Dropping on Tornados and clearing Thrashers

My corpmates have been busy – they managed to secure a few kills earlier in the afternoon whilst I was at work, the gits. I’ve logged on to reports that the Tengu gang have reformed with a Tornado gang plus a HIC in support. They also have a Probe frigate in our home scanning away.

We know they’ve reshipped to Tornados because one of our own tried to snipe one and met his end in the process. They’re in our C4 static, sat on another C4 wormhole. Well, they’re actually about 30km off, so we assemble a fleet to hit them. We pile up a fleet on the C4 wormhole only to hear that the enemy fleet has warped away from their position, along with their Deimos. Curses. There’s another C4 in there, which is probably their home.

Imagine our surprise when this sniping Tornado gang lands on the other side of our wormhole and jumps in.

They realize their mistake immediately and jump everything back. What does this do? Polarise them.


Their Tornados sport no tank whatsoever and are practically volley’d into their Capsules.


We clear the field with no trouble and head home. Their Probe pilot smacks us a bit in local, but no to real avail. Battle Report.

It’s time for this week’s Ganked Roam. I pod myself to kspace and grab a Hookbill. The theme today is “Faction Frigates & Cruisers”

We decide to hit Lowsec first and promptly run straight into Fweddit who drop 40 Thrashers on us.


The brave Fweddit gang were, however, outgunned somewhat. We wiped their fleet with no losses.

We moved on, killing Poetic Stanziel again in another system.


Finally, we killed a smartbombing Typhoon and his Slave Pod. Sadly, I had to bail at this point and was not able to follow into Nullsec. Hence this only being a short summary.

Overall, not a bad night!

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