Note – until further notice this blog is defunct. All my old posts will remain accessible. You can contact me forever at tgl3@live.co.uk or my twitter. Also in-game at tgl3 but this may change.


This is a blog. I write stuff in it. I try to post frequently, but real-life or lack of noteworthy in-game events may result in days passing without a post.

In-game: You can contact me through EVE mail or private convo at the character tgl3. I’m usually found in WH-Space. I fly for the Wormhole Engineers after my 5-6 month stint in Red vs Blue. I started EVE in June 2010 after several trial accounts over the prior 2 years.

I’m also active on twitter. Feel free to drop me a message or two for whatever reason!

You can email me at tgl3@live.co.uk

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