Intermission; RvB takes on Brave Newbies

There are 3 sets of very large alliances in Lowsec and Highsec. Red vs Blue and EVE University have massive numbers in Highsec, and Brave Newbies have staggering numbers in Lowsec. RvB has been at war in the past with EVE Uni, so there was only one thing to do when they felt a large outside brawl was needed.

Upon hearing RvB had declared war on Brave Newbies for a week, I decided to temporarily drop WHEN for the weekend. Fortunately, CCP have made it so you don’t have to wait 24 hours to drop corp.

Grabbing only a Myrmidon, I burnt over to the deployment zone near the BNI HQ of Rahadalon. A Taranis was quickly bought, a fleet quickly joined and battle swiftly commenced.

Death to ECM

Death to ECM

As the fight progressed, BNI found logi in the form of an Archon they had undocked, so RvB undocked a Thanatos.


Also death to damps

A Neutral Revelation soon undocked and engaged our Thanatos, but BNI refused to shoot it. Alts ahoy! By the time a Chimera came out for them we decided to bail the field and docked our own carrier.

We skirmished round the system for the rest of the evening, briefly dropping on a BNI noctis trying to salvage the field as well, before I called it a night.

Day 1 – EVE Kill report

The next day saw a lot of chest-beating on both sides. BNI were cowards who wouldn’t undock, whereas RvB isn’t real PvP because both sides have a chance. You get the idea. BNI and RvB both dropped large fleets on the BNI undock individually, but never at the same time…


Fweddit had shown up with a fleet of Talwars, but we had a hard time catching them untill we caught them at a belt by accident and managed to knock them off field. We  managed to get BNI to undock into us, but the battle was over rather quickly.

Yes, the Chimera docked.

Yes, the Chimera docked.

RvB first fleet warps into the engagement zone

RvB first fleet warps into the engagement zone

Finally, the evening arrived. A Saturday evening, to be precise. What happens on Saturdays? Ganked roams. So where did Mangala bring us? Rahadalon of course.

I was late to the party. I logged in to hear our fleet was in Rahadalon and the field was a clusterfuck. I jumped in a Merlin, jumped into Rahadalon, warped to a fleet member and… yup.

Bottom left; BNI in their POS.  Upper right, the TEST Talwar fleet

Bottom left; BNI in their POS. Upper right, the TEST Talwar fleet

The ensuing fights lasted about 4 hours, with TEST, RvB, BNI, PL and CVA all getting invoved, so here’s some various screenshots.

2013. 2013. 2013. 2013. 2013.

We also engaged a Fourth District fleet next door, killing a few shinies.

Eventually the fights fizzled out, so here’s the EVE-Kill for the day.

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