Ganked 54 – Brawling with PL

Ganked 54 – Moar Dots! Kicked off last night in style. A mix of 200 DPS and ECM boats  (with some Frigate Logi) head out from Rens in glorious fashion. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

A lot, apparently.

Firstly, whilst waiting for the fleet to form in Rens, an EVE Uni Hurricane attempted to engage a War Target of his. This War Target happened to be in an Enyo in our fleet. We proceeded to Remote Repair it like madmen, causing the Hurricane to die. This left all our RR as Suspect, meaning that we lost about 3 of them in the subsequent highsec jumps. Whoops.

Finally we made it to lowsec – encountering nothing for several jumps. That was until we received word of EVE Uni ships on a station ahead of us. We held on gate as our scouts tried to bait them into attacking. Right as a Pandemic Legion Rapier decloaked on our gang and jumped through our gate.

“Well that’s a Cyno ship” says someone in fleet. Indeed it was.

Not 2 minutes later, scouts reports that there’s a Cyno on the other side of our gate. So we do what we do best. We jumped.

PL have bridged in a Rokh fleet with multiple Scimitars and 2 Chimeras. Oh boy.

We break cloaks and engage.


The enemy Logi cannot react quickly enough to the first couple of Recon ships we primary, causing them to fall fast. Any attempt to kill a Rokh is being met with a resounding “lol reps”, we we go after their source – the Scimitars are our next primary. They’re on the ball, but we swap targets as reps land. One falls. Then another. Another. Another. Another. Another. Lachesis. Another. Huginn.

We’re not without significant losses. Our two shiny Vigilants explode, along with pretty much all our faction cruisers.  We try to go for one of the Chimeras, but achieve nothing – the Capital repairs are too strong.


We manage to break a couple of Rokhs, but we soon realise time is not on our side and sound the retreat. We bail back to a system next door and lick our wounds, with about 1/3rd of our fleet remaining. Good fight!


Sad to say, the rest of the roam was uneventful. Nothing jumped us in lowsec, and null was completely empty save for some bombers. A shame.

We did run into TEST at the end, who rolled over our remaining 70 people with a 120 man Oracle/Logi gang. :nullsec:

Kills here.

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  1. Heh, sad that I missed this.

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