Ganked 77 – Attack of the Gnosis

Ganked has finally turned 2 years old, and what better way to celebrate than to launch a fleet of limited edition ships? So here’s a real short writeup.

Following RvB’s first Alliance Tournament match (which they won), Mangala joined up with 150 of us to venture deep into Nullsec with a Gnosis fleet.  Shield fits with a mix of weapons, our ships were terrifying to behold!


With almost 160 in fleet, we set out in high spirits. Rahadalon – the HQ of Brave Newbies was our first target. We promptly lept on a small gang in an asteroid belt, tearing it asunder;


Thanks to, er, having a hundred guys, we easily wiped out the BNI gang. First fight success.

Onwards into nullsec!



Sadly, the tale gets dull here. Nothing of note engaged us until we hit a CVA battleship gang in T-RPFU.

It was glorious.

They cyno’d off a gate and warped to 0 on it, so we warped in to engage. Their logi was first to go.

2013. enemy repairs could not hold against 100+ Gnosii and were systematically obliterated. The few Ganked logi were keeping their own fleet up fair well, which meant the dps on our side was not dropping. We started on the battleships, dropping them extremely fast.

Gnobody saw the Gnosis coming.

Gnobody saw the Gnosis coming.

Since the battle was being fought at point blank range, our limited weapons were easily finding their mark. Finally, the last of the enemy ships exploded but not before taking me with it. Turns out our logi had agreed to not rep me. 😦

Battle Report!


Posted on July 23, 2013, in Ganked. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Azula Kishtar

    Huh. I only just realized how few Gnosis we actually lost. Didn’t think our Logis were actually that effective.

  2. Sounds like a lotta fun!
    Nice pic of the fleet, too!

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