high amounts. Here’s a BR from the first roam. I’d never had more fun in EVE.

Until the third Ganked a couple months later which involved about 90 Artillery Thrashers.

Awww yeah

Awww yeah

Again, the roam went rather well and at this point we were onto a winner and the ball went rolling from there.

We roamed in Ventures. We roamed in Thoraxes. We roamed in Firetails. Tier 3 BCs. Micro-jump-drive Battleships. RR Vexors. Kitchen Sink fleets. You name it, we flew it.

73 roams later, and we arrive to today. Times have changed since the first roam. I’m no longer in RvB, for example, and many pilots have joined the roams and many have also left. That doesn’t stop us from getting nearly 7000 kills and over 540 Billion ISK in damage done. Every week sees more pilots showing up. Ganked is easily the primary public roam in New Eden. Nothing else comes close. We fought against Goons, against TEST, against PL. We brawl Firetails against Brave Newbie battleships. We shot -A- in Talwars and dodged CVA bombers. We jumped on 2 ratting carriers in lowsec and surprised a Rorqual in null. We had Sniggwaffe join our comms and sing to us as we ambushed them.

We even took on CCP on more than one occasion, setting a fleet record (300 pilots on the roam) as EVE also set a record number for pilots online a couple months ago.

Fuck this guy in particular.

Fuck this guy in particular.

The Ganked roams are some of the most fun I’ve had in this game, so my thanks go out to Mangala and the other FC’s who brave their sanity by guiding us through dangerous territories.

Onto the third year!

Want to join? Watch this forum for the posts detailed the upcoming roams!

Ganked 72; In which Firetails fight Brave Newbies

It’s Ganked night again and I’m actually attending. Try not to be too shocked. Today we’re in Firetails, all 137 of us, bar a few bads. It wasn’t long before we set out into Nullsec.

Firetail Wing 2 mid-warp

Firetail Wing 2 mid-warp

A dance round Lowsec first saw us trying to engage 50 CVA battleships who were POS bashing, but every time we twitched in their direction they docked up. From here it was a trip into Providence nullsec. A few bombers tried their luck, but the small size and high speed of the Firetails were too much for them, and only a couple of losses were had over the course of the whole roam.

After about an hour, it became readily obvious that this was getting us nowhere. Our only kill was a lone Stabber. We almost caught a Typhoon, but he used smartbombs to force the scrams off him before Microjumping away from the fleet. Clever girl.

As luck would have it, we found ourselves with several options. Fountain, source of what seems to be the Third Great War, would surely provide us a welp. Psychotic Monk was leading a fleet nearby, too. Brave Newbies had a video stream of what seemed to a be a Battleship/Battlecruiser gang too. We voted to visit the Brave Newbies and started the burn towards them.


An uneventful 10 jumps brought us within strike range of the BNI fleet. As luck would have it, they were heading our way. The camp was established as local flared. The 90 man fleet of Battleships, Battlecruisers, Logi and ECM had jumped into our 131 man Firetail gang. Here we go.

Their fleet decloaks. Time to kill some Brave Newbies. ECM first.


Death to ECM

Their Logi came next. Exequoros, Scythes and Augoros were the target of our Autocannons, Artillary and even some lasers (seriously, Baal Zann, fit at least correct racial weapons)


Death to Augororororororors

Death to Augororororororors

Fortunately they broke pretty easily. Now we had the tough part – Battlecruisers an Battleships. Already the Drakes were tearing our Firetails apart thanks to a healthy amount of Target Painters. Neuting ships were hampering our tackle, but fortunately Projectile weapons do not need capacitor!

Death to Brutixes

Death to Battlecruisers

The slog through the Battlecruisers was well underway. Bombs flew into the field from both sides as well as third party intruders, knocking out more Firetails than healthy.


Thankfully we managed to eliminate the BattleCruisers, but we were now running low on Firetails. Nevertheless, we were to go down fighting. Battleships next!


We finally whittled down the BNI fleet to 15 or so Battleships before they de-aggressed and jumped away. We bailed with about 20 Firetails of our original ~100.

Last screenshot before I died and they jumped away

Last screenshot before I died and they jumped away

Bloody good fight, Brave Newbies, thanks for bringing it!

EVE-Kill is all sorts of broken, so Mangala put it through BRDoc to fix it, so check it out here.

One extra thing; I found a little program called IOGraph – it tracks your mouse movements. I set it going 20 minutes before the BNI engagement, so here’s my mouse movement with that + the fight itself. Lines are movements, dots are where my mouse was stationary. The circle round the dot indicates the time spent with the mouse unmoving.

IOGraphica - 39 minutes (from 22-31 to 23-10)


Because I was in a Frigate, I spend a lot of time panning the camera, hence the heavy movement in the center (also ship spinning in space woo). The overview saw limited use due to using broadcasts too!

Anyway, that’s all for this roam. Some wspace stuff coming tomorrow!