Mistakes being made – first T3 loss

Settle down kids. It’s time for a story.

One of intrigue and mystery. Of explosions and loot. Of loss and heartbreak.

Sadly for myself, the intrigue is wondering how I couldn’t cloak. The mystery is where the opposing fleet came from. The explosions were my ship, the loot is my modules, the loss is my Offensive Subsystem skill and the heartbreak is losing my first ever T3 Cruiser.

So onto the story.

The evening began as usual. As luck would have it an inbound Class 5 wormhole connects us to our sister Class 4 wormhole, though Penny and co have long logged for the day. I make note to steal some modules (or corpses) from it, but Firefly has discovered quite the wormhole chain through our static C4. Whilst boring in of itself, C4a leads us to a C2 which contains no less than 5 connecting wormholes. A highsec, C2, C5, C2b and C3 litter the space of what must have previously been a quiet system. Of bigger note is the Brutix sat on that C5.

Firefly can’t exactly tackle the Brutix in a Cheetah so I launch my Proteus to see what I can catch. A glance at the Brutix’s killboard reveals a dabble or two in wormhole space so as usual I have reservations about this move. ST and Firefly follow me in an Astarte and Sacrilege to provide backup. It’s not long before I arrive on the C5 wormhole to find… nothing. So I jump.

The other side is clear but it’s also a Cataclysmic wormhole, meaning my local reps are greatly reduced but remote repairs are greatly increased instead. Not a good place for my active-tank Proteus to fight in, so I cloak up and watch the wormhole. On the other side, Fire and ST have seen an Omen Navy issue and Exequoror Navy issue land on the wormhole and have engaged.

Within seconds, they report their d-scan lighting up.

Yes. Yes it is.

The battle commences on the far side and they push a badly damaged Omen Navy through to me. I engage it easily, but an Exequror has followed through and its’ repairs outmatch my DPS massively. Fire and ST are badly damaged too so we try to pull out. ST and Fire jump to the C5 with me but, obviously, their fleet followed and my Proteus is already half armour. We jump back to the C2.

ST is easily caught as we decloak. I’m 6,500 metres from any ship or wormhole. I can move and re-cloak!

“You cannot cloak as you are within 2000m of Combat Drone”

Oh crap.

“You cannot cloak as you are targeted by someone”

Oh. Crap.

Overheat MWD and Reps. Burn back to wormhole. MWD won’t cycle. Scrammed off wormhole. Webbed. Neuted. Jammed.

So my Proteus blew up.

There was no epic escape as there has been when being baited. Nor did I manage to use ECM drones to get away from a gang when tackled. Nope, I straight up died.


Posted on August 20, 2013, in Wormholes. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Haha I have yet to even use my T3 in combat, I have so much fun in flying with C.L.O.N.E. it may be some time before I leave lowsec

  2. Azula Kishtar

    I mourn the death of tgl3’s Rift… i mean, Proteus! At least it survived quite some time and got many kills. Not something most PvP ships in small gang or solo PvP can say.

  3. That feeling when you realise….its a trap and you’re in it!

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