Back end of a siege

Back to the wormholing stuff. As luck would have it, it got a bit interesting again.

A lowsec inbound to home gives us nothing to shoot, so it’s down the chain we go!  The C4 static leads to another C4, a C1 and a C3. Ooh. C1 is halved and leads to highsec. The C3 also has a highsec static. What about C4b? I jump in and spy a very odd sight on d-scan. A lot of wrecks, mostly cruiser and below. They’re all named pretty similar as well so it looks like a mass self-destruct in progress. This usually only happens in the event of a siege. I decide against launching probes in case of a hostile fleet watching the wormhole further and instead begin the task of pinning the wrecks down.

Surprise surprise, they’re at a POS.


Hallo thar

As expected, it’s a siege.. of sorts. There’s no other ships on scan and these guys are reinforced. So they must be losing, right? Well it turns out that the wormhole belonged to SONS OF RAVANA and the corp in the tower had shot their POS not 12 hours before and appeared to have booted them out the wormhole. So why would the winner of the wormhole be self destructing and have a reinforced tower? It’s a curiosity to be sure.

But curiosity killed the cat so I am content to watch them for now, waiting for something shiny to warp to C4a where we have a HIC and cloaky Tengu waiting.

We wait.

We wait some more.

A Falcon warps to 4a but is beyond our ability to catch so we stay cloaked. We wait even more.

Eventually we get bored and Mick goes off to scout the Lowsec in home, where he discovers a Raven Navy Issue, Raven and Augoror in an anomaly.  Good joke Mick, now come back and camp so we can wait even more. But no, Mick is actually serious and we have a serious case of the dumb in the lowsec.

So we did what was natural and dropped a logi supported Bhaalgorn with support on them. They died with little help from us. All 3 fits were terrible but they apparently had the spare ISK to put 100mil bounty on Mick. I asked them for some for me since I dropped below a Billion ISK bounty but never got a reply. Sad.

Moving on, we returned home to find that a Drake had just left C4b and was running down the chain. A Typhoon and Hulk were right behind him, so we launched every ship we had into C4a to try to catch them. We missed the Drake and Typhoon but nabbed the Hulk and pod easily. They made no further movement from C4b all night.

So I went off to play DnD. Win win!


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