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Fanfest 2013 – Round Up

So. I finally return from Iceland and Fanfest 2013 (and then put off writing about it for 2 weeks whilst waiting for photos)

Cheers to Khador, Dracoth and Del for the photos! Also, WordPress has borked most the photos giving them weird titles and the gallery acts funny. Will work on it – you should still view the pictures fine though!

I landed in some weird country called Iceland on Wednesday afternoon with Siuil, missing the snow which had plagued the country earlier in the morning. A good start. My hotel was 15-20 mins walk from the Harpa venue itself, so I wandered over to meet some other RvB guys at their hotel. Dracoth, Thecla, Scyleth, Dragon, Vora, Mink and more joined myself as we head out into Reykjavik and got a bit drunk. Met up with all sorts – Azual Skoll, Kaeda Maxwell and even Sindel & Bagehi showed up at some point or another. I lost track after CCP Foxfour gave me… something… to drink, though! I had this great magic trick where every time I left my seat, a new drink was waiting for me when I got back. I think I was rather drunk…

Roll on Thursday – Day 1 begins

Myself and Siuil reached the Harpa after it opened due to the long walk from the hotel. What met our eyes was easily the biggest gathering of spaceship nerds I had ever seen. It was awesome. Managed to skip the main queue to grab my Fansite ticket and off we went.

Fansite ticket!

Fansite ticket!

I milled around for an hour or so, meeting various players. Ran into Geddonz and Akely of the 20 Minuters and some of the Lowsec gang (R1FTA) before hitting the Ship Balancing presentation. Pretty standard cover of the known changes so far but included some neat bits about command ships – namely that both types of command ships will be evenly matched in the amount/type of Warfare links that can be used. Intriguing.

I planned to visit the Wormhole roundtable discussion but by the time I got to the room it was full. I mean full. So I left and got a drink instead. Game Design presentation came next – it was mildly interesting but nothing of note. What was good was the Lowsec/Crimewatch presentation and the introduction of “Tags 4 Sec” – new NPCs in lowsec Asteroid Belts which drop 4 new tags which can be used, in combinationwith ISK, to up your Security Status at CONCORD/DED lowsec stations. Awesome!

The rest of the day was spent meeting, talking and drinking. \o/


Friday saw the World of Darkness presentation as the first thing of note. All very shush shush and closed doors. We got some rather dry tech stuff followed by a neat 1.5 minute long trailer (with a heavy amount of after-effects) showing off the world. I quite enjoyed that part!

Dust 514 presentation involved some details on Planetary Conquest. As a guy who never played DUST, this also quite interested me. Figuring out how DUST would interact with EVE, however small it may be to start, was quite good to watch! Plus, y’know, we got to taunt Foxfour more.

Following this there wasn’t much going on till the Keynote, so those of us milling about generally chatted shit for an hour. Ran into Roc Wieler who was oozing cool along with Dsan and Sindel. The low-sec guys (R1FTA and co) were also great fun to chat to, especially since I’d met some of them previously at the VETO London meet.

The time had finally arrived for the EVE Keynote, otherwise known as “attack of the queues”



The keynote itself was pretty good. Some of the new Odyssey features looked very cool (more on them at a later date) and I was rather impressed with the presentation as a whole. Still not a fan of CCP Seagull (nor that end vision bit) but really enjoyed the EVR demo for the Oculus Rift they showed off!

Mink then stole found acquired liberated a flag.


Met up with some EVE players and went for pizza where I even managed to run into Morwen Lagann (AKA the AFK guy in our public channel). We finally regrouped at the Harpa for the Pub Crawl with a Dev. We had signed up to Foxfour’s group, obviously.


If you want a whole gallery of the Pub Crawl, please go to this album. There’s a lot. It’s worth looking through.


We eventually recovered for Saturday morning afternoon. Went to some presentations… I think. Tried the Oculus Rift with the EVR. It was amazing. Seriously. CCP, take my money and make a game out of this.

The EVR demo stations

The EVR demo stations

Unfortunately today was a bit of a blur and, without a laptop, I couldn’t make any notes. I’m bad. I do, however, remember the CCP Presents Keynote.

I was rather vocal about my overall dislike of this presentation at the time. Too DUST focused with pointless crap that I’m sure their DUST specific keynote should have covered. Is one new pistol really central to this keynote? Fortunately, after an hour of DUST, we finally got some EVE stuff!

Collector’s Edition? Woo! Golden Pod? Nifty! Rifter USB hub? AWESOME.

Remake of CCP’s board game. Eh.

£150. Haha no. But that’s just me. Plenty seemed to enjoy it, and good for them!

The keynote spiraled back to DUST for another 20 minutes before touching on some really cool subjects – namely EVE’s 10th anniversary, a possible EVE TV show, CSM 8 was announced (congratulations to all!) and a kickass new trailer was released.

Keynote over, we went for moar food before the Party At The Top Of The World.

The RvB Fanfest group

The RvB Fanfest group



Finally, it was time to hit the Harpa and attend some party thing.



Due to us nerds being quiet shy creatures, we retreated downstairs after a while to drink and meet some others. Had a fair chat with Dsan about nullsec and ice prices, which was a lot more interesting than it sounds!


Thecla worshipping CCP Fozzie

Thecla worshipping CCP Fozzie

We finally grabbed Azual and went on the search of cheaper alcohol which resulted in us finding a random pub somewhere.

Dracoth, Azual, Scyleth, Me, Jayzo

Dracoth, Azual, Scyleth, Me, Jayzo

Eventually at some time in the early morning, I caught a taxi back to the hotel.

Spent all Sunday recovering. I was hoping to meet some people and visit the famous Icelandic Phallological Museum, but I overslept. I had to achieve one other objective; I had to get my #tweetfleet hat from General Stargazer.

Found CCP HQ on Sunday too!

Found CCP HQ whilst on the hunt.

Not here.

Not here.

Silly TG, that is not a hat, that is Dracoth!

Silly TG, that is not a hat, that is Dracoth!

Finally, as the evening started to turn into night…

Hat located!

Hat located!

Thus it was Sunday night, and since I had to be up at 4:30am for the shuttle to the airport, it was time for some shut-eye.

Overall? 10/10 would go to strange island country again.

Pre-Fanfest post

So tomorrow I fly to Iceland for Fanfest 2013. I’ll be on the 1300 flight from Heathrow. If you’re on the flight, feel free to say hi. Otherwise, I will be reachable via twitter if you want to meetup in Iceland! First roundtable I’ll be attending is the Wormhole roundtable – Harpa Roundtable Room Two at 14:00 on Thursday. See you there!

Fanfest 2013

I finally got around to booking for EVE Fanfest 2013. My first player meet was London last September and it was great fun, so I decided to go all out on Fanfest this year.

I’ll be showing on the 24th for 5 days, leaving on the 29th. Staying at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík. It’s the 10th Anniversary of EVE and is bound to be an absolute blast. If you’re on the fence about going, jump the bloody fence and attend!