Ambushing Tengus turns into a hasty retreat

There’s just one day till the Retribution patch (at the time of this battle). We best get killing ships before everything breaks, as is par for the course.

Fortunately,the wormhole chain is happy to provide us targets. Fire and ST are online as I log in – they’ve found a c2 inbound to our c4 static and it seems rather active. Fire has just seen 6 Tengus jump to C4a and start running anomalies. 6 Tengus and we have no idea if they are Remote Repair fit. Could be tricky.

To make things a bigger pain in the arse, we don’t have the sites in C4a scanned yet. This means we’re going to have to try to fight on the wormhole. Ever fight 6 Tengus, tanked for sleepers, on a wormhole with only 3 pilots? Yeah, this could be difficult. We can try to catch them polarised, but we have a problem – with the 3 of us, we can field some alts bringing us to 5-6 pilots. We’ll be showing with 2 Guardians and a Scorpion leaving us with 3 combat ships. These have to somehow have the DPS to break a local tank – we can’t afford to sacrifice DPS for energy neuts. If the enemy are local tanked, we should be fine. If they’re RR fit? We’re boned.

As a Logi V pilot, I hop in a Guardian and rendevous with the fleet on the C4 wormhole. We’re to jump in, warp to the C2 and bubble up – waiting for them to panic and warp home. A totally perfect plan.

Too late I realise I only have 2 ECM drones remaining thanks to a previous engagement, but we’re ready to go – no time to rearm. We jump and warp to the C2 wormhole. The ever-present “shakes” settle in as we land and prepare for combat. Thought I’d lost these shakes, but flying logi in wormholes brings it straight back.

Not a minute after we land, the Tengus land on the edge of the bubble. Phase one complete.

Good afternoon, gentlemen

Good afternoon, gentlemen

We light up the space between us with laser fire and projectile shells as our meagre DPS tries to catch them out.

ECM drone pro right here

ECM drone pro right here

They burn straight for the wormhole, being fit with Afterburners, with half jumping and half staying.

Our scout on the far side reports the 3 that jumped are holding there, so we follow suit with our own fleet, forcing an engagement.

Enemy DPS is quite high – 6 Tengus will do that – and I’m swapping reps constantly to keep up. We pound away at an enemy Tengu when his shields suddenly regenerate. The enemy fleet is Remote Repair fit. Shit. Our initial scout swaps for a Hurricane, bringing us some much needed DPS whilst our Scorp desperately fights to jam them out – they appear to be fit with the Sensor Strength subsystem so our jams are not coming through. Our other Guardian pilot is dual boxing so his reps are a bit slow to land. This is far from good.

7 minutes into the engagement, not a ship lost yet

7 minutes into the engagement, not a ship lost yet

Another Tengu warps in, bringing them to 7 as Mick logs in and rushes over with his Astarte. Moorg logs in and sets up a Pilgrim and Dominix Navy Issue to come to our assistance whilst the enemy field a Drake and Myrmidon as well.

Mick arrives as we pummel a Tengu into submission, finally breaking a tank. One down, lots to go. They primary ouR Scorpion – the only thing letting us break the enemy. The Myrmidon fields a flight of ECM drones  and breaks the lock of our second Guardian. Only for one cycle, but the cycle is enough. I can’t keep the Scorpion alive and he explodes, having taken 200k damage. We hit the Myrm next to take the ECM off the field. The Tengus try to keep him alive but he lacks the resist bonuses to survive our DPS and also explodes. Our Cane is forced to withdraw in the face of their DPS and jumps out. Rest of us are holding fine, though.

Moorg arrives in his Pilgrim and Dominix. The enemy, realising the threat, primary the Pilgrim instantly. I activate all 4 reps but our other Guardian is slow off the mark, and our Pilgrim cannot sustain the enemy firepower, ejecting Moorg’s capsule into space. We hit the Drake next, the lower resists and higher signature radius making him an easy target.  Eventually we succeed in taking it down.

Both sides are relatively equal but we’re starting to struggle and we see more ships, including a Megathron, flaring up on directional scanner. With our reinforcements we have a solid chance of holding firm against the current enemy force, but any more is suicide. The call is made and we withdraw through the C4 wormhole, throwing “gf”s in local. RUN AWAAY.

Battle Report

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  1. Good fight!
    Your picture at the end made me laugh out loud.
    People in my office are looking at me like I’m crazy.
    Thanks for the excellent read!

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