2 surprising fleets

Firstly, trading report! I’ve been neglecting the alt over the last few days – not updating trade orders anywhere near as often as I should. The result is ISK in the wallet which really should be in items and a lot of the orders I do have are extremely under/overcut. However, I’m edging in on 270mil after 2 weeks, starting from 5 mil with no skills.


Back to the more interesting stuff.

Glorious leader Fin, of our sister C4 wormhole, is calling for aid against a possible target or two and we’re trying to scan a way out to her. The C4 calls for aid, and we will answer. Our static C4a lead us into a second C4b before a C3a and finally a lowsec.

Our enthusiasm turns into disappointment when the lowsec turns out to be over 25 jumps to Fin, and her possible target swapped to a Heron, which Fin exploded anyway. Cursing our poor luck, our scan ships begin to head home to roll the chain.

Arrow, one of our new recruits, jumps back into 4b ahead of me and promptly lights up comms. “Typhoon, Drake on wormhole. Orca on scan. Possible rolling fleet.”

I have no choice but to jump back as well and avoid the two ships, recloaking 5km away. Arrow is burning back to home and Mick is attempting to login. Firetruck Man, another recruit, also logs in. I bounce a planet and land back on C4a to see the Typhoon here. Firefly has his Loki on the far side and reports an Arazu decloaking on him. He tackles it as the Typhoon jumps. I follow suit.

C4a and C4b are both Wolf Rayet wormholes, granting a bonus to armor resistances  but reducing shield resistances, so Firefly’s Loki is struggling. I point the Typhoon as Firetruck lands in a Harbinger and opens fire. The Arazu jumps in structure, so Firefly follows but misses it, due to the cloak. A Drake jumps through into 4a but is quickly battered into armour and jumps back. Firetruck hits low armour and jumps to support Firefly. Mick lands in his Astarte and helps force the Typhoon into jumping back to 4b.

As the Abaddon landed. He rewarped before we realised and could point it.

As the Abaddon landed. He rewarped before we realised and could point it.

Now in 4b, we make quick work of the Drake. An Abaddon is here too, but he bails rather quick. An Oracle appears at 50km but burns and warps before we land tackle.  The Typhoon gives up the ghost and that’s that.

We head home and roll the chain.

The new C4a is empty and quiet, as is the connecting C3a. It’s only Mick and myself online, so we both decide to log out since it’s getting late.

The early US crowd log in as we log out. Not 2 hours later, I get a message from one of them. Fortunately, I’m still awake.

“Large fleet in 4a site running”

I log in and get fully updated. There appears to be an inbound into 4a now and there’s an… odd… fleet running the 4a sites.

“2 Basilisks, 2 Rokhs, Dominix Navy, Tengu, Legion, Gila, Loki, Ishtar, Maelstrom, Huginn, Noctis in one site”

For one Class 4 sites? They’ll be making pennies each with that many people.

Regardless, there’s only 4 of us online so we can’t go for full fleet action right now. We decide to use bombers to try and catch their salvaging Noctis. This is a great idea, except if;

a) The entire enemy fleet is following the Noctis or

b) The 2 Basilisks have constant repairs on the Noctis.

Guess what? The enemy fleet have done both.


We do try to catch anything that’s slow to leave the site, but they all fleet warp together back to their wormhole after the salvaging is done, collapsing it behind them.

Oh well.

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  1. Couldn’t you still have lined up four bombers, launched, and warped out? Even with the Basilisks, you would have to be unlucky for reps to land between bombs.

  2. What trade hub is you alt in? Just out of curiosity. That’s impressive ISK in two weeks.

  3. Oh nevermind I read a bit further and saw it’s Amarr. IMO that’s a great spot for station trading.

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