Jumping on failfit collapsers

A new skill has been trained! tgl3 is now one more step towards behind a not-terrible-in-skillpoints pilot with the addition of Tech2 Large Blasters to his skills.


I celebrated by buying a new ship – the HMS BlastaStorm (Talos class) now sits in my tower hanger, ready to reap beautiful justice among my enemies. Enough of that, though. There’s a chain to scan!

Or not, since I fully scanned it to find the Highsec through which I brought my new toy. A C4 connects to a C1 which in turns leads to Amarr space. Both systems are occupied but they lie dormant.

After a while, a pilot logs into the C1 in a Viator. We tail him for a bit, but he maddeningly just swaps ships for an hour. Bah. Firefly reports a Buzzard logging in inside the C4. He scans to our wormhole, jumps in then returns to his tower where he remains unmoving. No kills here either.

A Covetor and an Iteron log into the C1 now, so myself and Firefly watch them whilst Moorg sits in home if needed.  Bored, Firefly heads back to the C4.

He sees two battleships on scan – an Apocalypse and an Armageddon. I jump in as we see them jump into home. Not organised, we let them warp back to their tower – they must be trying to collapse!

We’re facing two battleships and we’re limited on numbers so we need a plan to evade their deadly guns. We’ll use myself and Fire as initial tackle – when the battleships land on the wormhole for a jump we’ll warp an Onyx, Pilgrim and Tengu to the wormhole. The Onyx to negate warp-core-stabs and the Pilgrim to use tracking disruptors to enhance our not-dying. The Tengu will add some much needed DPS.

Hunting prey has quiet moments

Eventually Firefly reports movement – the enemy ships are in warp to us. The fleet in our home warps to the wormhole and bubbles up.

“Approaching your death”

The two battleships jump, oblivious to their fate. Fire and I uncloak, launching drones and pre-overheating our scrams. The battleships, noticing our surprise, hold their cloak for the full minute before jumping back. We’re sat waiting and our HIC is in pursuit. The polarised battleships have no chance of escape. The real question is “can we survive?”


The answer is a resounding “Yes” as the Apoc dies in approximately 15 seconds. The reason? He only had high slots equipped. In a wormhole-collapsing battleship. Into an inbound wormhole. Heh.

The Geddon is now the focus of our fire and puts up a much larger fi-hahahaha he dies even faster.

Boom, headshot!

The Geddon had even worse fit, with no modules at all. What the hell? Our fun was not over, however, as we podded the pilots into k-space. The first pod had 50 million ISK in implants. Pretty reasonable.

The second had a full Halo set, amounting to 1.5 Billion ISK.

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  1. Sweet f**king Jesus; and you where worried about dying 😛

  2. Never underestimate stupid in a WH!! 🙂

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