The skill changes – answers to common questions

There’s a new devblog. It covers somewhat large changes to the skill requirements to many ships. Read it here. Done that? Go do it. Done now? Great. I bet you have questions. Lots of Bads in the forum thread do, and it’s nearly always the same question. There’s some other queries too, so here’s some answers to the common ones.

To clarify, there are two major changes. Those to Destroyers and Battlecruiser skills, and those to general ship requirements.

What are CCP doing?

They are adjusting the requirements for most ship hulls.  Why? Several reasons. The main reason is to allow the ship requirements to actually match the ship. For example – Logistics V and Cruiser V to fly the T2 Battlecruisers? Silly. So CCP are throwing that out and replacing it with needing Leadership skills. For the Command ships. Make sense? The in-depth reason is nice and clear in the actual blog. So go read the blog already.

I don’t have <x> skill for <y> ship, but I can fly <y> now! Can I fly <y> after the change?


Seriously, yes. Let me say this again. Yes. Let me show you an example.

Let us say I have Command Ships to Level 3. CCP are changing the requirements to need Skirmish Warfare 5, which I do not have. OH MY GOD CCP I CANT FLY MY SHIP WTFFFFF GIEV ME SP REFUNDZ.


I already have Command Ships 3. This means I can still fly them, even if I do not meet the requirements for Command Ships after the patch. THIS APPLIES TO ALL THE CHANGES. The skills being changed actually affect the injection of the skillbook, not your ability to fly the ship. One important thing to note it that, without the new requirements I cannot train Command Ships any higher. CCP have said that this last fact is still up for change hereCCP have just announced that even if you no longer meet the new prerequisites, you can still train the skill higher!

What are the Battlecruiser and Destroyer skill splits?

The Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills are being split into their 4 racial variants.  Destroyers becomes Gallente Destroyers, Amarr Destroyers and so on. Same thing with Battlecruisers. With me so far? Good. Now onto how you get the new splits.

If you have Destroyer or Battlecruiser to any level, then you will receive the relevant racial skills to the same level providing you meet certain criteria.

  • For Destroyer racial skills, you need to have the racial Frigate to at least Level 3
    • If I have Destroyers 4 with Caldari Frigate 3, I get Caldari Destroyer to 4
    • If I have Destroyers 5 with Caldari Frigate 1, I do not get Caldari Destroyers
    • If I have Destroyers 1 with Caldari Frigate 5, I get Caldari Destroyer to 1
  • For Battlecruiser racial skills, you need to have the racial Cruiser to at least Level 3
    • If I have Battlecruiser 5 with Amarr Cruiser 3, I get Amarr Battlecruiser 5
    • If I have Battlecruiser 5 with Amarr Cruiser 2, I do not get Amarr Battlecruiser
    • If I have Battlecruiser 2 with Amarr Cruiser 5, I get Amarr Battlecruiser 2

NOTE: If you are granted any of the new racial skills, you will get MORE SP due to the skills giving you the extra SP. The maximum is 6.2 Million SP with Battlecruiser 5 and Destroyer 5, so you need to upgrade your clones!

Can I get a skillpoint refund because I trained <x> when <y> no longer needs <x>?

No. Get out. Noone gets refunds for balancing or other changes (with the exception of Learning Skills a while back)

The Iteron Mk V no longer needs Industrial V!

Correct. CCP are going to adjust all the industrials as part of Tiericide. Details are not known yet.

Why do I need to train <x> for ship <y> now?

Likely due to the skill being more relevant for the ship class than whatever it needed before.

When do these changes hit?

These will arrive with the Summer Expansion (May/June/July) so you have plenty of time to adjust skillplans. I recommend training Battlecruiser V, Destroyer V and the racial frigates and cruisers to 3 NOW to get the maximum refund on these skills.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me in a comment or convo me in-game. If you spot a mistake, please notify me. If you’re mad, be less bad.

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  1. Now it’s a good time to train up Commandship V then? Many ppl fly field CS for the tank and DPS, not warefare links.

    • Command ships are being changed though. The field and fleet designations are being removed and they’ll both just be command ships. They’ll both have the same ability to fleet boost and some combat ability.

  2. I am very interested to see the changes being made to Industrials. I wonder if we might get variations based around capacity, tank, speed, and then maybe some with those special cargo holds for certain types of goods.

    • Yes, there’s a post later on the forums where somebody suggests differentiating them on speed/tank/capacity/special features which has a dev follow-up saying that’s their idea.

  3. The one exception you missed is that suckers flying navy faction ships at rank 1 will have to train their BS skill to at least rank 2 to keep flying their hull.
    At least for those few hours they will double the effective bonuses on their ships.

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