Tusker FFA results in explosions and hilarity.

Saturday night played host to the Tusker Frigate FFA. Over 120 pilots gathered for a massive brawl, resulting in over 2000 ships being destroyed over the course of a few hours – nearly all of them actually frigates!

The action kicked off at 2000 EVE time, with nearly all of us on the Tusker’s mumble server to chat away. Once the “go” was given, most people warped to the top belt to begin the brawl.

The Battle begins

I had chosen a Rail Atron as my ship of choice, and had about 5 tucked a couple of jumps away in High Security space. Having never flown this fit before, I was unsure what it could do. Not a lot, as it turns out. The poor DPS was, however, mitigated by the fact it was fast as hell.

Belt 1 was quick turning into a graveyard – pilot after pilot went GCC and exploded against each other. The sound of autocannons and blasters filled the liquidy space of EVE.

Half an hour into the fight!

Many e-famous EVE players graced us with their presence. Miura Bull of  Brutor Bullfighter, Mangala Solaris of RvB, Rixx Javix of EVEOGANDA and Cheradenine Harper of Diaries of a Space Noob all showed up to prove that they were the best out there. We even had EVE’s famous singer, Sindel Pellion appear!

The Tuskers were providing free tech1 fitted frigates from the station,  so even the poorest among us were able to reship time and time again. My first Atron died to a Firetail, but I avenged it by scoring a bunch of kills across the board with the second Atron. I even saw Sindel sitting, at 0, in a Velator.

I did the only thing I could do.


The night raged on, with the battles spilling into every belt and onto every custom’s office in the whole system. Each warpin was a battleground and wrecks clogged the overview.

I engaged Cheradenine briefly here, but he warped in Structure.

The Tusker’s did their part in spicing up the  night – they dropped cans with various loot (PLEX, Faction items) at planets and Faction Warfare complexes, followed by an announcement in local. That chosen spot soon become a new battlefield.

I may have dropped on and killed a Mangala.

I soon swapped my Atrons for a Merlin and Incursus, loving the massively increased DPS.

One of the Tusker organisers even warped a Megathron out for us to try to kill, which we obviously did.

My personal favourite kill was a Daredevil who decided to GCC against me in a belt – whilst at 0. Scram, web, dead. K.

At 2200 EVE, the field opened up to allow Tech 2 and Faction frigates to take part – normally ending in the T1 pilots ganging up on their more powerful brethren!


One of the asteroid belts during the brawl – quite a lot of wrecks!

I, uh, enjoy killing Mangala

Finally, as they said they would, Fweddit showed up 15 minutes before the end in Blackbirds, Thrashers and Hurricanes – by this point there was only about 50 of us remaining. Good going, guys.

The Tuskers ended the night by launching a Faction Fit Smartbomb Navy Typhoon at the star, which we had a bit of trouble killing!

Smartbombs, how do they work?

We had to bail the field as the Typhoon entered structure since Fweddit finally showed their faces, alpha’d a few frigs (and the Phoon!) and warped off again. Oh well!

We’ve posted all the kills we can on the RvB Ganked Killboard HERE.

Easily one of the best nights I’ve had in EVE so far – the combat was fun, the setup was excellent and the comms were hilarious. Many thanks to the pilots involved in setting it all up.

If the Tuskers do another FFA, you should all attend. It’s worth every ship.

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  1. There will definitely be another one, don’t worry.

  2. I mostly used neutron blaster atrons with null s. Worked out pretty well.

    How did I miss to whore the Typhon, damn.

    I had a real blast this evening … we should do this instead of ganked from time to time.


  3. A really excellent fun and well run event, stunning turn out in numbers gf gf

    It’s a pity players like Moar Tears had to turn up in an 18 man gang!

  4. t was a great event and i had some really fun while losing my hero fitted T1 frigates although It was quiet hard for new pvpers like me as many participants seamed to have a lot of PvP experience and big SP too.

    That said i am sure i will participate in a same event if there will be one in the future. 😀


  5. I am in the first screenshot! \o/ I wish I had more time to stick around longer than the first twenty minutes, it was a blast.

  6. Oh yhey you locked my Inquisitor OF DOOM up! hehe. Neat review, nice screenshots.

  7. Great post! Warping out in structure was my intention ofc…… better luck next time. Actually didn’t you kill me a whole bunch of times?

    As a Noob I was way too busy to do anything as complicated as press Print Screen but I blogged about it anyway. Top night.

  8. Good write up. Wish I coulda been there.

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