Tusker FFA – Smartbombing Carrier, thousands of frigs killed

Saturday night saw play to the second Tusker Frigate Free For All. The first one, taking place last year, was a great success with over 2000 ships being destroyed across the 4 hour event. Surely this year would prove to be even bigger, better and more explosive?

Spoiler: It was.

I had chosen 6 dual-repair Incursi as my ship of choice, with an extra Merlin, Comet and Firetail as secondaries. Should be fun!

The night kicked off 15 minutes late due to logistical issues, but within moments we were hitting the top belt with all haste.

ExeFile 2013-01-05 18-28-10-88

The first Belt quickly turned into a complete clusterfuck. Within moments, many wrecks littered the field. I bravely engaged a Kestrel, only to be pounced upon.

ExeFile 2013-01-05 18-28-24-90

My first Incursus could not hold up, especially since I forgot to reload the cap booster, and my first Incursus exploded. Not a good start. My second and third Incursi fared equally badly, being overwhelmed with no success. The third one fights off 6 frigates before a group of 3 overwhelms it. Bugger.

ExeFile 2013-01-05 18-41-48-78

The FFA was now in top gear. Explosions were constant as 200 pilots engaged constantly across belts and planets. Whilst people died by the hundreds, I was now in my 4th Incursus and proceeding to tank a lot.

ExeFile 2013-01-05 18-59-05-83

Siuil went for me. I STOPPED HIM.

ExeFile 2013-01-05 18-59-35-91

Mangalalala and Patrick were next

Mangalalala and Patrick were next

3 on 1. Dual Rep Incursus too stronk.

3 on 1. Dual Rep Incursus too stronk.

The Executioner burnt out of range. The Merlin did not.

The Executioner burnt out of range. The Merlin did not.



So the FFA continued for almost 2 more hours, when my corpmate logged on. We chatted, as you do. Then he hot-dropped a Thanatos into the top belt.

No, really.



In addition, he started smartbombing. About 50 people warped straight to the belt at 0. They all died. It was rather amusing to watch. Especially amusing was when a 15 man alliance’s frigate gang (bads!) warped in. They died too.

The Thanatos, sat on our Mumble comms, had no intention of leaving again, so we started hammering it.


It exploded. The pod escaped. Thanks were said from ourselves to the carrier pilot.

It was only 2000 EVE, and we had 4 more hours to go. So we rocked on into the night. The Tuskers kept using their shiny ships to police the FFA, killing people ganging up and those using cruisers/bcs. They also warped a Freighter into a belt, filled with modules. That went as expected.

I was running out of ships, resorting to my final few as we crept up on 2200.


Finally, I ran out of ships at 2315 and called it a night, missing the last 45 minutes of the fight.

It’ll take a while for all the kills to come in, but we broke the record of the first FFA by a massive margin. Dotlan shows 4700 kills so far.

Killboard – if you got a kill in the FFA, post it here!

My own kills

kills1Thanks muchly to the Tuskers for putting the event on, as well as everyone else for showing up. It was an absolute blast.

Don’t forget that Ganked 52: Shaft is tomorrow night. Thorax hulls are the game!

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  1. Plastic Psycho

    Now closing on 6700, and will likely surpass that easily – Almost 800 ships killed in the last hour… Slowing down, but still impressive!

  2. Argh! I had to leave and missed the Thanatos by 10 minutes!

    I think I got on one of your killmails though. 😉

  3. I was one of the 50 that warped at 0 and got podded >.< made it back to fire a few dozen missles at it before it exploded! most fun I have had in months! 😀

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