Come play Planetside!

Another game has taken my gaming life over the past few days – Planetside 2, a Free2Play FPS is completely eating my free time.

What is Planetside 2? It’s essentially an MMO in shooter form – 3 teams fight across 3 massive continents for land control using infantry, tanks, transports, fighters and bombers. It’s basically a massive persistent war!

It’s obviously insanely fun.

The game’s requirements are quite high – my 3 year old mid-range laptop chugs along at 15-20 FPS on the lowest settings but it’s playable!

I’ve started playing with the RvBGanked people – Mangala Solaris is running an “outfit” (corp) and we’ve got squads up constantly. We’re also utilizing Mangala’s Mumble which can be found here. There’s about 40 of us at time of writing and it’s very active – last night we ran a 20 man Tank Column to assist the non-EVE Reddit Outfit in an assault on a Tech base.

The game is microtransaction supported – upgrades, extra weapons and appearance can be bought with the real life cash payments, but everything is un-lockable normally – nothing is locked to one type of payment. The basic upgrades are cheap enough, but you’ll have to sink in some serious time and ability to get the higher tier stuff. The base game is completely free to play.

If you think you have what it takes to join us and die hilariously (like a transport flattening the whole squad as we assembled behind a hill) then download the game via Steam or Once you start a character, join the VANU SOVEREIGNTY faction and join us on the MATHERSON server. It is US based, but the ping time from the EU is completely negligible. Join the Mumble server linked above, ask for an Outfit invite and bingo – you’re playing.

Who else is with us? The non-EVE Redditors are with us whilst the EVE Redditors (TEST) and PL are on the TR side of the same server.

Join the fight.

EVE posts to resume soon – I’m obviously still playing.

Armoured charge

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  1. What is your PC config? i get under 10-15 FPS with everything Low and it’s unplayable :/

  2. i have a Q6600 quadecore 2.4ghz 4gb RAM and HD 4870.. almost the same and.. can’t even play 😦

    • it’ll be the HD 4870 – I think 5000-series is probably minimum. If you can upgrade your graphics card, buy a decent mid-range 6000-series. (That’s ATi/AMD – equivalent Nvidia available)

  3. Q6600 @ 3.0ghz 2x2gb Kingston Hyper and a ATI 7850. unplayable here. 20fps max in any fight. but damn look at my screen when skyrim is running!!

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