Unlikely Allies

The pings are frantic. Pvp. Now. Armour doctrine and warp to inbound C5z. No time for wondering about the nature of wormhole space and the meaning of anomalies. The inbound has spewed a couple of ships onto an Archon of ours that was trying to bait their carrier into us. Our ship jumps prior to this fight means a hostile carrier coming in  will roll the wormhole, trapping the hostiles with us. That’s the plan.

Of course, a plan relies on things going according to it. Which this is not doing. The wormhole just rolled, as planned, but they didn’t field the carrier that was on the other side. They fielded everything else.


It’s a fracking ambush

4 enemy Guardians, a Bhaalgorn, a Vindicator and an assortment of other ships are engaging us with full force. Realising we’re in serious trouble here, we start warping in reinforcements including a second Archon. The enemy have other ideas, however, and start burning away. Their reps hold as well as our own, but they can move their logi whereas we’re a bit more limited. They’re making a very good attempt to escape, the ships we send to pin them down are either neuted out, jammed out by 4 flights of ECM drones or webbed to 10m/s by the webbing Loki. We lose some ships as the fight extends beyond our carrier rep ranges.

The Scorp jams land, allowing us o apply the DPS we craved

The fight continues

Sadly for us, their coordination beats our own and they pull away to some 70km, before jamming and neuting our battlecruisers and warping away.

We bounce to our C4 static, their exit route, where I get a message from another pilot. It’s another wormhole corp offering us assistance! We take it. Our remaining ships jump into 4a where a trio of now-friendly BCs await our reinforcements. As the enemy fleet come in, we engage with our half-dozen ships but we still lack Logi without our Archon and are forced back through to our home wormhole, friendlies and all.

Enough of this. Dual Scorpion ECM battleships are acquired and our newfound allies have reinforcements en route. Time to punch the enemy in the face. They have retreated further down the chain to a C3 wormhole, where they obviously flee for their lives. Our jump is hasty, lacking scouts and assuming we can catch them running. The enemy had better ideas and await our arrival with glee, crushing a friendly battleship. Whoops. As our Scorps jump back (one in 5% structure) we acquire our two Guardians at last and re-engage for the last time.

Finally, our dual fleets combine to finish what was started 35 minutes ago.

"Jams applied across the board, FC" "Wipe them"

“Jams applied across the board” “Wipe them”

The Bhaalgorn explodes under our fire first. Next up is the only Guardian who stayed close, followed by the Devoter. The enemy then decide that they’re actually up against a threat now and promptly bail out to an unknown wormhole, which we had yet to scan. Damn.

All in all, a good fight. Good fleet and tackle denial by Footwork and many thanks to our unexpected allies in Quebec United Legion.

In some other news, I managed to launch my Chimera into two fights last week. Neither got us kills, but neither lost the Chimera (despite two Moros shooting it in one of the fights). I also hunted down and shot at CCP during the live Rubicon stream, but they switched the view just before I landed. If you watch at 1:10:25, CCP paradox subtly notices and activates his DEV H4X to stop my damage. Bah.

The second Chimera fight. Pulsar wormhole. The two Moros landed shortly after. No kills or losses.

The second Chimera fight. Pulsar wormhole. The two Moros landed shortly after. No kills or losses.



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  1. Things would gone better I think if you had that Firelynine guy with you.

  2. Hi, I am Aggymon.

    I was peeling potatoes and not listening to my illustrious FC which is why I stayed on the hole to die.

    I have been spanked appropriately.


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