Losing an Absolution, Oracle and very almost a Proteus

It’s been an eventful 48 hours. Bear with me. There’s a few interesting stories.

First off, a quick trading update.


Still slowly increasing but a bit of slowdown over the past 36 hours due to heavy workload. I anticipate this picking back up towards the middle of next week. I think I’ve managed to locate better items to trade in, so we’ll see. 160mil in 5 days from 5mill start is not a bad beginning though!

The Absolution Loss

Friday night. In an odd twist of fate, our C4 static is the old home of one of our new corps in the alliance. We still own the Custom’s Offices! In addition, there’s an inbound C6 Magnatar to home. That’s not so bad. What is bad is that AHARM have their C6 home connected to it. Oh dear.

So what do we do? We ask them for a 5v5 in the interim C6. We can’t field against their main PvP fleets, so why not a fight we can give them? Fortunately, they accept!

We have a scout reporting they are fielding 5 Tier 3 BCs so, whilst I am not FC, I float the idea of a sensor damping Lachesis. The wormhole gives +100% Damage but -50% targeting range, so the plan is that we damp them into a range we can engage them. We field a couple of med-range BS with a Proteus as tackle and my Abso as more med-range dps in addition to the Lachesis.

We warp in and setup as the AHARM gang, in Tier 3 BCs, land 120km off. The Lachesis calls damps on all 5 ships but they still manage to alpha him off field at 110km. Uh. Crap. They start chewing into our remaining 4 ships who, without our Lachesis, cannot effectively force the enemy to close the gap. As a result, we slowly start dying one by one. I call for us to warp but am refused by the FC – we have to stay for the e-honour. As my Absolution explodes, they tell us in local we can  warp with honour. Oh good.  The Proteus escapes, the lone survivor of the massacre.

Saving the Sister Tower and losing the Oracle

Now needing a new general combat ship, I use a highsec to move to Amarr and grab a new Absolution. Whilst en route, corpmate Penny, resident of our C4 Sister Wormhole (and author of  Tiger Ears) reports a new tower in her home wormhole. It’s a Small Amarr tower with no defences, and a mere Ship Maintenance Array and Corporate Hanger Array. It could be a siege in the process of being setup, or just some visitors. Regardless, it is a concern for Penny and rightly so. Not content to sit idly by whilst our Sister Wormhole is under possible threat, we move a siege fleet out into kspace and make our way over. Penny sets up some bookmarks as we start heading in.

After a while, we eventually land and start the siege.


20 minutes later and the tower approaches 25% shields. We’re expecting the tower is stronted and as such we would have to resume tomorrow. Fortunately this is not the case tonight.


We finish the tower which leaves us with a mere 10,000 ore from the CHA. Oh well. We pack up and head home.

Except we don’t, because ST and Mick decide to test my Oracle’s tank and volley me to armour. I’m in a shield tanked Oracle.

They then forget their drone aggro.

Scratch one Oracle to friendly fire.

We eventually head home, with myself in the new Absolution, and log for the night.

Splitting the fleet

It’s now Saturday evening and I return home from work to discover we’re assembling a shield fleet. There’s a C5 Pulsar down the chain and we’ve lost an Armour Curse and Proteus to a Transmission Lost fleet in there. Whoops. We’re forming a retaliation fleet. I grab a Curse to join the 2 Tengus, Drake, 2 Basilisks and shield Myrmidon as we head down the chain.

We fleetwarp to the C5 and are ordered to jump on contact. There’s just one snag – the wormhole is now Critical. Therefore it collapses before the Curse and Basilisks can jump. On the other side, our Myrmidon dies whilst the remaining 3 ships escape. They finally evade their way to kspace and back to us. Phew.

A Self Destructing Thanatos

tgl3 is Thanatos capable as of today too. Fitting it is a different matter (another month!), but I’m in a position now to look into buying one. I mention it on comms during general scouting work, so Wrath claims he’ll self destruct one just to annoy me. The git.

The chain today contains a lowsec, and Wrath is moving ships and needs a cyno in there as an interim for his trip. I volunteer and send a cyno frigate out to jump him in. The jump goes smoothly – the Thanatos cyno’s in and docks up.

He then undocks and does the last thing I would expect.

[ 2013.02.09 23:53:42 ] (notify) Thanatos belonging to Wrathhammer self-destructs.


The bastard bought a carrier and got me to cyno it just to self destruct it. Heh. Wormholes make you crazy rich. Or just plain crazy.

POS Guns result in a very on-fire Proteus

The chain from the Thanatos is still active and one of our new corps in the alliance requires some bookmarks. I decide to drop some off in his tower. I warp to it and alt-tab to update market orders on the alt.

I alt-tab back to find myself sat 11km off the shields. No problem, he must have changed the force-field password! I move to cloak up and warp away.

[ 2013.02.10 00:05:57 ] (notify) You cannot cloak your ship as you are being targeted by someone.

Wait, what? There’s nothing on overview?

[ 2013.02.10 00:05:59 ] (combat)  306 from Possum [DMICE](Amarr Control Tower) – Small Beam Laser Battery – Glances Off

Oh crap. POS guns.

I start to warp away and hit the armour repairs on the Proteus.

[ 2013.02.10 00:06:05 ] (notify) Armor Explosive Hardener II requires 30.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 3.4 units.

Oh crap. Neuts on the POS.

[ 2013.02.10 00:06:21 ] (combat) 806 from Possum[DMICE](Amarr Control Tower) – Medium Pulse Laser Battery – Penetrates


Fortunately the points have not cycled on the POS yet and my Proteus enters warp. A fortunate escape.


[ 2013.02.10 01:07:38 ] Alliancemate > you bad
[ 2013.02.10 01:07:43 ] tgl3 > Know what’s bad?
[ 2013.02.10 01:07:47 ] tgl3 > Your tower config.
[ 2013.02.10 01:07:59 ] tgl3 > I WAS ON FIRE
[ 2013.02.10 01:08:01 ] tgl3 > FIX THAT SHIT

I then went to bed. Enough for 48 hours for me.

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  1. Was the tower config bad? We’ve had POSes that shouldn’t shoot blues but do anyway…

  2. TripStar, One Percent.

    Thanks for bringing the fight!. buffer proteus is better imho.


  3. You can’t say your times in w-space are boring.

  4. That POS encounter was funny as heck!

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