The slow train

Today there are no battle reports, no guides and no discussions. This is just a post along the lines of “Bloody hell capitals take ages to train”

I decided to start the train for a Thanatos – mostly for C5 Sleeper work but also for transport of stuff in K-Space. Currently I am a few days off Advanced Spaceship Command V, which will be followed by the various Capital repair skills, finally by Navigation skills (Jump drives, etc). I need an alt to Cyno me as well, so I guess I will start one up over the next few days.

So basically, the skillqueue is looking real dull for a couple more months.

Maybe my next post will have more content!

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  1. I’d recommend against the thanny and for the Archon or Chimera, Moros or Rev. You don’t see many thanny’s in wspace.

  2. I’ve trained up two Capital Pilots – and found it a somewhat boring slog. 4-5 days each to get many of the capital module related skills from Rank III to Rank IV, with nothing new or shiney to show at the end of it.

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