Ganked 58 – Blinking Battleships

Mangalalala is still away in some foreign country, so Ganked regular Lorkin is to be our leader today. He’s chosen a bit of an odd theme – Battleships with Micro Jump Drives (with BC/Light tackle)

About 80 of us set out at 2130. Or would have done so, but the FC had to fight in some tournament so we were delayed by 40 minutes. Even then, he didn’t return, so we set out with a mix of “semi- FCs”.

About half the fleet were MJD’ing Battleships with the rest as tackle/scouts, but lowsec was uneventful, so we barrelled into Nullsec.

On the first gate into system, some bombers decloaked as we sat on gate. We jumped through easily, only to be met with a Sabre bubbling us and more bombers showing up. No problem! The Battleships blinked out of the bubble, losing one, and most of the fast tackle scattered easily. We did lose about 5-6 of the tackle, but oh well!

We barreled through Nul, blinking through drag bubbles every time we could, till we eventually ran into a 10-15 man Prophecy gang. They announced they were waiting for reinforcements from a few systems out before they’d engage us so we waited for Lorkin, who had finished his tournament. Once Lorkin caught us up, we jumped into the next system.

The Prophecy gang were waiting on the gate for us and local appeared to have their reinforcements. We engaged them as they engaged us. Bubbles went up as usual. As we melted through the 6th Prophecy, a Tornado gang with Scimitar support landed at the edge of one of the bubbles (some 30km away) and began burning away. We continued killing the original BCs as we waited for the right moment. Our fast tackle started burning into their gang and spreading tackle as their Logistics ships approached 80-90 km from our main gang.



Our battleships landed either on or in range of their entire gang, which was already bubbled, and unleashed their firepower. The rest was really just cleanup.


Battle Report

Following the fight, we went back towards highsec to let people reship.

Some 15 minutes after that, we went back into nulsec. This time was much less eventful, with only a smattering of kills as our blinking battleships surprised several Tier 3 BCs.

We finally met our end against a station gang of Battleships who had carrier support undock to repair them. Oh well!

RvB Ganked Killboard for the rom

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  1. Im back now, however glad that theme worked so well in that major engagement.

  2. tgl3 for FC!

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