Dodging wormhole collapsers and killing barges

There’s noone online today – a bit of a shame. The C4 is marked as “active” though, so I jump into see why.

My directional scanner lights up with a whole host of ships. Some Hulks, some combat ships. I warp to the bookmarked POS, noting that the 2 Hulks and Retriever disappear off my scan whilst doing so. Interesting.

The POS is full of a mix-mash of ships, along with some bubbles and a pretty cool gun layout. My nullified Proteus zooms past the bubbles with no issues, and I take stock of what I see.

The mining and industrial ships are not at the tower – they must be in space! With this amount of combat ships in the pos, however, I could be limited in what I can do to kill them. A Hulk could probably tank me till his friends arrived.

I deploy probes out of scan range and manage to scan the grav site the miners are at, recalling my probes instantly. Hopefully they missed them!

I warp at range to see the miners unmoving. I could snag an Iteron or something here. My hopes are dashed, however, as probes are appearing on my scanner. They’re onto me! A legion warps into the site and takes up position round the miners. Dammit.

Looks like this plan is scuppered. I could get lucky, time to wait and see. Or not – an Armageddon lights up my scan towards my home wormhole. They must be attempting to collapse!

I warp back to my return wormhole to see the Geddon warping to his tower after doing a wormhole pass.

I see nothing else approaching, so I jump home with my MWD online. Hopefully I can try to mess up their mass calculations, causing them to collapse the wormhole early and trap a ship on our side, which I will thoughtfully destroy.

I jump in and cloak up, just before a Scorpion and Dominix jump in and jump back. No sign of an Orca, so I could be here a while.

Finally the wormhole goes critical as the Geddon jumps again. Maybe they’ll risk a BC or something… nope. A Heavy Interdictor has jumped in. Using it’s Warp Disruption Generators, it can reduce it’s mass to a very small number, allowing it to jump safely.

Well that’s a bust. Off to bed.

Next day dawns. I log into EVE to hear that we have a mining fleet scouted in a C1 down the chain. I jump into our static C4, meet with the fleet and in we went.

We landed on 5 retrievers, killing the lot.

Primary the Veldspar!

The owner of at least 3 of these barges is not a happy bunny, and soon pipes up in local.

[ 2012.11.11 15:32:40 ] Amadeus Amelana > hello bitch)
[ 2012.11.11 15:34:27 ] Amadeus Amelana > that was friendly gretting?
[ 2012.11.11 15:34:42 ] Mick Straih > no that was indiscriminate massacre
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:07 ] Amadeus Amelana > you rly brave when killin miners)
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:12 ] tgl3 > We try.
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:24 ] Amadeus Amelana > go play war in empire
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:28 ] Mick Straih > Doing our best to keep eve economy running
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:37 ] tgl3 > Go *mine* in empire
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:50 ] Amadeus Amelana > go blow your grandpa

He sounds a little mad. I tell him as such.

[ 2012.11.11 15:35:55 ] tgl3 > You sound mad.
[ 2012.11.11 15:35:56 ] Amadeus Amelana > it’s not your business
[ 2012.11.11 15:36:06 ] tgl3 > Mining in wspace is always our business.
[ 2012.11.11 15:36:08 ] Amadeus Amelana > sound mad it all you can say?)
[ 2012.11.11 15:37:20 ] Amadeus Amelana > pathetic nerd)

The quadboxer has put me in my place. Best slink home. I actually do, needing to log out, but Silent Terror hangs about to get some more logs.

[ 2012.11.11 17:06:57 ] Amadeus Amelana > i don’t see any reason why people on t3 ships killing miners
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:01 ] Amadeus Amelana > it make no money
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:02 ] Amadeus Amelana > no profit
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:07 ] Amadeus Amelana > and no fun for sure
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:21 ] silent terror > why should we leave u to make isk?
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:28 ] Amadeus Amelana > hmm fun?
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:34 ] silent terror > if u want to be left alone go to high sec
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:38 ] Amadeus Amelana > kill a dog or cat without teeth?
[ 2012.11.11 17:07:51 ] Amadeus Amelana > is this fun to see no resistance?
[ 2012.11.11 17:08:10 ] Amadeus Amelana > if this is fun for you you sure need to see a doctor)

The poor guy thinks wspace should be safe for him to mine him. How do these people play EVE?

Barges kill report.


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  1. Go blow your grandpa? Really? Miners who want to smack talk in local ought to at least be better at it. Nice kills!

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