Jumping a Rorqual

The static Class 4 wormhole is half mass. It appears my corp were sieging a POS whilst I was at work. Gits. Regardless, I best get scouting.

C4a leads to a C2 with a lot of connections – a High, C2b and C4b connect to it. On jumping back from the C2b, I am greeted with a surprise – there’s 14 Sister’s Core Probes on my scans. A new inbound?

I launch my own probes to confirm and find an inbound C5z. I jump in to see a Proteus awaiting on the wormhole. I pulse my MWD away from the wormhole and cloak just in time to see two Legions jump in behind me. Guess I found their scanners.

I set up a 200km watch point and sit them out. Josh logs on and watches their camp for me. They don’t move, so I setup an off-scan safe and log out. They jump home and warp away minutes later, so I log back in and jump to safety. Crisis averted.

We roll the C4a and log out for some Planetside.

That is until Silent Terror appears in our Mumble channel. During our furious defence of the Crown against the TR airforce, Silent has scanned 8 jumps down the chain and found us something to shoot.

“3 Hulks mining in a Grav” he reports. “12 cans out and a Rorqual in their POS”

3 Hulks are a good kill alone and a smart Rorqual never leaves a POS. Silent is in a Class 2 that is 7 jumps down from our Home, so we log on a few cloaky T3s and start heading down the chain one by one. As we do, Silent reports some movement.

“Rorqual is moving”

We log on an emergency neuting Battleship and start jumping it down the chain. Myself and Firefly are 2 jumps out when comms lights up.

“Rorqual warped to Grav”

Acting quick, Silent scans the Grav on his first try and warps to it as we scramble over. Silent manages to kill a Hulk before the other 2 warp away and has the Rorqual locked down. Fire lands just before me and we establish secondary tackles.


A Hulk swaps for a Chimera in the POS but never so much as twitches back to save his Corpmate. A shame. We land the rest of our cloakies and proceed to tear the Rorqual a new one.



Unsurprisingly he does not take our local offer and promptly explodes. His fit is terrible. Seriously. But oh well. His pod was also over a Billion. First w-space Rorqual kill!

Mad props to Silent Terror for finding and catching this thing. Makes a nice change!


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