Ganked turns 2

RvB Ganked, the RvB Public roam that runs once a week(ish), is turning 2 years old. This small roam that started in July of 2011 has turned from a 51 man Rifter roam to a 200 man swarm that roams through low and null in whatever the week’s theme is. From micro-jump-drive battleships to Ventures, no ship is safe from being abused in every way by an increasingly incoherent  FC – Mangala Solaris. CSM8 madman and the hoster of the Ganked events.

Roll back the clock 730 days, to the first Ganked. I wrote about it here. 40 RvB pilots with a smattering of others bravely roamed into nullsec in the only frigate that mattered. We roamed a lot, died a lot and talked shit a lot. Alcohol was also involved in high amounts. Here’s a BR from the first roam. I’d never had more fun in EVE.

Until the third Ganked a couple months later which involved about 90 Artillery Thrashers.

Awww yeah

Awww yeah

Again, the roam went rather well and at this point we were onto a winner and the ball went rolling from there.

We roamed in Ventures. We roamed in Thoraxes. We roamed in Firetails. Tier 3 BCs. Micro-jump-drive Battleships. RR Vexors. Kitchen Sink fleets. You name it, we flew it.

73 roams later, and we arrive to today. Times have changed since the first roam. I’m no longer in RvB, for example, and many pilots have joined the roams and many have also left. That doesn’t stop us from getting nearly 7000 kills and over 540 Billion ISK in damage done. Every week sees more pilots showing up. Ganked is easily the primary public roam in New Eden. Nothing else comes close. We fought against Goons, against TEST, against PL. We brawl Firetails against Brave Newbie battleships. We shot -A- in Talwars and dodged CVA bombers. We jumped on 2 ratting carriers in lowsec and surprised a Rorqual in null. We had Sniggwaffe join our comms and sing to us as we ambushed them.

We even took on CCP on more than one occasion, setting a fleet record (300 pilots on the roam) as EVE also set a record number for pilots online a couple months ago.

Fuck this guy in particular.

Fuck this guy in particular.

The Ganked roams are some of the most fun I’ve had in this game, so my thanks go out to Mangala and the other FC’s who brave their sanity by guiding us through dangerous territories.

Onto the third year!

Want to join? Watch this forum for the posts detailed the upcoming roams!

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