Teaming up with Penny and saving a Tower

“There’s something up with our Mumble server” says ST as I log in. A quick check confirms it – our voice server is down. Bugger.

Not to worry though, there’s not much going on. ST has just scanned our static so there’s nowhere else to scout anyway. That is, of course, until Penny pipes up in our chat channel.

Penny Ibramovic > I’ve got a c3 with potential action, and entrance wh in dodixie

Action? Potential? Got? In? Words! Penny has found a C3 with a static Highsec to a major market hub. In this C3, Penny has found a tower with a fleet in it – 8 Battleships and 2 Basilisks, as well as a weak tower belonging to another corp. It looks like a siege.

A siege we can break.

As Penny keeps watch, we scan down the chain with ST finding a Lowsec 9 jumps from Dodixie. What luck! As myself, ST and Mick scramble over to fit ships Penny reports the hostile fleet warping to the weaker POS. They start chewing through the 10 or so guns that guard it.


Meanwhile we’ve just been told the wormhole is a Pulsar which throws our armour fleet out the window. A buff to shields and a nerf to our armour resistances is deadly. Our Bhaalgorn/Guardian setup is scrapped, so we ponder our next move. We’re heavily outclassed, so we get Firefly online as well as recruiting a friend of mine from the Spooning channel.

We decide upon 3 Tengus, 2 Basilisks and 2 Battleships – a Maelstrom and Apoc Navy. Penny will provide a HIC and go in first. Our scouting has revealed the hostile fleet to be a mix of both long and short range guns, but are likely fit for shield buffer with max DPS. Our Tengus could dodge them easily, but our two battleships are in trouble. We fit Siuil’s Tengu with ECM to help negate the enemy logi, preparing to attack.

ST establish’s contact with the POS owners who can field a single Sabre – he is currently cloaked near their fleet. Perfect. He sets us as blue so any remaining guns do not blow us out of space. Aii logs on in Penny’s wormhole and goes for his HIC, freeing Penny up as a third Basilisk.

We “acquire” a room on the RvB Ganked Mumble channel (whilst they were roaming, in fact) but both Aii and Penny cannot do voice comms. Neither can the Sabre. Tricky to organise then.

The Cavalry assembles

The plan is simple – The HIC will jump in and warp to the cloaked Sabre. He will decloak and drop a bubble before burning inside the shields. We will then warp in and engage as our HIC establishes the main bubble. Simple, right?

Wrong. The enemy fleet destroys the last gun and warps away. Damn damn damn damn damn.

Penny Ibramovic > maybe it’s a pee break before hitting the tower

Penny is, as always, right on the money. The enemy fleet warps back to the POS not 5 minutes later! There is a slight difference – they have swapped their Basilisks for other ships. They’ve left a boosting Claymore in their tower, though.

We still have Logi and we now have the ability to beat them without needing it. However we can not be arsed waiting on reships and prepare to pile in. ST calls for the op to start.

Aii jumps in and warps. We warp to the wormhole. The Sabre decloaks and bubbles. We warp in as Aii lands and bubbles.

Suddenly, WHEN.

The Tornado scatters instantly as we lock up and begin firing. Aii is buckling under the enemy DPS, with us unable to repair her due to the Warp Disruption Generator. Fortunately the enemy fleet do not realise this and swap targets. Teehee. Their tanks are also fairly meagre and are falling quick.

Someone put a chat window in my way!

Our Sabre friend is still outside the shield, so the enemy kill him. Oops. They briefly split DPS, achieving nothing, then focus on various ships. They can’t break a thing. They are also splitting directions, preventing us from bubbling them all! The Tengus spread points but we only have 3 of them to do so.

Maybe if I put it up here?

3 battleships which broke off another way shake their points and warp, leaving the rest to die. Damage is being done to us but nothing is significant. Penny lands in her Basilisk, preventing any chance of victory for the enemy. Got to move quick, though – that Highsec wormhole can spit anything at us.

There we go! Also, good luck with Garde IIs vs a Baslisk at close range.

We sweep the rest off field within seconds. A victory!

Seeing nothing on scan but pods and the escapee ships we thank Penny for the opportunity and thank Aii and Suil for their time before beginning the trek home. The POS Owner sounds happy, but he still “didn’t want that POS anyway”. It’s a good thing, too, because we’re not coming back a second time!

Battle Report.

It turns out that the attackers had just bought the wormhole from someone else too. Guess we interrupted them. Whoops.

I look forward to Penny’s writeup in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it!

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  1. nice job.

    I hope you never visit our hole

  2. I’m mentioned on TG’s blog! I’m a celebrity at last.

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