Hard Knocks engagement

It’s patch day for the Odyssey expansion. You know what that means? Bugs. It also means new probing mechanics. Time to put them to the test!

First up, the new sensor overlay.

Well, shit.

Well, shit.

Fortunately, as much as I dislike some of the simplification of probing, being able to launch all 8 probes at once speeds up my scanning significantly. Add in the fact that all probes move together, rendering my shift key redundant, I’m able to probe my way through the chain with ease.

And what a chain it is.


Final chain of 04/06/2013

There’s wormholes everywhere, and almost every system has probes somewhere. Wormhole space is the busiest I’ve seen it for weeks!

Whilst still doing the initial mapping of the chain, I finally nab one of the interlopers. I jump into C2a from the Lowsec. I drop probes and start probing. My first hit is a wormhole. I’m landing in less than 90 seconds from my initial jumpin. As I land, the wormhole flares.

Time to wait.


Still waiting….

Finally a Probe decloaks and recloaks. Fortunately for me, the Probe is a Tech 1 Frigate and cannot warp cloaked. It’s a simple task to decloak and pod the poor pilot.


Meanwhile, Van has logged on and is inquiring about two Drakes on scan in our home system. There were no wormholes in home when I set off, so perhaps there’s a new inbound. We don’t even need probes to check, and we’re able to see a new signature. The two Drakes are in our Rada Relic site. Those bastards!

We warp in to find two Drakes of Hard Knocks hacking the site, spewing cans everywhere. ST logs in to join us as we spring our trap, but only catch one Drake who ejects his pod anyway. Oh well. Still got one kill. I scan the inbound C5 as they jump an Arazu into us. We’ve long vacated the site, so he’ll find nothing to catch right now.

I jump into their C5 to find a lone Talos waiting. I engage it, tanking it easily. It tries to break range but we jump an Enyo through to hold tackle and knock it out. Score one. Meanwhile, d-scan just lit up with a bunch of Taloses and a Tengu. Probably a boosting Tengu, too. We jump a Cane in and engage with our 3 ships as we prepare more. We kill a second Talos but any others we primary just jump away. Our Enyo pulls out, as do I but our Hurricane (still full of the Relic loot) goes down. Bugger.

Whilst I reship to an Absolution, we warp in a Thanatos, Orca, and a second Abso. Van’s Proteus shows up too. They jump in as I warp back, but a misstep and poor luck gets our Orca killed out of jump range. Hell. They’ve deployed more ships, a Sabre, Drake, Gnosis and two Scimitars to boot. We jump in our 2 Absos, the Proteus and warp an Armageddon in as the fight escalates. Pop goes the next Talos. We get the Gnosis to structure in seconds but he jumps away. Damn it.


Next Talos falls just as easy, but a Falcon decloaks and jams the carrier, forcing our Amargeddon to jump away. Not out of the fight yet, we kill a fifth Talos as our Thanatos manages to relock us. A Myrm has landed, but both our Absos keep getting jammed and unable to chase it down. The Thanatos gets jammed again and our other Absolution explodes into the void as a result.

2013. hostile Drake explodes as a Naga and Tornado pop up, along with an Oracle. The Tornado is next.



The Tornado marks our last kill as the jams on our 3 ships are getting quite constant.


Last screenshot!

Finally, a Moros lands and starts tearing our Thanatos a new hole, so we simply jump away and roll the wormhole, ending the fight as quickly as it had started. Cheers for the fun fight, Hard Knocks!

Battle Report – missing their Scimitars, Falcon and Moros.

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  1. Damn that was a complex chain. I don’t quite get your nomenclature, but that’s probably unique to different corps/alliances. Hard Knocks always brings it. They don’t back down. GF there to be had. On another note, how the hell do you manage all those screens? You are a multi-tasking god! I gotta try that the next time I am in fleet.

    • Our shorthand and terminolgoy is a bit odd, but as you said it does tend to be unique for each wormhole alliance. With regards to my windows, wait till you see it when I need to FC as well /o\

  2. Mick Straih

    My involvment in this:
    – get message: ‘possible pvp’ from tg
    – start eve.. patching
    – get on comms
    – they start shooting on wh i see 180MB left, 3 minutes!
    – listen on comms to taloses blow up
    – download finishes…. and patching starts
    – listen on comms to orca blow up
    – patching continues
    – and continues
    – hear “moros landing, jump back, wh gone”
    – patching finishes within couple seconds

  3. Mick Straih

    erm “listen to taloses blow up”
    “hear orca blow up”

  4. I’m “corp mate” and my proteus turned into an armageddon? I hate you TG.

  5. hero talos here (nali) – we were going to stack up but i ended up just being bait. GF for everyone involved.

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