Killing those who “won’t fight”

Lock and load, there’s stuff to shoot. By “stuff” I of course refer to the lone Cheetah that we’ve just sighted off our wormhole in our Class 4 static of the day. He’s decloaked, not moving and dead, though the pod responds in time to evade the Nemesis.

The wormhole system chain itself is rather short for a change. The C4 static leads to a C1 static, which leads to only a Nullsec wormhole. The Cheetah had paid us a visit from a second C4 connected to the first one. A scout runs in there and confirms no further wormholes, so we get just the 3 wormholes to play around in for now.

In terms of actual “things to shoot”, a Helios is dancing around on scan sharing a similar ship name to the Cheetah so we presume it’s the same Corporation as the exploded ship. As we continue probing, Mick sites a Sabre on top of the C4a -> C4z wormhole, on the hostile side, to try and catch the Helios. In short order, a Proteus and Absolution warp in and engage our Sabre heroically, resulting in him bailing. They do not follow him home.

So what next? We know they have our wormhole and likely are watching it. We know they are willing to engage in some fashion. Sleipnir it is. Mick boards one as we sit ready with a pair of Astartes in our home, 2 jumps away. Our bait jumps in and sits there, completely not suspicious. He soon receives a convo request from one of the 4z pilots. They tell him they will not engage because they do not know what else we have. This therefore completely nullifies their existence, since you cannot do anything in w-space with perfect intel, but that’s another rant for another time. It also did not stop them engaging the poor Sabre earlier, but I digress. Despite being told to go away, our Sleipnir rather likes the wormhole he’s sat on and continues to not move.

Evidently this aggravates the 4z pilots. That’s their special spot. An Absolution and two Proteus soon land on the wormhole and engage. Our fleet jumps in and warps over to their wormhole. The Sleipnir is breaking fast, but the enemy make a foolish error. They see our reinforcements with a scout and bail, leaving a Proteus hopelessly tackled and unable to continue killing the Sleipnir solo. Our fleet jumps in and ensures secondary tackles.

To save the Proteus they warp an Oracle in at 1o0km and open fire. A tactical error is made in that they warped from their POS, where we had a cloaked Tengu. The Tengu warps to 100 off the wormhole as well and snares the Oracle easily.

Holding tackle for the Devoter to bubble up

Holding tackle for the Devoter to bubble up

The two ships are quickly dispatched along with their pods. That’ll do for the night, I think.

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