NPC losses – week 2

Time to bring you some more amusing losses by those brave pilots in The Scope. Those hidden losses by those pilots who have never heard of EVE-Kill. Good fit or bad, both can be found under the “Corp Losses” section, so let’s dive in to bring you some of the worst. Each pilot mentioned gets 1,000,000 ISK from myself for their troubles. It has been quite a while since week 1, but oh well.


Dragon Signa made a brave attempt to engage the notorious Angel rats in Synchelle. Unfortunately, his frigate sized modules were not enough to keep his Cruiser in a solid piece, and it appears he lost the battle. Despite putting up a brave fight at all ranges thanks to his mix of long range and short range ammo, the Vexor was not long for this world.


Sergey Sniper, a character less than a month old, had decided he had had enough of normal space. Taking his (obiously new) Talos, he ventured into the nearest wormhole he could find. Deciding to claim stake, it appears he attempted to evict the residents from their system by seiging the tower. Sadly the triple-tank of his Battlecruiser was not enough as the tower was quite clearly well defended and he was forced to retreat in his capsule.


Jem Miles is a man who is not afraid of expense. The 2 month old character decided he needed only the very best modules for his Talos to engage the Amarr Empire. Loading both short range and long range faction ammo (into his faction guns) he bravely went forward into battle. Sadly, the Hull Repair module was not enough to keep him alive against the vicious onslaught of Amarr lasers, and his ship cracked open to reveal the pilot’s capsule.


BaniDinPiatraSeaca is a Recon pilot who knows what she needs. She needs to covert bridge her allies into Highsec to assist her with the advancing Sansha Horde. Fielding a fast lock speed, large capacitor and some shield rigs, she’d be able to engage the Sansha for long enough to bring her friends in. Unfortunately for our friend here, CONCORD frown upon the use of Cyno’s in Highsec. As a result, when Bani needed her friends most, they were nowhere to be found.

As proof of the payments, here’s  a screenshot of my wallet. See you next week for more of the same! o/


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