Ganked 88 – Gotta Go Fast

Saturday night led me to making a bad decision. Again. I decided to lead another Ganked roam.


The theme for the night was interceptors and fast frigates (before the awesome Rubicon patch hits next month). Some 140 suicidal decided that I was worth following and into low we went. Our first kill of the night is a Stabber Fleet issue trying to run ahead of us in lowsec. For some reason, we were faster. Who’d have thunk it?

We are the swarm

We are the swarm

Into Nullsec we went., our speed allowing us to traverse systems extremely quickly. It’s a good thing we could because Great Wildlands was devoid of any wildlife. Not a soul came out to play so we bounced into Curse. We  lost a few ships to bombers so made a bee-line for the market system of Hemin.

However in our haste, The Initiative had decided that Speed was Bad and had come to put a stop to our MWD’ing ways by launching a Zealot & Guardian fleet at us. Hiding on the other side of a stargate, they set up camp. We had no choice but to engage like men.

So we fly straight into the Zealot gang, guns blazing. We quickly realise we cannot break the Zealots so melt the Guardians. All 5 of them. At which point the Zealots run away faster than I thought cruisers could move. Go figure. Regardless, we lose a few frigates and a Cynabal in exchange for wiping their logi. A good fight! Battle Report.

We proceed to Hemin, dancing around bombers and jumping to side systems to try to grab ratters. As we reach Hemin, a large gang flares the stargate behind us. A logi-supported Eagle gang belonging to Tactical Narcotics have jumped in and engaging our stragglers. We bounce everyone back on grid and quickly take their bubblers off field. We try for their Scimitars and Eagles but their reps are too much so we engage their T1 logi instead, followed by all their Recons. With those down, we start to slowly break the Scimitars but local just spiked.  A Vexor gang of an alliance friendly to Tactical have warped in! Whilst we lost about a dozen frigs against the Eagle gang, w won’t survive against Vexors at close range for long so we bail out within seconds. Battle Report.

Next up we moved to the other end of Curse and managed to run into the same Vexor gang. A standoff ensued across a system before we came in to engage, only for the Vexors to run as we burned towards them. We did catch a few, however!

More bomb dodging ensued as we moved to HED-GP to find a whole lot of nothing. Many people chose to leave here due to the late hour, so we proceeded into Providence with 60 pilots remaining. Provi residents were quick to  forum up a logi supported gang to counter us. Knowing this was our final fight we launched into it with everything we had. We managed to kill 2 of their Basilisks before we had to bail and/or die.

So overall? A really good roam! Roll on Rubicon and this theme will be insane!

Mike Shaw did a video of the roam, so here is that;

Prizes are a mix of names I remembered and various killboard warriors;

Spots: Dramiel – House2twist, Green Gambit, Lodavier, Feuerm0nd, Joe Grayne, mikeshaw91 inkura

Distinction: Cynabal – Miura Bull, Shibby San
Excellence: Machariel – Ravingone

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  1. Neutral Observer 101

    Mike Shaw. First fight I see ONE Zealot yellow boxing your Dram. Was it really necessary to warp off??

  2. This Lachesis kill was my favorite part of the roam:

    (198K of damage done…)

  3. Sounds nice. I couldn’t come, because i moved my computer to a different room and had to make the WLAN System not suck first.

  4. Great write up and another fun ganked roam..

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