Scaring a fleet into a trap

“The chain is dull” Firefly reliably informs me as I log in. We scanned down a fairly boring chain earlier in the day. Our static C4 links to another C4, which then links to a C3. The C3 only has its’ static Lowsec. See? Dull.

Home -> C4a -> C4b -> C3a -> Lowsec

C4a is unoccupied, but C4b has 4 towers with only 3 signatures and no anomalies. This indicates that the occupants are somewhat active – it’s these pilots that Firefly is currently watching. Or trying to anyway. The system is very large, meaning we cannot  watch all towers and wormholes simultaneously. A quick scan later reveals nothing online, so I leave Fire to do what he does best, and log myself out for a while.

Skip forward 2 hours. Firefly reports 2 Drakes have logged into one of the Towers. ST is already online, so I log in to join. Mick joins us in our home system moments later.

“They’ve jumped into the C3” says Firefly. “There’s a third Drake too!”

Site runners – a perfect target for our blood thirsty EU crowd. The troublesome bit is catching the buggers. We could try jumping them in their C3a site, but we’d easily spook them if we messed it up. We hatch a plan.

Two Heavy Interdictors will sit on the C4b -> C3a wormhole with the main fleet. Our scout will jump into C3a and deliberately make himself known to directional scan. Hopefully the enemy fleet will attempt to run home at which point they will find both their exit bubbled and their return bubbled as we jump one HIC through.

Cloaky Proteus, Cloaky Loki, Astarte, Armageddon and my Absolution make our DPS, and we jump through to C4b. Fire has reported a Legion also jumping into the C3. Brilliant.

We pile the fleet up on the C3 wormhole. We’re out of scan range of their towers which leaves us very vulnerable to enemy reinforcements, but we decide to go without a Logistics ship. The Proteus jumps in and proceeds to try to scan down the enemy fleet.

Right on cue, the enemy fleet lands back at their return wormhole and mass-jump. Straight into us. Our Phobos counter-jumps and bubbles the other side.

At this point, the enemy fleet have two options.

  1. They can try to burn away in C4b and warp.
  2. Try to take down our HIC and warp.

Worst comes to worst, they can jump a guy or two back and try to split our fleet – we’ve done (and seen this done) this a lot – you’ll lose some ships, but some escape. It’s not a terrible tactic.

The enemy fleet choose SECRET OPTION 3 – they jump straight back to C3a. This leaves all of them Polarised and unable to jump for another 4-5 minutes. In other words – they just killed themselves. gj.

We follow with all available ships – leaving our Onyx in C4b to try to slow down enemy reinforcements if they appear. We primary the Legion.


The Legion appears to forget to repair and explodes almost instantly. The other 3 Drakes have decloaked and are attempting to shoot our Phobos. With Scourge Missiles. Our Phobos has 96% Kinetic Resists. Hrm.

I tackle one Drake whilst shooting another as we start to co-ordinate fire.


The next Drake falls as our fleet begins to spread out to cover the remaining 2 fleeing Drakes. I hold one at about 35km from the rest of the fleet as they wail into the other Drake. They finish him off before returning to assist with my target. We finish off the remaining Capsules and return home – no sign of more ships.

Battle Report

We then proceeded to lose a Nyx on the Singularity Test Server. Whoops. (Post soon about the upcoming changes)

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