Nullsec hunting – where bubbles won’t save you

We have a nullsec inbound wormhole to our home system again. Just as well too, since the actual wormhole chain remains as boring as the last few days – all empty high class wormholes.

Jumping in sees three Warp Disrupter Bubbles on our wormhole, with 2 of the deploying corp in local – somewhere in IRC space. Must be trying to buy themselves time if a big scary wormholer jumped in. Promptly ignoring the bubbles thanks to my Proteus’ nullification subsystem, I warp to an outer planet to look for the system owners.

Here they are. A Hyperion and Maelstrom light up my directional scanner, along with a bunch of wrecks and a POS. It’s likely they’ve already fled, but you never know!

I scan for anomalies, and I show the Maelstrom as in one! I warp in just to see him warp out to his POS and log off. Bugger. What about the Hyperion? 

What about him indeed. He’s not in the POS – in fact, he’s still at another anomaly! I wake up both Fire and ST, since I never trust nullsec and need a Heavy Interdictor anyway. I warp to the anomaly to see the Hyperion 100km out – he’s Rail fit and aligned to his POS. How am I going to grab him before he warps?

Why, by warping in front of him courtesy of the wrecks and ramming him head on of course.

Pretty much like this

With the Hyperion rapidly approaching me without knowing it, I decloaked and fired up the Microwarpdrive. Smacking into the Hyperion right as I obtain target lock, I call on comms for our reinforcements. The Maelstrom logs in as I do so, perhaps he will warp in to help!

Right before the Mael logs in

I need to keep pulsing my MWD to keep up with the Hyperion thanks to it’s own afterburner, , but fortunately Fire arrives in his webbing Loki along with ST’s Heavy Interdictor. The Hyperion quickly drops through his tank.

Firing Railguns at close range. Seems legit.

Without any assistance from his colleague, the Hyperion explodes, taking the empty pod with it.

Hyperion –

A glance at the system name makes me wonder – where the hell am I? Or for that matter, where have I been? TO THE WORLD UNIVERSE MAP!

It’s quite easy to see where I’ve had nullsec wormholes come out into space, as well as locate the Ganked routes spiralling out from the center. Quite an interesting map, to be sure!


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