Ganked 53 – Ventures set out to mine some hulls

Last night saw the 53rd Ganked roam set out. The theme? Ventures. Yes, the mining frigate. It’s awesome.

We set out from Berta at 2100 EVE. Chribba joined us in a Fireworks Tengu to give us a good sending off. Our local spam today was #Mangala2013, since Mangala had announced his plans to run for CSM 8. He thinks.


We barrelled into lowsec looking for all forms of Veldspar and Scordite. Alas, the first asteroid we found appeared to actually be a Purifier. Whoops. We jumped into nullsec without further incident. Then we got bombed. 20 of our Ventures died, so we reshipped in highsec and reformed in Utopia. Whilst heading back, I saw a suspect Bestower off a lowsec gate.


Sadly, the Bestower was pretty much empty.

Regrouping with the main fleet, we decided to head deeper into nullsec. We recieved word of a TEST gang ahead of us. What were they in? Rokhs.

Rokhs against Ventures. We mine rocks. Therefore, we can mine Rokhs. Brilliant.

As we pile up on a gate, one of our scouts reports a large Armour Battleship fleet inbound to our gate on the far side. It’s The Initiative – blues to TEST and pretty much all of EVE. We think. We’re not exactly caring for null-sec politics. Regardless, we intend to brawl. Drones are deployed, bubbles up. They jump.


We engage the Proteus first, nailing into it’s armour. The enemy gang is smartbomb fit and is barrelling several Battleships into our swarm. Additionally, one of them just lit a Cyno. An Archon jumps in – maybe even two.  They triage and repair the Proteus before we can wear it down. Our losses are catastrophic to the smartbombs, so we bail upwards for a decloaked Loki before bailing with 1/3rd of the fleet remaining.


We retreat back to lowsec where re reship the fleet. We’re heading out in all frigates now, with the remaining 30 Ventures staying as they are. This time we were heading into Providence. Aside from the occasional lone cruiser, we didn’t see a lot on the way there. This was until we found the Of Sound Mind gang awaiting us.



A fight! We break cloaks and engage. Their t1 Logi move to range and start repping, but it’s no enough. We break through each ship in rapid succession.


The enemy fleet is shredded, with barely any losses to our frigates. Good job!

A few jumps away. we engage a second gang. This time, a third party (6 Caracals) show up and start hitting both sides. Battle Report.

A few more jumps only yields us some outlying kills – Miners, a Cloaky Proteus, a whole bunch of lone ships and two poor Viators.

With no further fights abound, we call it for the night – retreating to highsec in one of our few “we lived” roams.


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