Ganked 72; In which Firetails fight Brave Newbies

It’s Ganked night again and I’m actually attending. Try not to be too shocked. Today we’re in Firetails, all 137 of us, bar a few bads. It wasn’t long before we set out into Nullsec.

Firetail Wing 2 mid-warp

Firetail Wing 2 mid-warp

A dance round Lowsec first saw us trying to engage 50 CVA battleships who were POS bashing, but every time we twitched in their direction they docked up. From here it was a trip into Providence nullsec. A few bombers tried their luck, but the small size and high speed of the Firetails were too much for them, and only a couple of losses were had over the course of the whole roam.

After about an hour, it became readily obvious that this was getting us nowhere. Our only kill was a lone Stabber. We almost caught a Typhoon, but he used smartbombs to force the scrams off him before Microjumping away from the fleet. Clever girl.

As luck would have it, we found ourselves with several options. Fountain, source of what seems to be the Third Great War, would surely provide us a welp. Psychotic Monk was leading a fleet nearby, too. Brave Newbies had a video stream of what seemed to a be a Battleship/Battlecruiser gang too. We voted to visit the Brave Newbies and started the burn towards them.


An uneventful 10 jumps brought us within strike range of the BNI fleet. As luck would have it, they were heading our way. The camp was established as local flared. The 90 man fleet of Battleships, Battlecruisers, Logi and ECM had jumped into our 131 man Firetail gang. Here we go.

Their fleet decloaks. Time to kill some Brave Newbies. ECM first.


Death to ECM

Their Logi came next. Exequoros, Scythes and Augoros were the target of our Autocannons, Artillary and even some lasers (seriously, Baal Zann, fit at least correct racial weapons)


Death to Augororororororors

Death to Augororororororors

Fortunately they broke pretty easily. Now we had the tough part – Battlecruisers an Battleships. Already the Drakes were tearing our Firetails apart thanks to a healthy amount of Target Painters. Neuting ships were hampering our tackle, but fortunately Projectile weapons do not need capacitor!

Death to Brutixes

Death to Battlecruisers

The slog through the Battlecruisers was well underway. Bombs flew into the field from both sides as well as third party intruders, knocking out more Firetails than healthy.


Thankfully we managed to eliminate the BattleCruisers, but we were now running low on Firetails. Nevertheless, we were to go down fighting. Battleships next!


We finally whittled down the BNI fleet to 15 or so Battleships before they de-aggressed and jumped away. We bailed with about 20 Firetails of our original ~100.

Last screenshot before I died and they jumped away

Last screenshot before I died and they jumped away

Bloody good fight, Brave Newbies, thanks for bringing it!

EVE-Kill is all sorts of broken, so Mangala put it through BRDoc to fix it, so check it out here.

One extra thing; I found a little program called IOGraph – it tracks your mouse movements. I set it going 20 minutes before the BNI engagement, so here’s my mouse movement with that + the fight itself. Lines are movements, dots are where my mouse was stationary. The circle round the dot indicates the time spent with the mouse unmoving.

IOGraphica - 39 minutes (from 22-31 to 23-10)


Because I was in a Frigate, I spend a lot of time panning the camera, hence the heavy movement in the center (also ship spinning in space woo). The overview saw limited use due to using broadcasts too!

Anyway, that’s all for this roam. Some wspace stuff coming tomorrow!


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  1. Azula Kishtar

    Sounds like a nice, bloody battle. I missed it, because i just totally forgot about Ganked

  2. was awesome, massive kudos to mangs fc’ing

  3. I was in this fight on the BNI side, was a good ruck. We took out a fleet of frigates later on and escorted the battleships home, somewhat drunkenly on my part.

  4. Besides being amazed by the size of the battle, I was wondering about your Overview tabs.

    Have you ever blogged about them and your recommendations?

    PVP1 vs PVP2 tabs?

    Thanks in advance

  1. Pingback: Overview setup & tabs | Through Newb Eyes

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