TG’s EVE Terminology

Whilst writing this blog, I use a *lot* of EVE terminology. Whilst most players will be familiar with the terms, some are specific to some areas of space. For simplicity, I’m creating a list of the ones I use to help people keep up.

I will be updating this whenever I can. Feel free to ask for me to put a specific term in.

This is just a starter list!

Alpha – Refers to a single burst volley from a gun. To be “alpha’d” is to be killed extremely quickly.

Barge – Refers to Mining Barges.

Bubble – A Warp Disruption field created by a HIC or a Mobile Generator – prevents warping within a sphere of variable ranges. Fuck Bubbles.

C1/2/3 – Stands for Class 1/2/3 wormholes. Classes affect the difficulty of NPC Sites as well as the strength of any wormhole effects. 1 is the lowest, 6 is the highest. See here for more.

Cap – Capacitor – the ships’ energy supply

Caps – Capital Ships

Cap Chain – The term used to refer to Logistic Ships transferring capacitor to each other. The bonuses on the ships result in extra capacitor being generated out of thin air, fueling their repairs.

Chain – The current constellation of scanned wormholes

Cyno – Cynosural  field – a Beacon for Capital Ships to jump to. See here for more.

DPS – Damage Per Second

D-Scan – Directional Scanner – a tool on your ship that can be used to locate objects in space. See here for more.

EWAR – Electronic Warfare – refers to a multitude of modules including Target Painters, Stasis Webifiers and Tracking Disruptors.

FF – Forcefield. Alternatively Friendly Fire.

Flare – When a pilot jumps through a wormhole, the wormhole pulses a white light and makes an audible sound, known as a Flare.

Flashy – Refers to either:

  1. A pilot who has committed a crime and is now classes as a Suspect or Criminal.
  2. A pilot with less than -5.0 Security Status, making him shootable by all

FW – Faction Warfare

Gank – A gank is the act of jumping a single ship or fleet with a far superior force – often seen with Suicide Ganks – the act of sacrificing multiple ships in High Security space to kill a valuable target.

Geddon – An Armageddon Battleship. See here for more.

GCC – Global Criminal Countdown – a mechanic used to show when a player has attacked unlawfully in Highsec or Lowsec. Now not in game, being replaced by Suspect and Criminal mechanics

HIC – Heavy Interdictor – a Tech 2 Cruiser capable of using a Warp Disruption Field Generator – this creates a “bubble” in which ships cannot warp

Jam – To break a target’s locking systems using either ECM drones or an ECM module.

K162 – A wormhole that has been opened from the other side – this is a generic wormhole name.

K-Space – slang for “Known Space”, referring to non-wormhole space. See also “W-Space”.

Lag – The Slayer of All.

LP – Loyalty Points – a type of currency awarded by missions for a particular NPC corp. These can be spent in “Loyalty Stores” for unique items.

Logi – Logistics – the name given to ships capable of effectively repairing other vessels

Neutral – A Pilot with neither Bad Standings or Good Standings set

Nullified <Ship Name> – A Tech 3 Cruiser with the Nullifcation Subsystem – allows the ship to ignore the effects of bubbles

PI – Planetary Interaction – the act of using planetary installations to produce goods which can then be picked up at a Customs Office. See here for more.

POCO – A Player Owned Customs Office. See here for more.

Point – To activate a Warp Disruptor on the target. Longer range that a Warp Scramble, but does not shut down a Micro Warp Drive.

POS – A Player Owned Structure – a Control Tower, usually surrounded by Modules and a Force Field

Potato – A Dominix Battleship. See here for more.

Prop – Propulsion – Refers to an Afterburner or Micro Warp Drive module.

Reps – Repairs – Can mean either self-repair or remote repair

Rolling – To Roll a wormhole. The act of putting suffecient mass through a wormhole connection to collapse it

RR – Remote Repair – the usage of Remote Repair modules to repair other ships. Primarily seen on Logisitics ships

RvB – Red vs Blue – A pair of Highsec corps (Red Federation & Blue Republic) embroiled in a constant war.

Tower – See POS

Scram – To activate a Warp Scrambler on a target – shuts down Micro Warp Drives, but has shorter range than Warp Disruptors.

Sebo – Sensor Booster – A module that increases your Scan Resolution (Locking speed) or Targeting Range

Sec Status – Security Status – A number that ranges from -10 to 5 – Raised by completing missions and killing NPC ships – Lowered by engaging players unlawfully. Players under -5 can be shot by all players anywhere in space.

Static – The name given to the wormhole in a wormhole system which has a guaranteed type of exit (always a Class 2, for example)

Smartie – Smartbomb

T2 – Can refer to Tier, Tech or the Warzone Control of Faction Warfare. T(ech)3 Cruisers, T(ier)3 Battlecruisers, T4 Caldari Control are some examples.

Tackle – the act of locking down a target with Warp Scramblers, Warp Disruptors or Stasis Webifiers, preventing it’s escape.

TD – Tracking Disruptor – an electronic warfare module that hinders the range or speed of the target’s turrets.

TiDi – Time Dilation – “Bullet Time” to prevent lag. Slows down game speed for a solar system to allow the servers time to process requests. Used in high-lag fights and action.

Web – Stasis Webifier – a module that reduces the target’s speed.

W-Space – slang for “Wormhole Space”, referring to wormhole systems. See also “K-Space”

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  1. “capchain”, “reds”, and “blues” could probably all be added. (The latter two, of course, not referring specifically to RvB.) Oh, also “rvb”. 😉

  2. T. Which depending on context can refer to Tech, Tier or Warzone Control.

  3. Nice Collection… Also Criminal, Gank, LP, Flashy

  4. Theoretically, the maximum security status is 10.0, not 5, though it’s theoretically impossible to get to (see, though it does not mention the maximum (nor minimum) values, it does mention how to get to 6.1 via two missions and then another method to also increase your standings above 5.0).

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