A Bad Idea

So we’ve made some ISK lately. By “we” I mean “everyone else” and Wrathammer is in the mood to roam lowsec. Of course, we never do things properly. Wrath wants to welp a Carrier into something. The idea is actually to just hotdrop something for hilarity, but we all know how it’ll end.

So we fit up two HAM Prophecies with some limited RR and Firefly fields a Typhoon. We’re totally not bait. No sir-ee.

Off into lowsec we go, striking out from Amarr. We roam for about 30 jumps with not a soul in sight. We briefly run into a 40 man Naga gang with Scimitar support, but after a standoff over a stargate both sides disengage and continue on our way.

“This is going nowhere” says Wrath. I’m inclined to agree and we make a beeline for the nearest Faction Warfare space. As luck would have it, it’s Minmatar space.

We jump in and scare the crap out of some roaming frigate gangs but find nothing worth engaging/hotdropping. We start heading towards Amamake when Wrath decides to have us light a cyno since his Carrier is almost out of jump range. Normal procedure is to light a cyno on a station with a large docking radius. Not for us.

We cyno’d on the gate.

The Thanatos jumps in and cloaks up off gate. As we do so, a frigate jumps in the gate. He burns for gate as we open fire and decloaks the Thanatos. Whoops.

A 10-20 man cruiser fleet jumps in and engages. We engage back, killing 2 cruisers as their fleet disengages. I warp off to create a safespot when things get worse. The cruiser fleet re-engages as I’m in warp elsewhere. Whilst the fight re-engages, Shadow Cartel jump in with a T3+Guardian fleet. Oh dear. They also have a host of neuting Legions. Oh dear.

Firefly almost insta-pops as I land on grid. I choose a nearby Thorax to engage as our Carrier slowly dies to the neuts. Then the jams land on me.

My HUD glitched out - I was taking full damage but none of it displayed

This is the definition of “oh shit”

I was under the full impression I was not being shot. Turns out my HUD was just bugged and I exploded without warning. Mick dies too, followed swiftly by our Carrier. Oh well.

Battle Report. Nothing fancy. No great victory, just an empty roam followed by a massive blob. I may avoid doing that again!

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  1. Next time bring several carriers. More is better, right?

  2. Carrier on gate! The mating call of lowsec … Seems you just got mated with 😉

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