Rolled into our death & beaten to the prize

Hi. I’ve been really busy lately, so take two short battle reports to keep you going. Both involve me dying, so you’ll probably enjoy it.

Rolled into death

There’s trap in motion. Two Tengus, all alone in a Class 4 site. There’s a scout watching them. A fleet is ready to jump in and snare the helpless Tengus resulting in easy kills. Awesome! Except this time we’re not the fleet nor the scout. We’re the Tengus. We’re also waiting with our own fleet for them to drop in, on account of wanting to say “Hi”.

The good news is they have come to say hi. A Loki has landed some 40km away from the Tengus and is burning towards them. A Stratios is right behind him, landing and starting to burn towards the Tengus. The Tengus themselves are scrambled by 3 sleeper frigates but dispatch those with haste now the trap has been sprung. The Stratios comes under Sleeper fire and is dispatched by the Tengus as the Loki gets a warp disrupter on one of them. Hostile Devoter, Guardian, Pilgrim and Proteus all land, this time a bit closer. Trap sprung, we jump and warp our own ships in nailing the Loki. The rest are outside bubble range and bail so we follow as quick as we can, catching the Devoter on one wormhole.

We end up in their wormhole with a small fleet, sat on the return wormhole which is under half mass, where they try bombing us and sniping us with Tier 3 BCs and a Nightmare. We refuse to budge, wanting a fight of some sort. Eventually they  drop a fleet on us and jump a Typhoon Fleet Issue through after our Tempest, rolling the wormhole.

Shit. Our escape route is now gone

A Pilgrim helps kill our Tempest on the other side, but not much we can do there. The 4 remaining Battleships should be easy pickings for us.

Should be easy!

Should be easy!

It is. We’re breaking them easily and holding against their DPS. This works right until a hostile Thanatos carrier lands and enters Triage, repairing the Tempest with ease. Not much we can do from here, so we enact the “run the fuck away” protocol, losing my Guardian our Broadsword and our  Myrmidon but get the Abso, Proteus and second Guardian out to a highsec wormhole. Phew.

Getting beaten to the prize (then pulverised right after)

A new day, a new chain. This one brings a Class 3 with  a Thanatos on scan. He’s outside his Tower forcefield by a few hundred meters. Nothing we can do to kill that but there’s only one reason a Carrier would be doing that. He’s delegating fighters somewhere.

As it happens, he’s doing it to a mining op. Elsewhere in the system there’s three Procurers and a Venture mining at an Ore site, with fighters “protecting” them. An easy set of kills, so we gather a small gank fleet in our C4 static next door and prepare to drop on them.

A minute passes as I try to get a good warp in spot for our Interdictor. Timing and positioning is key with trying to nab all 4 ships.

What the hell?

What the hell?

A Sabre has dropped out of warp on top of them and launched a bubble. It’s not us, nor is it the defending corp. Someone has beaten us to it.

In short order, a Loki and Proteus appear, securing tackle on the ships. Not long after, 2 more Lokis, a second Proteus and 2 Guardians show up to, uh, make sure they don’t die to miners.

A close fight.

A close fight.

A fight! That’s a pretty tough little fleet so we grab 2 Guardians of our own, a Scorpion and 4 T1 BCs. We sit on the C3 wormhole as their scout comes through. Not long later, our scout reports the same fleet on scan and they jump through to us.

We start on the Loki and jam out a Guardian. It’ll be close, but we might be able to kill one or two before they bail.

The wormhole flares.



Two ECM Tengus break cloaks and jam both our Guardians out. A third Guardian appears and gets the Loki repaired back up. A dozen T3s appear. It’s game over. We jump what we can through and warp away, saving 75% of the fleet. We lose 2 Bcs and my Guardian (again) in return for 0 kills. Damn. A good gank on their part and poor scouting by us. What can you do?

Battle Report

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