Closing the blog.

EDIT – Just to clear up misconceptions, I am not quitting EVE itself. Yet. Just the blogging is being stopped.

The blog’s been pretty quiet for a few months now. I’ve essentially lost all enthusiasm for writing about EVE and pretty much for EVE as a whole. I’m putting the blog into indefinite stasis for now. It’s almost been as such for a couple months, but consider this the official word. The blog will stay up and renewed (since I still get a few hits to my wormhole guide) but don’t expect any more posts for a long time. Likely permanently.

With regards to EVE, I intend to keep both accounts active despite my waning enthusiasm. This may well change in the future.

The reasoning for my drop in willingness to write & play is twofold;

  1. RL work is becoming more demanding and I am struggling to find the playtime
  2. CCP continues to leave me uninterested with expansion after expansion

Point 1 is self-explanatory. Point 2 requires some explaining. I live in wspace. Want to know what CCP have done for wspace in the past few expansions?

  • Taken out 90% of the mystery via the discovery scanner
  • Made probing laughably easy
    • Flat out broke probing several times (which took days/weeks to fix at a time)
  • Broke SMA drops for over a year
  • Broke wormholes themselves. Twice. Both cases took a couple of weeks to fix.
  • Made Relics/Datas even more worthless. The new hacking system is completely shite in wspace.
  • Constantly delayed T3 subsystem swapping (this is finally in the game, an expansion or two late)
  • Backtracked the much anticipated modular POS revamp with the reasoning that “noone uses POSs lol”.

That’s just wormholes. CCP have also not introduced anything elsewhere that even starts to gain my interest. Ship balancing is something I consider to be routine and not expansion worthy in itself. The “exploration” from Odyssey and Rubicon is crap. The new hacking system is entirely luck based in both the hacking and the “loot spew”. Ghost sites are far too random, far between and luck based to be worth it. Bounties are as pointless as ever. DUST remains irrelevant. Rubicon did nothing. Nothing. Some mobile structures (3) and warp speed changes.

I’m still playing but rather intermittently. Unless CCP introduces something good and not a fix or balance update in the summer, I’ll likely not last through 2014.

As an extra note, I am attending neither the Veto London meets nor Fanfest 2014. Half due to monetary costs, half because I can’t be arsed.

EDIT – If you’re looking for replacement blogs, I recommend (as always) Tiger Ears. Another favourite lately? Interstellar Privateer. Check them out.

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  1. Serious bummer. This sounds like a textbook case of bitter vet syndrome, but labeling it as such would be unfair. You have to do what you have to do. Best of luck to you.

  2. Good Luck in the future mate! 7o

  3. It’s one thing for CCP to not understand the consequences their changes have to the w-space environment, but it’s another for it to seem like they’re not even listening when we try to explain.

  4. Very sorry to hear – I’ve always found your stories about Wormhole combat to be particularly well done. Good luck!

  5. I complained about the probing changes last year. Of course I was shouted down by the illiterates in the EVE forums. Scanning was already a subset of the game and they dumbed it down to be more appealing to the masses. Which is entirely false as most people who actually wanted to engage in a scanning/exploration career were just fine with it the way it was. CCP completely missed the point of what we wanted.

    That’s fine. CCP continues on their path to make the game into WoW In Spaaaaace so I guess this is all to be expected.

  6. GL with any RL endeavours and perhaps in the future CCP will improve the EVE features you mention.

  7. Your blog is one of my regular read about EVE and I will surely miss you!
    Good luck to everything you do 🙂

  8. really sorry to hear it bro… but damn do I understand it… o7

  9. Hey, man. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve actually let my account lapse multiple times this last year, only coming back here and there for corp FW support. I bid you farewell, friend. I’ll remember the good times when the tweetfleet was just getting started, and playing on the eve minecraft server during downtimes. o7, tg3.

  10. Sad to hear this, though sometimes it seems it’s a natural step in the life of an EVE player? Shame you won’t make the Veto meet. I’ve missed the last two but I’m hoping to make this one. Since you’re not vanishing completely, what about the Stay Frosty FFA?

    Good luck for the future!

  11. At least you made a post about it. I just ignored mine. lol.

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