NPC Losses – Week 4 – The NPCs are winning

It’s that time again. Time to see who in the Scope had the balls to engage the most fearsome of foes. Not capital-ship blobs. Not cloaky Tech 3 gangs. Not even the frigate gangs that roam lowsec.

No. They choose to fight the NPC horde.

Picture, if you will, the system of Claulenne. Said to be in “high security” space, this once quiet system has been overran with pirates and mercenaries. Enter the Maelstrom.

Isn’t it a majestic ship? That must be why capsuleer Jolteon Taylor has chosen it as his vessel of battle. Preparing to strike fear into the heart of dirty NPCs, this glorious ship entered Claulenne.

It never left.


As fits go, this is actually pretty good. A solid ship that sadly failed in it’s task. Nothing that would bring this loss to anyone’s attention. Except for the second lost ship 13 minutes later.


Now, I don’t fly Minmatar, but sending in a ship that has less modules than the ship that got killed before doesn’t seem to be very productive. Nevertheless, the battle was a loss and the NPCs proved victorious.


With massive capsuleer losses all over high-security space, how fortunate that we have Anino Audeles, pilot of the glorious Thorax-class cruiser. Not content with 1.0 systems, Anino was making the deepest plunge any self-respecting missioner would make. He was going to 0.5 space.

Oh yes he did.

So it was that Anino entered Zimse and did battle with the Blood Raider empire. The battle raged for many days and many nights. For a brief moment the Blood Raiders gained the advantage, but the reliant hull of Anino’s Thorax kept them at bay. There was no end to the fight in sight. The inhabitants of the system could do nothing but watch in awe as round after round of gunfire spat out from the cruiser’s railguns, decimating Blood Raiders with every strike.

Until it went wrong. A chip? A crack? A railgun charge that misfired?  We may never know. All we know is that where there was once the last hope of Zimse, there now only laid a debris field.


Don’t ask about the survey scanner. Just… don’t.


Amid the chaos, victory has been found. In Carirgnottin, NELLY Boirelle has claimed victory against the NPCs and warped in her Noctis salvaging vessel to clean the remnants of her enemies from space.

Apparently no one told her you actually need to kill the hostiles first.



Low security is dangerous, and you’ll die instantly upon entering. Griefers and pirates camp EVERY GATE and will KILL YOU INSTANTLY, so there’s no point in going. As luck would have it, Twiztidmonster was not aware of this fact and was therefore able to ignore it. Peacefully mining ore in Adeel, the brave miner encountered his nefarious nemesis. Not a bomber. Not a frigate. Not even a Carrier.

The NPC.


Enraged by the loss of their comrades across all of New Eden, the veterans took up their positions. No more would newbies die to Sansha. No more would they be victim to the Blood Raiders. NO MORE SHALL THE AMARR NAVY INVADE GALLENTE SPACE.

Unless they happen to chance upon killer Solette as the lone Capsuleer attacker in Sarum Prime. His Dominix Navy Issue, a veteran of thousands of battles, had entered the system to cull the Amarrian military expansion. Confident in his highly expensive modules, Soletter had nothing but faith in his eventual victory.

Unfortunately for him, the Amarrian faith in their God was stronger.

2013. is not lost. Two brave Capsuleers remained to defend all of Empire. Two Caldari ships; a Tengu and a Raven. Both fearsome vessels with a reputation in being able to fend off multiple and sustained NPC assaults, victory was certain for both JeePeeGee and Siraki Lafisques.

First up, Siraki jumped into battle in Khopa with the intention of countering the Sansha menace. An intention that never turned into fruition.


The line had been drawn. Only one remained. In the system of Liekuri, JeePeeGee had to hold the line. His comrades in battle had fallen. The strong and the weak alike had been destroyed by the NPC onslaught. Everything we’ve seen. All the losses we’ve observed. It all comes down to this.

Which is all well and good, but JPG had made an error. One that would cost him his ship. Nay, maybe even cost all of Highsec their lives.

He forgot to fit a number of modules.


I write this now as the NPCs batter down the stargates. The defences have been breached. The turrets destroyed. The missioners have failed. Farewell, cruel world. Good luck.

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  1. A 4 year old pilot should know you can’t combine a t2 mining barge, no tank and low sec without the word killmail to keep the words together.

    Perhaps that raven could use some fitting advice: I still have my ship fitting guide in Jita 🙂

  2. Lovin’ it. Keep these coming.

  3. That Navy Dominix only took 10k damage? 😮

    Did he just forget to turn on any of his tank, or what?

  4. I had to rub my eyes reading these killmails. The only explanation I could come up with is combat AFK’ing?

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