Cut off and escaping an ambush

A quick tale for you people who bother to read.

Last night, we attempted to launch an assault on some site runners in a Class 4 wormhole, only to have the critical-mass wormhole collapse with a token force inside. No big deal, so I decided to scan out today, link up with them and we could continue the assault. Easy.

Our C4 static leads me to an end-of-life C4b, which leads to… an end of life C4c. No big deal. I scan that to find… an end of life C6a. This looks more promising but gives me 2 end of life Nullsecs, an EOL C5a static and an inbound C4d. I decide to head home and await for the wormholes to die naturally, only to find C4b -> C4c has collapsed.


Damn it.

The C5a leads to another C6 and, quite frankly, “fuck that”. I decide to check out the C4d inbound. Maybe there’s an inbound there?

The good news is I find a C2a inbound. The better news is that there’s a highsec static there! The utterly fantastic news is that there’s sleeper wrecks on scan. There’s also a Thrasher.

Launch probes out of range. Use Directional-scan to locate the site. Probes dropped at 1 au. Thrasher hit. Warp drive active.



I decloak and burn at the Thrasher, popping drones ready.

Then the Thrasher warps and a new contact appears on overview. A Manticore bomber has decloaked 15km from me and… I’m pointed. Shit.

D-scan lights up with a host of ships, so I lock and burn at the Manticore. He starts moving away but at afterburner speeds, and it’s moments before my drones, scram and guns are on him. Within seconds, he pops. As my drones return, the hostiles land on grid. I cloak and hit warp to a random Custom’s Office at range. Better luck next time gents.



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  1. I laughed out loud at my desk when I saw the final box in your flow chart “The Depths of Hell”.

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