Small engagement vs Kill it with Fire

So in the absence of much else going on, here’s a small report from when we engaged Kill It With Fire the other day.

A C5 wormhole has opened into our wormhole, spewing some scouts from an unknown Corp into our home. Fortunately our resident elite frigate pilot Barrak is on the case. Turns out a Kill It With Fire Dramiel is buzzing about the wormhole so Barrak engages it in kind, netting a 260mill ISK Dramiel kill.

Kill do not appear happy with this arrangement and show up with a few ships on the wormhole – a couple T3s and some Battlecruisers. We know they’ll have backup and we don’t really want their fleet jumping us later so we drop our own fleet with an Archon in tow onto the wormhole, engaging them on the far side.

As expected, a couple of Guardians, some HACs and more T3s show up to engage. I throw my Absolution and Scorpion into the fight. Jamming out one Guardian, we quickly dispatch the other. The Archon has forgotten to lock my Absolution so I am forced to have him retreat in structure as I get primaried. We get a Proteus to low armour but he evades us by jumping and managing to evade on our side of the wormhole. My scorpion, still in the fight, is now scycling jams randomly on the remaining Guardian before swapping to two Oracles which have shown up. The remaining hostile ships start retreating whilst we hold onto the Deimos and remaining Guardian.


We finish off the Guardian and Deimos and head home, rolling the wormhole behind us as intended.

Bonus shot; My poor Absolution;


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